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Christmas vacation had been all Anna could think about during finals, five weeks of no responsibilities, no classes to go to and most importantly, no papers. However only two and a half weeks in, Anna was beginning to understand why her older friends had always been so excited to go back to school for the spring semester. She had sufficiently caught up on her sleep and easily saved enough reserves to last till next semester's finals, she had watched everything on her Netflix list, written 3 new songs and played Baby till her fingers nearly bled. She had even attempted to cleaned and rearrange her room. 'Damn I'm really getting desperate.'

Picking up her phone, Anna opened her texts and opened the most recent conversation. 'I'm bored. Is this what all breaks are like?' Hitting send, Anna opened her laptop and clicking the internet icon, Tumblr and Facebook popped open. Anna cringed as she looked at the blue logos. 'God I'm almost even sick of Tumblr.' Switching the tab, Facebook appeared on the screen. Absentmindedly scrolling, the phone next to her buzzed and Anna dove for the device, unlocking it as quickly as possible. 'Yeah pretty much. Why not catch up with Kristoff or Rapunzel? I know for a fact you've been locked in your house all break.' Elsa replied Anna could hear the motherly tone in her girlfriend's voice. It had been almost two weeks since they had seen each other and in Anna's opinion, it was far too long. Typing her response, Anna smirked. 'I would if Kristoff was in the country! He went to Scotland for a week to visit Red. And Rapunzel is off with Flynn on some adventure club trip. White water rafting in Colorado or Arizona or somewhere like that.'

Going back to her Facebook stalking, Anna saw a picture of Red and Kristoff in a pub, a glass of beer in their hands. "God I love Scotland, do I really have to go back to Arendelle?" Anna read the caption and her heart sank a bit. "YES YOU DO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE!" Anna typed furiously as her phone buzzed next to her.

'Oh yeah, I saw his picture on FB. Looks like they're having fun. Why don't you catch up with some of your friends from HS?'

"I would but they're either off on vacation or they're not home yet. AU's break is really strange,' Anna typed back, turning her attention back to her Facebook. Suddenly a pair of familiar of faces caught her attention. One elongated, brown and fuzzy with a white blaze down the middle and white flecks peppered through the jet black mane. The other was pale sprinkled with freckles, green eyes framed by beautiful pale red hair. "I missed this boy. New York has nothing on you Pip."

'Oh my God Giselle!' Anna mentally screamed, diving for her phone to text her friend. "Giselle Andalusia! You're home. I'm home. We must hang out! I'm bored as hell over here!" Pressing send, Anna saw Elsa had texted her back. 'No one is there? Really? I find that really unlikely. Or are you just making excuses not to leave your room? ;P' Anna chuckled and had to admit Elsa knew her too well. 'Would you believe both? lol'

A message from Giselle flashed across the top of Anna's screen and switching the screen, Anna smiled at the response she got. "ANNA SOMMERS! Girl it's been too long lol. I'm actually at CEC for the day if you're not doing anything! Pip would love to see you and Marshmallow looks like he hasn't had a good workout in ages!' Flinging herself off her bed, Anna typed a quick response as she began searching for her joppers. "Yes! Oh my god yes! I'll be there in a half hour max! Can't wait!' Pulling the pants from the back of the drawer, Anna pulled the tight black material over her legs.

Anna grabbed her phone, keys and riding boots and headed towards the front door. Locking the door behind her, Anna slipped behind the wheel of her car, plugging her phone into the aux port. Putting on the last album she had listened to, robotic voices filled the small car and Anna smiled as Elsa's face flashed through her mind. 'No wonder she likes these guys. Alive 2007 is hands down their best album!' Sending a quick message to her mom to let her know where the girl was going, Anna checked her messages from Elsa, finding one unread message. 'No I do not. Go outside and get some fresh air Snowflake! You should be enjoying that warm Corona weather!'

Anna smiled, 'I'll have you know I'm meeting a friend at my old riding academy! You must see it someday! It's beautiful!'

Putting the phone back in the docking station, Anna backed out of her driveway and headed towards the riding school.

