A familiar twinge of panic shot through Castiel, just as it did when he saw sunrise that morning. He raised up to look down at Dean below him. Was he needing to see Sam, because of the phone call? Was he still hungry and in need of rest? Was he just simply done having sex?

"Why?" Castiel asked, his mind spinning with possible reasons.

Dean's hand raised to hold his neck. He stared straight into Castiel's eyes, appearing as though what he was about to say would be difficult.

"You know we can't do this forever," he began in a low, serious tone, "don't get me wrong. I have loved every second of us doing...this. But we can't just forget about all the other stuff we have to do."

"Other..stuff?" Cas repeated, lost. At the moment, he couldn't recall a single thing ever taking place in his life before last night.

"Yes. I still have a brother, you know," Dean said, having to look away to speak, "and those demons in Indiana aren't gonna kill themselves. Plus, Bobby still needs me to get a hold of his old hunting buddy in Pennsylvania and I haven't even started looking in the phone book yet -"

Castiel raised his hand to press a finger over Dean's lips. He knew Dean was reaching, now. For any excuse to return to his normal life. An acidic pain began in the angel's stomach as he realized Dean was done. Done with Sex. Done with him...

"It's okay, Dean," Castiel said softly, drawing his hand back, "I'll return you to Ohio."

Castiel quickly slid out of Dean's lap, trying not to look at him. It caused him too much pain to do so. He placed a hand on Dean's shoulder and returned his clothes to his body. He also returned his own before climbing out of the backseat.

Dean copied him on the other side of the car, neither of them speaking. A heavy disappointment rested on Castiel's chest as he got into the front seat. He pulled Dean's half eaten pie into his lap and stared down at the red filling as Dean got in. Dean may have had things to return to, but Castiel had nothing but an open void. Without Dean, there was nothing...

"Cas?" Dean sighed beside him.

Castiel didn't want Dean to explain himself again. He reached forward and placed both hands on the dashboard, using his celestial power to return the car to Ohio. They landed back in the same parking space they had been in before, at the gas station. The car was still wet with rain, though the sky here was clear and turning pink-orange with sunset. The silence persisted for a moment; the vehicle feeling somber with reality. Castiel debated on leaving now.

"Here," he said, placing the pie back in the seat, "please enjoy the rest of this pastry, Dean. I know it's your favorite."

"Cas, look at me, dammit," Dean said quietly.

Castiel looked up at him instantly, unable to disobey. Dean seemed pained, as he sat facing Cas with his steering wheel tight in his hand. Was it possible Dean didn't wish to part, either?

"Don't even think about flying away," he said, appearing to be forcing out the words, "please. Look, just because I have to get back to the family business, it doesn't mean we can't still get frisky...right? I mean, there are reasons that bathrooms have stalls and motel rooms have separate beds. It's so people like you and me still can bang each other while we hunt demons and ghosts. Right? Sorry. I'm just...sorry, I'm rambling..."

It appeared as though Dean was trying to find a compromise, in which he could return to his 'normal' life and still have Castiel be part of it. The angel smiled, glad that he didn't want him to go. He inched closer to Dean, moving the pie to the dashboard.

"Dean," he said, "If you would like me to stay, I'll stay."

"Oh, I want you to stay," Dean nodded, leaning closer, "anyway, you promised to give me a blow job every night for the rest of my life, remember? I gotta hold you to it."

Castiel kissed Dean's smiling lips, nodding a little. He pressed his tongue into his mouth, tasting the familiar flavor of intercourse hidden there. A simple kiss was all it took to make Castiel want to fornicate again; just is it did that morning.

Dean pulled away swiftly, his eyes widening and appearing serious again.

"There's just one rule, Cas," he said, giving him a stern look.

"What is it, Dean?" Castiel asked, willing to obey.

Dean's hand raised to clutch his shoulder, steadying his eyes on Cas's. Whatever he was going to say was very important, and Castiel needed to heed his warning...

"Don't. Tell. Sam."

Fairview, Oklahoma

Patty bustled into her kitchen, struggling to get her gloves onto her arthritic hands. She didn't have much time; the church potluck would be starting in an hour and she still needed to stop by the pharmacy.

"Don't forget yer pie, darlin'," her husband called from the living room.

Oh, yes! How could she forget that? Hoping her prize-winning cherry pie was cool by now, Patty turned to hurry to the window. But her fresh baked pastry wasn't there. There wasn't even a trace of crumbs.

In it's place, there was a single large, black feather.

(Author's Note: Sorry if that ending threw you. It kinda popped into my head the night before writing this and it was too cute to pass up. To my followers: Thanks for reading! Part three is titled Deceiving Sam, and is up on my page! Enjoy!)