Chapter 8.

Once he relaxed, Jareth fell asleep quickly.

Sometime after he had dozed off, he found himself within the Labyrinth in dream state. He knew immediately the being had entered his dreams.

"My King." A voice said, coming from everywhere and nowhere.

"It's about bloody time you answered me, Maze. Are you over your anger at my actions?" Jareth said, annoyed.

"My King while you rule the kingdom, please remember you do not rule me. You rule beside me, doing what I cannot do."

Jareth let the matter drop. He knew this was so, but it irked him sometimes. He did not like to be commanded.

"Hogwart tells me you are not trifling with The Champion's memories. I have no reason to doubt you, but can you please explain to me why she would be getting brief flashes of memory then?"

The voice sounded bored. "I would surmise, Goblin King, that the magic used is faulty or was deliberately weakened when it was put in place. She was reading the book and the magic of the story was beginning to trigger her memories. The magic of the book which is connected to me is far stronger than any enchantment The Council could muster. Since I have not activated the connection between her and I, there should have been no triggering. Not from myself. Your answer lies within the council's magic."

Jareth's brow knitted. "Why? Why would someone do this? Deliberately attempt to have me turned mortal, banished and cut off from my kingdom? To what end? There is no one strong enough to take my place currently in the underground. Much less ready to take your challenge."

Jareth begin to pace around in his dream, thinking.

"Goblin King, I cannot begin to understand the actions of you immortals especially The Council. They certainly know next to nothing about myself. Most of your race does not realize that I had a large hand in creating this realm. There is one other possibility."

Jareth paused. "What is that?"

"You remember, Sarah already declared herself your equal. She has her own magic. Bound as it may be. It may be straining against it's bindings trying to get free. That coupled with and perfidy committed by The Council or members thereof could be the problem. I'll do what I can here, and we will speak on this later."

"As you wish, Labyrinth." Jareth sighed.

He was weary of this subterfuge. He was tired of not being allowed to be home in his castle, and of not being able to start to build a life with his Sarah.

As he spirit self returned fully to his body, his eyes opened.

All he could see was the darkened room he fell asleep in. Dimly lit but the light of the waning moon.

He turned over and sighed again. "Soon I hope this will all be over. I hope my magic holds back her memories just long enough to accomplish what I need to do."

The Goblin King slept little that night, worrying and hoping against hope Sarah would fall quickly. If those memories come before she is ready..for once, The great Goblin King was at a loss.

The next day was a busy one for everybody.

Once Sarah woke and got ready for the day, she was off and running trying to talk to as many as Jareth's staff as possible.

She felt energized, and was in a great mood after her late night chat with Jareth.

The crew was setting a hectic pace. Not only were they preparing for the final show in NYC, but readying everything to be shipped to London.

They had a warehouse there with all the necessities stored such as stage setup and gear, but everything else needed to be carefully packed and ready. Only leaving out what was necessary for the concert that night. All the things left behind would be carefully stored here.

Sarah's story was beginning to take shape. After a quick lunch she decided to pull out her notes and begin outlining and blocking out the article. She was quite proud of how much she had done in two days.

Maybe if she got it written out early she would have a chance to do a little site seeing in England before she had to return to LA. Jareth had 5 shows over the 10 day period she would be there with him. It would be nice to have a day or two of fun.

She spent most of the afternoon working. When she finally looked up it was after 4pm.

"Oh crud. I have to go meet Mr. Fox!" She said out loud, jumping up and putting her things away.

Mr. Fox was going to give her some photos to use for the article. Possibly even the cover if she didn't get a chance to take a few herself that would be suitable for it.

She left her room and ran right into Roxy Love heading down the hallway.

"Well, hello again. Sarah was it?" The tall blonde purred.

Sarah was usually not intimidated by other females but something about this woman made her feel short, fat, and mousy.

She wasn't really but the woman was so slender and gorgeous and glamorous, she couldn't help it. She also felt that now familiar jealousy start to build.

"Hi Miss Love. It's good to see you again. Are you looking for Mr. King?" She asked brightly. She slapped on a fake smile and forced herself to deal with it.