Twenty minutes later Anna pulled into the parking lot of the barn. Opening the car door, the smell of horse, fresh air and home hit her instantly, a lump forming in her throat. 'God I've missed that smell! Who knew horses could be so comforting?' Pulling on her boots, Anna heard a familiar voice ring over the calm of the barn. "Well look what the chipmunk dragged in!" Looking up, Anna saw her high school friend charging towards her car. Jumping to her feet, the two redheads collided in a fit of giggles and hugs. Pulling back from the hug, both girls examined each other. "

"God Sommers you look great! All that cold burning your calories for ya?!" Anna smiled and put an arm around her friend as they walked towards the barn. "Elle you shouldn't be talking. Those long city blocks are doing wonders for you too!"

Giselle laughed, Anna hadn't changed at all. "Oh yeah you know it. They're brutal in the heat but man the city is great!" A soft familiar nickering pulled Anna's attention from her friend. Following the sound, Anna was greeted by a large white head sticking out of a stall, brown eyes staring at her happily. "Marshie!" Anna exclaimed, hugging the Fjord's massive head. The horse nuzzled his head against Anna, showing his excitement. Placing a kiss on his broad head, Anna looked into the brown eyes she had missed so much.

"Oh man I missed you baby boy! How would you like to go for a run?" Marshmallow perked up, his ears moved forward excitedly, causing the two redheads to laugh. "I'll take that as a yes," Anna said as she grabbed the halter from its hook and slipped it over the horse's head. After securing Marshmallow into the cross ties, Anna headed towards the tack room for Marshmallows brushes and to stash her bag for safe keeping. Checking her phone one more time before shutting off the device, Anna saw a message from Elsa. 'Yes I do, if it's important to you then I absolutely want to see it. Now don't hate me but what was the name again?' Anna laughed, she had only told Elsa the name of the center once but had never mentioned it again. 'I would be surprised if you did remember. Corona Equestrian Center. Not the most creative name, but it's gets the job done. Going for a ride now. I'll call you later k?'

Setting the phone down, Anna went to the equipment rack, picking up a hard and soft brush, curry comb and a hoof pick along the way. Glancing at her phone again, the screen lit up. 'Have fun Snowflake, I love you. Please be safe.' Anna chuckled to herself and holding the power button shut off the phone.

As Anna exited the tack room, a brown Gypsy Vanner stood before her. The large horse looked over and nickered in recognition. "It's nice to see you too Pippin." Anna said placing a kiss on the huge horses nose before returning to Marshmallow. Picking up one the Fjord's front feet, Anna was surprised how clean they were. "I did that for you, I know it's your least favorite part," Giselle said, placing two saddles on the nearby racks. Anna smiled at her friend. "You're the best, what would I do without you?" "Probably die," Giselle joked. "Don't think you're getting off easy, the formal agreement still stands."

"I would expect nothing less," Anna chuckled. Knowing the usual agreement meant Anna would muck out Pip's stall when they got back, not that she minded. Brushing the white horse better than he probably had been in months, Anna tacked the horse up, nostalgia rushed over her.

"You ready?" Anna called, seeing her friend had also finished tacking up her horse. An excited nod told Anna to her friend was just as excited as she was. Leading the horses out of the barn, the sun shone over the rolling fields of green creating an almost surreal atmosphere. "Where to? Back field?" Anna asked.

"Sounds great to me. Pip's itching to go I can tell," Giselle said, mounting her horse. Anna followed, adjusting herself in the saddle, the familiar feel of the broad back beneath her brought back memories. 'Just like riding a bike, you never forget it,' Anna thought happily as she urged the horse onwards, Giselle following close behind. The horses pulled at their reins, anxious to stretch their legs, the girls looked at each other and simultaneously gave the horses their heads. Both took off as if they were spring loaded, tearing across the field, the wind whipping around them. Anna laughed, she had almost forgotten what this kind of freedom felt like. Approaching an overturned tree, Anna leaned forward in the saddle and shortened her reins slightly, Marshmallow sailed over the log with ease. Feeling weightless and free, Anna heard Pip's hooves leave and make contact with the ground as the draft horses thundered over the field.

Reaching a clearing, the girls eased the horses to a stop, taking in the view. "The don't have views like this in New York," Giselle said as she dismounted. Walking to a low branch, Giselle secured Pip's reins loose enough to give the Vanner some freedom.

