(Author's Note: This story is the sequel to Virgin Graces, and picks up almost exactly where it left off. You may be slightly lost if you haven't read the first story, but only a bit. Both Virgin Graces and Desecrating the Impala encompass generous amounts of humor and dirty, filthy smut. So, if that sounds like your sort of thing, then by all means, continue on and enjoy the story!)

Dean and Castiel stood by the highway staring at each other in panic. Sam was still on the phone, waiting for his question to be answered. At the moment, Castiel had no intentions of speaking. He hoped Dean would be able to explain it better.

"Uhh...what?" Dean said, his eyes moving around as if he were trying to think.

"Yeah. 'Homosexual Kama Sutra,'" Sam repeated with distaste in his voice, "you know, it gives you detailed instructions and illustrations of -"

"I know what Kama Sutra is, Sam," Dean said, gruffly.

Castiel could see the struggle in Dean's eyes. It was clear that he did not want his brother to know about what happened the night before. In all honesty, Castiel didn't want him to know either. After a moment of searching for something to say, clarity came over Dean's eyes.

"Sam?" he said, "are you there, Sam?"

"Dean? I'm right here," Sam said.

"You're – you're breaking up, Sam. I – I can't hear you. Sam?" Dean said.

Castiel gave him an odd look. Sam's connection wasn't breaking up at all. What was Dean attempting to do? He held a finger over his lips, gesturing for Castiel to remain quiet.

"Dean," Sam said louder, "hello?"

"I'm in a dead zone, Sam, if you can hear me, I'll call you later," Dean practically yelled.

After that, Dean quickly pressed a button on his phone and shoved it back into his pocket.

"We'll deal with that later," he said, turning toward his car, "Come on."

Castiel followed without hesitation, walking quickly up to the passenger door and getting in. He watched Dean climb in and shut the door. Once again, the angel couldn't hardly tear his eyes away from him. Just looking at Dean made him crave the intimate touches they had shared before. Noticing Cas's stare, Dean looked up at him as he held the key in the ignition. Their eyes stayed fixed for a moment, both aware of the heat manifesting between them.

"Dean," Castiel croaked out, unable to stop himself, "I want to -"

"I know," Dean interrupted, "me too. But I've gotta get something to eat first. I'm starving, Cas."

Castiel sighed with aggravation, but forced a nod. Dean started up the engine and the growl of the motor made Cas's stomach tighten.

"I'll make it quick," he promised.

As Dean drove, Castiel stole glances of him. His green eyes were open and hardly blinking. His neck appeared to be straining, the muscles tight and veins thick. Every so often, Castiel would watch his tongue roll across his bottom lip. Castiel ached to feel that soft, wet muscle on his body. The more Dean drove, the more the angel beside him longed to engage in intercourse.

After a few miles, Dean pulled into a gas station. He stopped the car in a parking space and turned off the engine before turning to look at Castiel. Cas stared back at him with hunger, wishing to disrobe and caress his body.

"Sit tight," he said, opening the door, "I'm just gonna get some chips or something. I'll be right back."

Castiel's heart pounded. He didn't want to wait; he was almost unable to wait. Dean got out of the car and walked around to enter the gas station. The angel could still see him through the glass windows. Dean quickly scanned the aisles, searching.

Watching Dean's body move as he walked was nearly painful. His tight jeans displayed his hips and legs in an erotic manor. Cas imagined that Dean's broad shoulders and tight back were tense and in need of loosening. And that his neck needed to feel the moisture of his kisses. And his stiffening shaft needed to be buried inside him...A small whimper came from the angel. He could no longer afford patience.

Castiel popped into the store beside Dean, who was looking at the beverage case. Dean jumped a little at his sudden entrance.

"Cas, what -"

"I can't wait any more, Dean," Castiel said, noticing his own breathing had become labored.

Dean glanced around, particularly eye-balling the older woman who stood a few feet away. He looked back at Cas, stepping closer to talk lower.

"I said I wasn't going to take long," Dean tried to ease him, "I'm just getting -"

"No, Dean," Castiel panted, unable to lower his voice, "I need to engage in inappropriate acts with you now. I cannot wait any longer."

The older woman shifted a little to hear them more, but it did not phase Castiel. He needed Dean and needed him now. Dean glanced at her again before whispering angrily at Cas.

"Keep your voice down, Cas, baby," he pleaded.

Hearing Dean call him by that name again was just about the breaking point for Castiel. He reached his hands up to grab the front of Dean's coat and pulled him close. Dean leaned away, probably fearing the judgment of the woman behind them.

"Dean," Castiel spoke sternly, "I. Am. Physically. In need of your body. I wish for you to penetrate my vessel. Now."

He watched Dean's throat quiver as he gulped. His green eyes flashed up to the woman behind them. She was now facing them, with her mouth hanging open. Castiel held her in no regard. She didn't matter. No one else mattered but Dean. But it was obvious that Dean cared. His face drained of color as he gave the woman a forced and fake smile. He placed his own hands over Castiel's and gripped them tightly before pulling him toward the door.

Once back outside the gas station, Dean yanked Cas's hands down. It was apparent that he was angry and embarrassed.

"What the hell, Cas?!" he said, "Do you want everyone in the free world to know that we're banging each other? 'Cause I don't, dammit! What's the matter with you?"

It was obviously not going to be enough to simply tell Dean. Hoping to show him, Castiel held his jackets open and turned slightly, to reveal the erection forming in his pants. Dean's face became paler as he looked at it.

"Is that thing ever soft?" Dean mumbled under his breath, before rolling his eyes, "Okay. Fine. I'll skip the most important meal of the day. But you better promise I get to eat later. Pie. I want pie, got me?"

Castiel nodded in relief. He stepped up to kiss Dean, but he pulled away again.

"Not here," he said, gently pushing Cas toward the car, "somewhere else. Where nobody's around."

Castiel quickly got back into the car and watched eagerly as Dean joined him. Even though Dean's exterior was harsh and angry, Cas could tell he wanted it as much as he did. Castiel gently placed both of his hands on the dash board.

"I know a place," he said.

(Author's Note: There's loads more to come. No pun intended. Stay tuned.)