Roxy flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Yes, I need to let him know I will be coming along to London. I was asked to last night, but wasn't sure until I checked my schedule. So he needs to know to go ahead and save me a place on the plane."

The surge of jealousy was threatening to escape and choke the woman, but Sarah restrained herself. She figured Jareth would probably refuse after their talk anyway so she balled her fist against the side of her thigh and kept smiling.

"He didn't mention it to me last night when we spoke after he got back, so I had no idea. I will leave you to find him. He is probably getting ready before he has to leave for the arena."

"Thank you dear. You are so very kind. I'll see you later." The blonde continued down to Jareth's room, making Sarah feel completely dismissed.

Deep breaths Sarah. He said she was an old old friend. He wouldn't lie about that would he? I mean why would he? It's not like I'm stupid and naive.

She shook her head, and headed to the room number Mr. Fox had given her to meet him at. Trying to convince herself it didn't matter. There was nothing to worry about.

Later after she was given a file folder full of stock typical 8x10s, she went back to her room to ready herself for this concert. Part of her wanted to forgo it altogether, but she had told earlier to Jareth that she would be there.

She took out the folder and flipped through the pictures. As she was going through one caught her eye and she pulled it out, staring.

It was a black and white picture of Jareth. He standing by a window, half in light, half of his face in shadow. It was eerie. He was shirtless except for that weird necklace her wore.

Sarah traced his face with her fingers. His eyes looked haunted, and almost inhuman.

Somewhere she had seen him look at her like that before, but she could not remember where. Sad, in pain, lost.

Something within her cried out to him. She wanted to go and comfort him, tell him she would stay with him forever.

Tell him she was so very sorry for leaving him.

Sarah came back to herself suddenly. "Sorry? Why did I even think that? What does that mean?" She searched her thoughts, her mind. As hard as she tried it did not seem to have the answer why seeing him like that filled her with a regret she could not name.

She looked at the picture again, then sat it down on top of the folder. "What in the hell are you doing to me, Jareth King?" She asked the picture. It remained silent but seemingly observing her.

She quickly stuck it back in the folder. It was unnerving.

Noticing the time she scolded herself. "I don't have time for this." She went to her luggage and was going to grab some jeans and another plain t shirt like the first show, but paused.

She picked up the dress she had packed. Should She?

It was black, coming to mid thigh, form fitting but not tight. It had spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neckline that showed a bit of cleavage but not too much. It was a breezy jersey material than hung nicely over her curves. There was silver woven into the material to add sparkle.

Sarah smiled to herself. Shall I? As a matter of fact, I shall.

She dug out her strappy medium high sandals with sparkly hearts on the strap across her foot, some stockings and matching undergarments, and laid them out.

"Looks like Miss Williams is preparing for war." She laughed at herself, then grabbed her robe and went to shower.

At 7:15 Sarah stood in front of the mirror, looking herself over.

Once she had showered and changed, she brushed her hair until it fell in shiny waves down her back.

She applied her evening makeup,with a sexy sweep of black eyeliner and some silver sparkle along with her mascara then added a deep red lipstick.

Some dangling earrings and her outfit was complete.

This is the part of her she had been downplaying these past few days. This Sarah. She rarely let her make an appearance, because she never met a man worth it before.

She touched a bit of vanilla scented perfume oil to her pulse points, grabbed her bag, and left the room.

As she walked through the lobby several people openly gaped at her. It made her feel good to know she actually could turn heads.

The car was waiting for her, and her usual driver did a double take and grinned. "Good evening Miss Williams, you look beautiful this evening."

She thanked him sweetly and climbed in. She was ready to face whatever the night held.

Once they arrived at the venue, she made her way inside. She showed her creds wherever necessary, getting many appreciative stares and comments.

She heard one person say "Is that Mr. King's girlfriend?" and loved the way it made her feel.

Hoggle and Didymus had been standing and conversing when she passed by. Their conversation halted as they caught sight of her.

"Sarah?" Hoggle said. His mouth opened a little in surprise.