"You can say that again, Arendelle may be pretty, but it's got nothing on this place." Anna agreed, tying Marshmallow to the branch, the white horse began chewing on the grass around the tree. Sitting themselves at the base of the tree, the girls talked about everything from LIG to Anna's history major and Giselle's costume design, the best and worst part about their respective schools, Anna said the food was the worst, Kristoff had been right the first day after all and the best was the campus itself. Giselle loved the city but hated the other students in her program because they were so competitive.

"So, you found someone yet?" Anna asked teasingly, Giselle had been dreaming of her Prince Charming since they were freshman in high school. A wide smile spread across her face, "As a matter of fact I have! His name is Robert, he's an a psych major and he wants to go into law to handle marriage issues I think. Not the nicest career but some one has got to do it. He's tall, dark brown hair and the like. He's studying to be a lawyer, he wants to take over his mom's company or something like that. They're really close, though I don't think she likes me much. How about you Sommers? Has someone finally met your impossible standards?"

Anna blushed, she hadn't dated much in high school to the bewilderment of her friends.

"Her name is Elsa. She's smart, beautiful, really funny, and has the most heart stopping blue eyes. Honestly the girl of my dreams. She's a senior architecture major, I assume that means she's going to build things some day. Oh! And her Senior Project! It's beautiful, I'm still not entirely sure what it's supposed to be but I absolutely love the model and her studio is perfect. She's a huge MST fan, we both love chocolate and…yeah." Anna finished, realizing she had been rambling.

Giselle just smiled, she had never seen her friend act like this before. "Anna I'm so happy for you. Really and truly. I never understood how you got through high school without a single relationship, but now I see how happy you are it all makes sense. You wanted to find The One, and it seems like you found her."

Anna smiled at her friend. "She's amazing, everything I've ever wanted. And this Robert guy sounds like a dream come true."

"He is. You have to meet him someday. I think you two would really get along. And I would love to meet Elsa."

"You should, you would love her and I know she would love you!" Anna squealed. Just thinking of the older girls sent a shiver down her spine. A hand on her arm jarred Anna from her thoughts and Anna felt herself being pulled from the ground. "Come on Sommers, I'll race you to the lake!"

Anna jumped up, eager to continue their ride and ran over to the horses. "You're on Andalusia! You're gonna to eat my dust!" she laughed as she struggled to untie the reins from their branch. "Then why am I half way there?" Giselle taunted as she and Pip took off towards the lake. Getting the reins untangled, Anna mounted and urged Marshmallow into a gallop, whooping and laughing as the pair chased after them.

"I almost had you," Anna complained as they made their way towards the barn. Giselle had won the race to the lake, though Anna had nearly caught up despite her late start.

"Yeah sure you just keep telling yourself that," Giselle teased. They both knew the race had been close and the friendly banter was a part of their friendship from day one.

Approaching the barn, Marshmallow made a sharp turn and stopped outside an outdoor ring. The sudden movement threw Anna off balance and she grabbed a handful of Marshmallows mane to avoid falling. "Marshie what was that for?" Anna complained, looking in the direction she was now facing. Anna smiled and rubbed the Fjords neck, the horse puffed with pleasure. "You really do have energy today don't you buddy?" Urging the horse forward, Anna called over her shoulder, "I guess we're not done yet. A few times around the course ought to tire him out."

"I'm going to put Pip back and I'll come watch. You two are the best team CEC has seen in a long time!" Giselle replied, leading Pip inside. Anna smiled, she and Marshmallow were a good team and had even won a few ribbons at some local shows.

Entering the arena, Anna felt the familiar thrill returning as she and Marshmallow made their way towards the cetner of the ring. Marshmallow seemed to feel it as well as he danced and shifted impatiently under Anna. Giving a light squeeze, Marshmallow took off towards the first hurdle, a simple low "x". Clearing the jump easily, Anna eased the Fjord towards the next obstacle. Soaring over the vertically stacked poles with ease, the next jump made Anna nervous. If there was one jump she had never been able to master it was the Triple Combination. The first two jumps in the succession were never a problem, but for some reason Marshmallow seemed to shy away when approaching the third.

