This has probably been the most stressful Elsanna week of my life.

All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
Running through my head
(Running through my head)
All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
Running through my head
(All the things she said)
This is not enough!
This! is! Not! Enough!

Anna bit her lip when she heard the song Elsa decided to put on blast. She squinted her eyes at the math problem in front of her, wondering how she got a 5 from a y=32x2+3x+6. What was she just doing again? FOIL and then... what? Y is 0, the teacher told them. Subtract the six from both sides and there's -6=32x2+3x and then... shit. What was she supposed to do now?

Way to distract me from trying to study, Anna thought, slightly annoyed. But still... she just finished watching Pinkie Pride and if anything, Elsa's song was better than silence and the scratching of her pencil. The redhead sucked in her cheeks and dropped everything, quickly scrambling onto her bed and put an ear against the wall. Whenever Elsa blasted music, she was always trying to muffle her own singing.

"And I'm all mixed up feeling cornered and rushed
They say it's my fault but I want her so much
Wanna fly her away where the sun and the rain
Coming over my face, wash away all the shame...

When they stop and stare don't worry me
Cuz I'm feeling for her what she's feeling for me
I can try to pretend, I can try to forget
But it's driving me mad, going out of my head!"

Well, how do you like them apples? Elsa's in love! But with who? The redhead gave a smirk. She just might know the answer...

Grabbing her unfinished math homework and sticking her pencil behind her ear post-haste, Anna flew out her room and took a step in front of Elsa's door... but not before stubbing her toe against her own door before it shut. She dropped her notebook and flopped onto the floor, holding her irritated toe while stifling a muffled curse. She did the same for a few more when the music in her sister's room abruptly stopped and Elsa opened the door slightly ajar to greet her.

Behind her sister Anna could see the glow of the computer screen. Elsa's room was completely dark, and it was daytime, just a bit past noon. Their mom would sometimes open the blinds in attempt to shed some light on the gloomy atmosphere but Elsa being Elsa just closed them again when she left.

"You okay?" she asked, bending down to meet Anna's eye. Noticing the math homework, she smiled slightly and picked it up with one hand, caressing Anna's cheek with the other, "I'll help you, don't you worry."

Anna gave a sheepish grin and took her book back, nodding towards Elsa's room. She missed the worried look her sister had on as she got up and Elsa turned on the lights.


She sat on the bed quietly as Elsa cleared away a section of her desk so they could work, eying her sister's bookshelf that had practically everything Anna had strewn in various parts of her room: children's books, large and dull books, manga, art books, craft books, the ugly ceramic jar thing Anna made in junior year she wished Elsa threw away. There were even hoodies and sweaters on the bottom shelf.

Elsa's so neat...

"Anna?" Elsa said, still standing, "I'm done."

Anna jumped slightly. "Ohuh? Oh..." she opened her notebook to the page she was on and thrust it towards Elsa dramatically. "Help meee!" she whined, smiling when Elsa giggled at her.

"Come here then," she said, placing the workbook on her desk, "I don't want eraser bits on my bed."

The redhead sat in Elsa's chair, wondering why people found it disgusting when taking a seat that was still warm, and looked at Elsa quizzically. "But where're you gonna sit?"

Elsa shook her head gently. "That's okay. Just show me what you need help on."

Anna got up and pulled Elsa into her chair with a huff. Before the blonde could protest, she sat herself down perpendicular on the former's lap and gave a triumphant smile. "I win. So there."

"I- Ah - okay..." Elsa stammered. She took the pencil Anna stuck behind her ear and poked the page Anna showed her. "Pencil. Work. N-now."

She just doesn't want to admit she lost, Anna grinned, shifting slightly in her spot and trying not to put too much weight on Elsa's delicate legs. "Okay, so it's this problem here, 53-A..." she began, turning to the book in front of her, "I'm stuck on the next step. What am I supposed to do after I subtract the 6 from both sides?"

Little did she realize the blonde wasn't listening. Elsa wasn't usually so inattentive, but the fact that she didn't answer Anna right away with something forced the younger girl to look away from her studies at her sister, whose face was very, very red.

"I'm just gonna cool off in the bathroom for a bit, kay?" she whispered, "Body heat thing... usually I'm the only one in here so it's not as hot and my room's usually dark as hell and you know how dark things attract more heat..." She was thankful Science wasn't Anna's favorite subject.

With a pout Anna stood up and watched dejectedly as Elsa ran out of her room. She heard the bathroom door slam down the hall.

Welp, what now? My help is gone... wonder what she was doing on the comp?

Normally, her sister wasn't very secretive about her computer activities. Granted she wasn't one to go on porn sites so there wasn't much to hide anyway, but still, Anna's curiosity was poking its head out. The screen was scrolled to the bottom of a Microsoft Word document and when she scrolled up, the five lines written on the screen were so small the snooping sister wondered if Elsa's eyes magnified everything. She zoomed in on the words and automatically began to read.

Hair of scarlet, eyes of blue
Why is it I fancy you?
My sister, my love, my greatest joy
Would you take me if I weren't your sister...
And a boy?

The bathroom door opened. Anna quickly zoomed back out and scrolled down. She drew a quick little doodle in the corner of her notebook to cover up the fact she had just invaded her big sister's privacy. Elsa strolled in and drew a breath.

"Sorry," she said awkwardly, playing with her hands, "I didn't mean to just ditch you right as we sat down."

"That's okay!" Anna said cheerily, "Look, I drew a snowman!" She could see her sister visibly relax when she saw the little half-hearted doodle and realized why Elsa had left just then. She was probably turned on or something steamy like that.

The older girl let out a small laugh, and sauntered over, hovering over her younger sister, "I see. So, shall we continue?"

Anna batted her eyes at her. "Can I put on some music?"

Elsa raised an eyebrow. "Um, sure. If you want... Do pony songs and Vocaloids help you study?"

Psh, no... Anna rolled her eyes. "Close your eyes. I want to surprise you." She opened a new tab and waited for Elsa to comply. When she did, the redhead went on YT and found what she wanted. She checked if the blonde was peeking and fast-forwarded the very beginning of the song.

The next thing Elsa knew, her lips were suddenly attacked by Anna's in a kiss she never thought would be happening.

Starting from here, let's make a promise
You and me, let's just be honest,
We're gonna run, nothing can stop us
Even the night that falls all around us

Soon there will be laughter and voices
Beyond the clouds over the mountains
We'll run away on roads that are empty
Lights from the airfield shining upon you

Nothing can stop us, not now, I love you
They're not gonna get us,
They're not gonna get us!
Nothing can stop us, not now, I love you
They're not gonna get us,
They're not gonna get us!
They're not gonna get us!