She turned. "Hello gentlemen. how are you this evening?"

The two men/creatures looked at each other then back at her. "Why, we are very well My Lady. I must say you look rather stunning tonight." Didymus said, noticing her eyes light up.

"Aww..thanks guys! You two are so sweet. I swear you are the best friends a girl could have!"

"You're welcome Sarah. Whatcha all dressed up for?" Hoggle asked her.

Sarah smiled at them. They had really been wonderful friends to her since she had arrived here.

"Nothing special really, just thought I would have some fun tonight. It is our last night here in New York after all." She answered the two.

"Alright." Hoggle replied. "Well have fun, but be careful girly. Things aren't always what they seem."

Sarah wondered what he meant by that. She nodded and turned, heading towards Jareth's dressing room.

Jareth was sulking in his chair, as the before show chaos swirled around him. Roxanna had visited him earlier, slyly informing him his drummer had invited her to come along with them to London.

He couldn't say no without have to explain to Michael exactly why so he grudgingly accepted. It would not be a good idea to inform him that his
newfound lover was really interested in someone else. Especially since Jareth had no idea why Lady Roxanna would attempt such a thing.

He had no idea what had gotten into the immortal woman all of the sudden. Trying to seduce him? Now? What was she thinking? To what end did she even try?

She knew the situation, knew he loved only one womam. Now that she was so close, any desire he had pointed directly to her and no one else would ever do again. Not even just for the purely physical act of sexual release.

Whatever the woman's plans, he would have to keep a close eye on her and still keep her at arm's length. Then again that is what he had the 3 miscreants here for. Yes, he will make sure they keep an eye on her as well.

There was a knock on the door, soft, but with his acute senses, he heard it clearly. The pulsing of his bond with Sarah told him it was her.

"Please come in Sarah!" he said in a cheery welcoming tone. He was glad to have her there.

She opened the door and stepped in, and he took in the vision before him.

She had dressed up. Not just dressed up, but obviously going to a considerable amount of trouble to please him.

She was stunning. Not That she wasn't always beautiful, but this was different.

From the tips of carefully painted nails, to her shiny dark waterfall of hair. Her sexy dress, her makeup that enhanced her green cat eyes. She was every inch the radiant beauty on the outside she always was on the inside, finally letting herself show everyone else.

"Why Sarah, don't you look magnificent my dear, gorgeous! You should really dress like that more often."

She smiled at him. "Thank you Mr. King. I thought I might make an effort to actually look decent for once. It is a special occasion."

"Sarah dear, you are always decent. Far more really. To tell you the truth, a little indecency might be nice too, for a change." He winked and gave her a smarmy look.

This caused her to blush prettily and give him a saucy little wiggle before going to the couch and sitting down. She crossed her legs and fluffed her hair out behind her.

Jareth watched every move she made, licking his lips like the predator he was.

Soon, my love. He thought. Very very soon. He could feel, smell, and even taste the subtle changes that told him her desire for him was growing.

She looked up and met his eyes, could see his hunger there. He made no move to hide it.

He held her gaze and licked his lips again. Slowly, letting her know what he wanted. To taste her.

For just one brief moment, he saw it reciprocated. Then just as fast she broke the stare and looked down at her lap.

Sarah wasn't used to men looking at her like that. He was such a huge presence, powerful and virile.

He could have anyone he wanted, and probably had. That he look at her like that was immensely flattering, and frankly scary as hell.

Sure men found her attractive, but this was different. She could *feel* his want of her. It was thick in the air, tangible. She could see it, taste it, feel it to her very core.

Oh sweet Lord, she wanted him back. So bad. Her body kept betraying her in every way. She was no naive virgin. She had previous relationships with men. The sex was nice, average, okay but nothing mindblowing.

She had a feeling that this man would entirely different. He was like nothing she had ever is she gave in to him, he would driver her to heights she never knew existed.

She also suspected once he had a hold of her heart, her body, her soul, he would never let her go.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she had felt this once before.

Just a small alarm that told her he planned to keep her in his possession for the rest of her life. That he would fight and kill anyone who tried to take her away from him.