'We can do it bud. Today is the day we master the combo.' Anna thought as she shortened her reins even further and steered the horse towards the jumps. Glancing over, Anna saw Giselle making her way towards the ring, a smile on her face. Marshmallow seemed to have read Anna's mind and increased his speed, trying to provide the needed momentum to clear the jumps. Feeling the horse leave the ground the first time, Anna felt confident, they had a good rhythm and were moving well together. Taking off over the second jump, a flash of platinum caught Anna's eye and she glanced towards the barn. In that moment, Anna felt the sturdy horse land once again and leap into the air and before she knew it, they landed on the other side of the jump.

"We did it." Anna said, happiness rushed over her as she leaned down to hug Marshmallow who seemed pleased himself.

Looking at the new arrival, Anna's hear skipped a beat. Blonde hair was hidden under a black baseball cap and fell loosely around her shoulders. Ice blue eyes shone with pride and admiration, never leaving the stunned redhead. "Elsa," Anna whispered as she dismounted and shot towards the blonde. Giselle slid through the boards in the fence and grabbed Marshmallows reins. Anna hopped the fence and charged up to the blonde, nearly knocking the older girl to the ground with the impact. Elsa clung to Anna, trying to reassure herself she was really there, taking in the familiar scents of sun, chocolate mixed with the new scent of horse.

Looking up at her girlfriend, Anna felt like she was in a dream, especially when she felt familiar cool soft lips meet hers, the smile forming as their lips met almost drove Anna crazy. Pulling away from the kiss, Elsa looked down admiring Anna's form in her riding attire. The tight spandex like pants clung to every curve of Anna's legs and hips leaving nothing to imagination, her shirt not much looser. Her hair was springing from the typical braids in every direction, a sign the redhead had had a good ride.

Snapping from her trance, Anna looked quizzically at Elsa. "What are you doing here? You didn't come all this way just to see me did you?"

"No silly, my uncle and cousin live close to here and I thought I would surprise you. Surprise." Elsa replied. "And I'm glad I did, it looks like I caught you in the middle of a good ride, I had no idea you were so good!"

Anna blushed at the compliment. She was glad Elsa had come to visit, and especially proud she and seen her perfect her triple combination. Taking her hand, Anna pulled the older girl towards the arena. "Come on, there's someone I want you to meet." Leading Elsa towards the fence, Anna ducked expertly through the gap and waited for Elsa to maneuver herself through. "We'll take the gate on the way out," Anna said, throwing the girl an empathetic smile. Taking her hand again, Anna led Elsa towards the center of the ring where Giselle was whispering to Marshmallow.

At Anna's approach, Marshmallow's ears flew forward at attention. "Don't worry angel I didn't forgotten about you." Anna cooed, taking the massive head in an embrace. Holding the cheek strap of the bridle, Anna turned back to Elsa. "Elsa this is Giselle, we were best friends in high school." Giselle smiled one of her picture perfect smiles and extended her hand. "It's nice to meet you Elsa, Anna's told me so much about you." Elsa smiled and took Giselle's hand. "All good I hope," she replied sending a smirk in Anna's direction. "I've heard a lot about you too, you go to school in New York right?"

Giselle's eyes lit up at the mention of her adopted city. "Yes ma'am, I'm studying costumes in fashion design, but I really want to start my own shop. I know it's kinda silly but I want to open a princess boutique for little girls. I think they're so cute all frilly and covered in ruffles."

"Not silly at all, I admire your ambition. And here I thought architecture was the most noble profession," Elsa laughed, Giselle followed suit. Feeling a bump at her side, Elsa turned her attention to the horse standing patiently by Anna's side. "I'm sorry have I been ignoring you?" Elsa cooed. "And what's your name handsome?"

"Oh right. This is Marshmallow, you can call him Marshie." Elsa didn't hesitate and stuck her hand toward the Fjord, allowed the horse to sniff her before she approached. Stroking the wide head, Elsa smiled and murmured something in the horses ear. Marshmallow's ear twitced as if he understood what she had said and pushed her lightly with his head. Anna laughed at the sight, Marshmallow didn't usually act this way around new people.

"What did you say to him?" Anna asked as she took the reins with one hand and Elsa's hand with her free one.

