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The Last Winter..

Hazel waited. She was always waiting. Though Loki had been being dragged away when he had gave her his word, he had kept his word before under more extreme circumstances so he would keep it this time. There was no doubt in her mind that he would send word when he could. So she waited. The seasons changed and suddenly it was winter again. The snow came in short icy flurries. She was alone in her cabin for the first time in a year. Hazel kept looking into the room Loki had been staying in when he wasn't with her and hoping he would be there. She found herself laying in his sheets more often than not.

Hazel would try to imagine his voice at her ear, low and quiet. He would tell her he was alright. That there was nothing to worry about, that he would be with her forever. But she was already losing his voice. Her memories of him were fading fast and she couldn't quite picture the way he would say the exact words. These revelations would bring tears.

On a cloudy day there was a knock on her door. Hazel dragged herself away from the pillow that still smelled like Loki's hair. She checked her reflection, but quickly realized brushing her hair would do little to cover the bruise like circles under her eyes.

"Hello Hazel." Thor gave her a tired smile from the other side of the door. "May I invite myself inside?"

After a while, they sat facing each other at her kitchen table. Thor's massive hands were wrapped around a steaming cup of tea. It was a cruel reflection of the first time Loki had sat at her table.

"What brings you here your highness?" Hazel asked quietly as she adjusted the placemat nervously in front of her.

"I bring word-"

"Loki. Is he okay? He promised me he would send word back to me." She stood and hit the table before collapsing in front of Thor. "Please bring him back to me. I can't live without him." She grabbed his hands desperately.

Thor looked down at her with huge sad eyes. "You are in love with my brother."

Tears leaked out of the corner of her eyes. "I have been since the moment I met him."

"Loki would have been so happy to hear you say it. He would have been overjoyed and elated." The god of thunder's eyes crinkled as he forced a sad smile. "He was better because of you. So much better. And his eyes lit up when I spoke about you. He would have wanted you to know all of this. You were his world."

"What happened?" Her voice shook.

"He died a hero. Protecting me and my light as I know he would have protected you given the chance. Hazel, he cannot return to you now but you must understand just how much you meant-"

"Somehow I knew it. I knew he wouldn't come back. I knew he would do something like this." She let her hands fall into her lap. "He lied to me."

"That is in his character.. He would come back if he could."

There was a heavy and awkward silence that settled between them. Thor was scared and unsure of what to say to the girl and she had nothing else to say. She knew somewhere deep down that Loki had been right all along. There was never going to be a happy ending to their story. There was nothing about their circumstances that made it seem any other way.

"What will you do now Thor." She whispered.

"My father has given his blessing. I will stay on earth and protect those who are precious to me. I have rejected the throne and will fall into disguise here." He watched her carefully to gage a reaction. "If you need anything-"

"I won't."

"You are a strange little human."

Hazel looked up at the Asgardian. A strange glint in his eyes made her breath catch in her throat. "You.."

"The official reports will all say that Loki died gallantly in a battle, protecting Thor and his helpless Midgardian love. The truth is of course, much more muddied than all of that." In a green flash Thor's form disintegrated and her slim Prince stood in his place, dressed in all dark leather and gold. He knelt carefully in front of the girl. He took her face in his delicate hands. "But you already knew that, didn't you?"

"Loki." Hazel was barely able to say his name before she fell apart. She covered her eyes and fell into his chest. She tried to focus her senses but couldn't even begin to tell him the amount of pain she had been through in the last few months.

"You must understand, this visit must be short and I cannot explain the details to you. It will be dangerous for me to slip away to you as often as I would like but I am alive and well. Know that." He said to her quietly. "Stop crying and look at me." He set his hands back on her cheeks and wiped at her tears with his thumbs. "You look awful."

Hazel managed a laugh. "You've never looked more wonderful."

"If anyone comes looking for me, Hazel remember this, you must tell them you have heard nothing. You must tell them no one has brought word and you must insist that you have heard nothing at all. Do you understand?"

She took his hand tightly in hers. "What have you done?"

He smirked. "Something unforgiveable. But would you have me any other way?"

"Preferably here Loki. And not as your brother.."

His smirk turned into a grin. "You will remember what I said?"

"I remember everything you ever said to me." She leaned into his forehead. She took a deep breath at the same time as he did. "You will come back to me."

"I am nothing if not faithful to you. Remember Hazel, as far as you are concerned you have heard nothing from me. Nothing from Thor. I am dead, will you remember that?" He breathed into her lips.

She couldn't wait through his teasing and kissed him greedily. Her hands sank into his dark hair and ran over all the skin that she could get to with his complicated uniform wrapping his thin form like a puzzle. She released him after a long time and set her forehead back against his. "You lied to me."

"I do that a lot Hazel. I thought you would have learned by now."

The Prince placed a kiss just above her eyebrow and then was gone. Hazel clutched at the empty space in front of her. She didn't know when he would be back, her moonlight prince from the stars, or what unforgiveable act he had committed. But he was alive and solid, and distinctly not imprisoned for the rest of the foreseeable future. She managed a smile.
It was not a happy ending, that was sure. But, there certainly wasn't another ending that could be better for the two of them.