It was a disturbing thought, and brought her back to reality.

She stood suddenly. "Wow look at the time! I need to go get to my seat. Is it the same one as before?" She asked.

Jareth nodded. "Yes, the best seat in the house for my most special guest." He grinned. "Shall I have Hoggleston escort you?"

"No, I have a really good sense of direction so I remember where it is." She opened the door and turned back to say something. "Have a good show, Mr. King. I just..nevermind. Knock 'em dead as I'm sure you always do."

She dashed through the door and made her way to the same seat she had 2 nights before.

The opening band started but she barely paid attention. The interaction with Jareth kept replaying in her mind.

She knew dressing sexy would provoke him, yet she did it anyway. His reaction was a million times stronger that she thought it would be. Gone was the sweet, flirty man who she had breakfasted with. The man who had helped her when she had he little episode the day before and who she had conversed with last night.

In his place was the Jareth, the sex god rock star the women swooned over. The one the groupies talked about. Except every bit of his desire was directed straight at her.

Despite the warmth in the arena, she shivered as chills ran up and down her body.

Why did she do it? Obviously Roxy Love's presence made her really really jealous. Possessive of a man that was not even hers. She just wished she knew what is was that made her feel so strongly for a man she barely knew.

Then finally there he was on stage, she tried to put everything in the back of her mind and enjoy the show.

At least a dozen times he stalked across the stage and stood in front of her, singing to her, then he would move away. Wherever he was his eyes kept wandering back in her direction.

Then something unexpected happened.

The song he had been singing ended and a the crowd cheered. He put his hand up to silence them, so he could speak.

"Thank you, dear people. This is a song, I have never sang live. but tonight is such a special occasion, my last show here for a while, and you have all been so supportive and kind. I feel the need to do something special." He paused and looked her direction.

"This one is called.. "Sweet Sarah."

He came back and stood in front her. Their eyes met again...and she was lost. She felt her heart ripping from her chest and falling directly into his hands.

In your eyes, I saw half my soul
reflected back at me,
In the moonlight, you took control,
of my heart.
I told you then it would be too late,
if you did not turn away,
too young to keep,
and yet you broke my heart
when you couldn't stay
Sweet sweet Sarah,
You will be the end of me...

Sarah felt tears pouring down her face. How could this song possibly about her? She met him 2 days ago. But it was, she knew it was.

Once the song was over the spell broke and she gasped and sat down heavily in her chair.

After she collected some strength, she had to get out of there, so she fled to the bathroom and hid in a stall, listening as the concert concluded, while she sobbed quietly.

What the hell was going on? How could she fall completely in love with a man in 2 days?

It didn't make any sense. She never believed in destiny, in soul mates, but there it was. Right in front of her. She felt it, the connection with him. It wrapped around her. It was delving deep inside of her, taking hold of her soul and pulling her towards him.

After a few minutes she gathered herself together and got out her mirror.

She had worn waterproof makeup but her eyes were all puffy, so she did the best she could with her compact and put a little extra sparkle to try and cover it up until the puffiness went down.

What is with you Sarah? She asked herself. No matter what, you have always been strong enough to deal with anything. Even this. Suck it up girl.

If you don't go and smile and act like everything is normal, people are going to know what is up.

Don't let anyone see that. Hide your tears, your pain, like you always have.

Most of all, don't let him see it. No matter what else or who else, do not let him see your tears.

She took a deep breath and went out, washing her hands and fluffing her hair back out as others came and went.

"Are you okay hon?" She heard behind her. Looking up her eyes met the concerned ones of Jareth's makeup lady, Hazel.

Sarah gave her a little smile. "I'm okay, just needed to get away from the crowd. It was getting stuffy in there.

Hazel reached out and laid a hand on her arm. "Miss Williams, you know, if you need someone to talk to I'm here. I know sometimes what a woman needs is to talk to another woman. I'm not blind girl, I see what is going on."

Sarah let out a big sigh. "That obvious huh?"