Elsa smiled sweetly and replied. "Nothing. I just thanked him for taking such good care of you. And reminded him how lucky he is to have you to take care of him." Anna blushed and squeezed Elsa's hand. "I'm the lucky one really, he's the best horse I've ever known." Leading Marshmallow into the grooming stall Anna replaced the horse's bridle, with the soft leather halter and secured the cross ties to either side. Removing the girth and sliding the saddle off the fjord's back, Anna readjusted the new weight in her arms. Turning to Giselle, Anna asked, "Could you grab his brushed for me? My hands are kinda full."

"Could I try brushing him?" Elsa asked timidly. "Not sure why but I've always wanted to brush a horse."

Anna face lit up with pleasure. "Of course! Giselle will show you how to use each brush and I'll be right back with another set." Running into the tack room, Anna slid the saddle back onto the rack and grabbed the first brush set she could find.

Emerging from the tack room, Anna was struck by a sight she would never forget. Elsa was standing at Marshmallows side, currying perfect circles into the Fjord's neck and shoulder area. The light streaming through the barn gave both horse and girl an almost heavenly glow. Catching Anna's stare, Elsa blushed and timidly asked, "Am I doing it wrong? I'm trying to do it the way Giselle showed me."

"No you're perfect." Anna blurted, causing Elsa to blush. "I mean you're currying perfectly. Though I'm pretty sure at this moment I've never been more attracted to you." Anna confessed pecking Elsa's cheek with a kiss. Moving to the other side of the horse, Anna started her own currying and half way through soft brushing Marshmallow's face, it was Anna's turn to catch Elsa staring at her. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I've never seen you so happy, so relaxed. You're beautiful." Elsa said, sincerity and love shining in her perfect blue eyes. Anna didn't know how to respond. Elsa had rarely spoke so freely and each time she did Anna swore her heart nearly burst. "Well, you're beautifuller." Anna replied. "Not that you look fuller because you don't, just that you look more beautiful and oh god I'm rambling again why does this always…" Anna stopped when Elsa pressed her lips against Anna's, the tenderness of the kiss spoke volumes.

"Aww stop it, you two are too cute," Giselle said as she exited the tack room, bag in her hand. Anna tried to jumped away but was surprised when Elsa spin her around and wrapper her arms around the younger girls waist. "And don't you forget it," Anna teased, trying to regain her composure, enjoying Elsa's arms around her.

"Oh hey Elsa before I forget I had a question. You said you were visiting family here. Anyone we would know?" Giselle asked. Anna's face flushed, 'How could I not have asked? Worst. Girlfriend. Ever.'

Elsa let go of Anna's waist and moved into the hall. "You two probably know my cousin, Charlotte LaBouff. She's a year younger than you two I think."

Giselle's face mirrored Anna's shock. "You…you're related to the LaBouff's?" Giselle stammered, looking at Anna for validation of her surprise. "I mean nothing personal hun, you're just so…normal."

Elsa laughed at the surprised girls. "I know they're a bit eccentric. They're good people, and Uncle BD has contributed a lot financially to not only me but the university. I was visiting because Lottie is considering AU next year and had a few questions."

"You drove all the way to Corona to talk to your cousin about AU?" Anna asked skeptically.

"Well, I may have had another motive," Elsa replied flashing a sly smile in Anna's direction, a faint blush spread across Anna's cheeks.

"Aaand on that note, I'm out. Sommers it was great to see you, let's not wait so long next time okay?" Giselle asked, embracing her friend in a hug. "Maybe you could come up to New York for spring break or something! You too Elsa, you're welcome anytime!"

"That sounds amazing! Elsa we should make this a plan for Spring break!" Anna squealed looking excitedly at Elsa, the older girl's eyes shone with excitement. "It would be fun. I have always wanted to see the Empire State Building in person."

"Always the architect," Anna teased, barely avoiding the loving swat aimed at her arm.

"Well I gotta get going, but I'll check in again as break gets closer and we'll work it out," Giselle said as she headed towards the parking lot. "See you two lovebirds later."

When Giselle had gone, Anna finished grooming Marshmallow and lead the white stallion back to his stall. Removing the halter, Anna felt a light shove against her arm and placed a loving hand on the Fjord's neck. "Aww don't worry baby boy, I'll be back soon I promise. I'll bring you some nice apples, how does that sound?" Marshmallow's eyes followed Anna as she approached the stall gate. "I love you angel, I'll see you later, I promise."

Slipping into the hall, Elsa pulled Anna in close, an easy smile on her lips. "So, what should we do now?"

Anna's breath caught in her throat, she still wasn't used to such intimate contact with Elsa and the blonde's lips so close to her own made Anna's pulse quicken. "Uh, are you um hungry? There's a great little Italian place in town that serves the most amazing spaghetti and meatballs. Tony's Place I think."

"Italian sounds great, it'll be the nice to have some authentic Italian for a chance, Arendelle's Italian sucks!"

"Well let me tell you, once you have Tony's gravy you'll never want to eat any other kind," Anna said, looking down at her clothes. "Um, I should probably go home and change first. I kinda smell like horse and while I don't mind I'm sure others might."

Elsa smiled and crinkled her nose, "That's probably a good idea Snowflake, I wasn't going to say anything but since you pointed it out, you kinda stink." Anna playfully swung at Elsa's arm and laughed. "I know it, I know it. So do you want to follow me back to my house or do you want to drive with me?"

"I'll follow you, I don't want my car smelling like horse for the next two weeks." Elsa poked as the girls made their way to the parking lot. Anna grunted her annoyance but had to agree, once the smell of horse got into a car, it took a while to get rid of it. "Fine, I'll go slow, it's not far from here anyway."

Pulling into the driveway, Anna was relieved to see Elsa's car follow almost immediately after. Not seeing her parents cars, Anna breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn't sure she was ready for Elsa to meet her parents yet. Not that they wouldn't love her, it just seemed kind of soon in their relationship to take such a big step. Elsa walked towards Anna, a look of relief on her face, as if she had been anxious there would be other people there. Taking hold of Elsa's hand, Anna lead the blonde inside and pulled her boots off, setting them inside the hallway.

Leading Elsa up the stairs, Anna turned into a room that could only be described as truly Anna. Piles of clothes were scattered around the room, the bed remained unmade but the comforter had been pulled up to provide the illusion of being made. Water bottles and dirty dishes cluttered the countertops and tops of dressers, a clear sign of Anna's laziness and lack of concern for cleanliness. Seeing the look on Elsa's face, Anna sighed. "If I had known you were coming, I would have straightened up!" Kicking a particularly large pile of clothes under the bed, Anna pulled her desk chair out for Elsa to sit. "I shouldn't be long but if you want to watch TV the remote is on my nightstand. I'll be right back." Anna promised, grabbing a pair of jeans and a sweater form a pile as she headed out the door.

Grabbing the remote off Anna's nightstand, Elsa sat in the desk chair and began flicking through the channels, eventually resting as a familiar face flashed across the screen. 'Sweet a new "Mysteries at the Museum." Thank you Anna for getting the Travel Channel.' Elsa was so engrossed in the show she didn't notice Anna reenter the room, a towel wrapped around her shoulders. Her eyes widened when she saw what Elsa was watching, "Since when are you into MatM?!" Elsa flushed, "Since you told me how awesome it was over coffee. I watched the whole first season in a weekend. I wanted to catch up on all the episodes so if you started talking about something, I'd know what you were talking about."

Anna stared dumbfounded at Elsa. The older girl had starting watching her favorite show just to talk to Anna about something she loved. "You're the best you know that?"

"I've been told once or twice," Elsa teased, the excitement in her voice betrayed her attempted nonchalance. "But I am getting hungry so whenever you're ready to go..." Anna smiled and ruffled her hair with the towel around her shoulders. I just need to do my braids and I'm ready too. One more minute I promise." the redhead promised, leaving the room again. Elsa turned her attention back to the TV as another segment began. Sitting back in the chair again, Elsa thought she heard voices outside the house. 'No, it's probably just something on the TV.' Elsa told herself as she turned her attention back to the TV. Hearing the voices growing stronger, Elsa began to panic as a thought flew through her mind, 'Anna's parents. I have to meet Anna's parents tonight.'

Anna must have heard the voice as well because she ran into her room with only one completed braid, the look on her face matching Elsa's nerves perfectly.

"Anna? We're home sweetie," a cheerful female voice called up the stairs. "Did you have a good time with Giselle this afternoon?"

"Uh yeah mom I did. I'll be down in a minute okay?" Anna called back, looking at Elsa trying to mentally prepare both of them for the upcoming introduction. "Just breathe, they're going to love you. I know I do." Anna said, unsure who she was trying to reassure more. Taking a deep breath, Elsa reached for Anna's hand relaxing when the redhead slid her fingers between Elsa's.

Following the happy voices, Elsa and Anna made their way towards the kitchen, stopping in the doorway. "Hi Mom, Daddy," Anna greeted her parents, releasing Elsa's hand and rushing to give her parents a hug and kiss. "How was work?"

"Busy as always, but what else is new when you run your own business," Anna's father replied, sounding more exhausted than any man ought to after a single days work. Catching sight of Elsa standing awkwardly in the door, her father's eyes floated towards his daughter. "Anna, aren't you going to introduce us to your friend?"

"Right," Anna said, linking her arm through Elsa's. "Mom, Daddy this is Elsa. Elsa, these are my parents."

Smiles spread across Anna's parents faces as they stepped towards the girls. Anna took a step to the side as her mother enveloped Elsa in a motherly hug, silently chuckling at Elsa's stunned expression. "So this is the famous Elsa! We've heard so much, Anna's been going on and on about you." Anna's father said, taking a step back to examine the girl. "You didn't do her justice Anna." Both girls blushed as Anna's mother gave her husband a light tap on the back of the head. "Stop it Erik, don't scare the poor girl. It is wonderful to meet you Elsa, what brings you to Corona? Anna told us you're a native Arendellian."

"I was visiting my uncle and cousin for the afternoon. They don't live far from Anna's riding center and when she told me she was going to be there I thought I would surprise her." Elsa said. She felt at ease with Anna's parents, they were kind people who made you feel welcome.

"Oh how sweet. You got to see our girl in her element didn't you? She's a natural equestrian, it's like she was born in the saddle," Erik said.

"Yes sir, I got there just in time to see her complete, what did you call it Anna? A triple combination?"

Anna's parents faces lit up even more at the news. "You did the triple combo?! Oh Anna that's wonderful," Anna's mother exclaimed, hugging her daughter in excitement. Anna blushed and the red deepened when Elsa stifled a giggle.

"Were you two going somewhere before we got home? A movie or something fun maybe?" Anna's father asked, the girls not hiding their excitement to leave.

"I'm taking Elsa to Tony's for some real pasta and gravy. Arendelle Italian is horrible and she needs to try the good stuff." Anna answered, her parents seemed to agree with the plan.

"Good choice. Be careful driving, it's hard to see too far ahead sometimes at night."

"I know dad, we'll be careful I promise." Anna said.

"It was nice to meet you both," Elsa said, shaking both adults hands.

"Likewise dear. Come back anytime, you're always welcome," Katherine replied earnestly, a genuine smile flashed across her lips.

Anna called a greeting towards her parents and pulled Elsa towards the door. Once the door was shut behind them, both girls exhaled the breaths they hadn't realized they were holding in and looking at each other, burst into hysterics.

"Well that went much better than I imagined." Elsa admitted as the girls walked towards Anna's car.

"I wasn't worried. I knew they would love you, and they did," Anna replied, unlocking the care and both girls slid inside. Plugging her phone into the audio jack, Anna smiled a mischievous smile as she turned the car on and flipped to the album she wanted. Wild applause filled the car and Elsa smiled, knowing exactly the song Anna had chosen. "You're playing 'Robot Rock/Oh Yeah' of your own free will! I'll take this as a sign you like the CD I gave you!"

"It's all I listen to," Anna replied, backing out of the driveway. "You definitely made a Daft Punk fan out of me."

Elsa smiled as Anna put the car in drive and headed towards the restaurant. Today had gone better than Elsa had anticipated. Her surprise had been a success, and she was glad she had been there to see Anna master the jump she had worked so hard on. And although she hadn't been anticipating it, Anna's parents had literally welcomed her with open arms.

Pulling into the parking lot, the girls exited the car and headed towards the door, the ever present scent of garlic hitting their noses. Slipping an arm around Anna's shoulders, Elsa sighed contently. 'How could it get any better?"