Hazel smiled sympathetically at her."Mr. King, he puts on this big act, ya know. Like nothing bothers him, nothing effects him. Don't Get me wrong..there have been a lot of girls in and out of his dressing room over the years, but not in quite a while. The way he looks at you though..well, I know it's different." She paused and patted Sarah's arm again.

"I ain't going to blow sunshine up your skirt. It ain't going to be easy for you or him, men in this business are difficult to love and to make it work is near impossible. The air between you two though, it's thick. You two got something special. Just don't throw it away. I think you would be good for him. A true lady, someone who deserves respect, a girl with class, someone who would stick by him."

Sarah listened to the older woman's words. She knew Hazel was right. There was something special, but it was going to be so hard to hold on to in this world. She had seen it so many times.

"Thanks, Hazel. Please call me Sarah. I will..I will take what you said into consideration."

Hazel held out her arm for Sarah to grab onto, which she did. "That's all I ask Sarah. Now, lets go see what those boys are up to shall we? You look fine now, the puffiness is mostly gone. Men never notice those things." Hazel winked at her and squeezed her hand, making Sarah smile.

They left the restroom and made their way backstage pushing through the crowds of autograph seekers, well wishers, and various groupie girls.

Finally getting through the doors and backstage, there were still lots of people milling around. Hazel ended up pulling a reluctant Sarah back towards the Jareth's dressing room. She stopped in front of the door.

"Go on in hon, he is waiting for you." She said encouragingly, nudging Sarah.

Sarah knocked lightly on the door, as the older woman back away and then turned to go find her husband.

Sarah didn't hear a reply, but opened the door anyway. Jareth was alone sitting in his chair, eyes closed. Shirtless.

"Hello Sarah." He said softly.

She walked up behind him, not saying anything, waiting for him to speak.

"Did you enjoy the show, precious?" He asked, slowly opening his eyes, and meeting hers in the mirror.

"Yes, I really did. you are a very gifted performer Jareth." She answered.

She reached around and sat her bag on the table. She laid her hands on his shoulders. His skin was so soft and smooth. It was almost a relief to touch him after these past few days.

He reached up and grabbed a hand, holding it there.

Sarah spoke near his ear. "Jareth I..thank you. For the song."

He gave her a little half smile, meeting her gaze in the mirror again. He wanted to tell her it was written for her, but couldn't. She wouldn't understand. Not yet.

He turned the chair and gently pulled her into his lap. Running his hands down her arms and wrapping his arms around her waist, looking up into her face

She didn't resist, but wasn't sure about it either. "Why have you been crying, my Sarah?"

Sarah's mouth dropped a little. "How did you..? She started, but was speechless. She didn't think he would know.

"I can see the redness, the remains of tears on your face. Sarah please do not cry because of me. There is no need. I would never hurt you."

He touched her face under her eyes, trailing his fingers down her cheeks. He put his hand behind her neck and pulled he closer.

When his lips touched hers, Sarah moaned into his mouth. He took the opportunity to touch his tongue to her lips, urging her to let him in, which she did.

Sarah melted into his body, turning and wrapping herself around him. She loved how he tasted. She heard him groan as she ran her hands down his chest, lightly scratching his skin.

He hands slid down her back to cup her full bottom, squeezing her softly. He felt her warm center pressing close to his hardening body.

After a few minutes she pulled away, needing to breathe.

"Jareth...Oh god..I'm just not ready to go too far...a part of me wants to, but I can't yet." She breathed.

Jareth was pressing his lips to her neck,nibbling her skin.

He stopped and looked up at her. "It's okay love, really. I wouldn't want to be with you here. I just needed to have a taste of you. When I have you we will be securely locked in my bedroom so I can ravish you properly."

She laughed a little and nodded. "I don't know how much longer I can hold out."

He stood too, and sweetly kissed her on the forehead. He let her go and turned to put on a clean shirt.

"I must go meet the masses. Care to join me?" He asked, taking her hand.

She nodded but slowly let go of his hand. "Yes, but I don't think we should hold hands or anything in front of others. Not yet anyway. I'm not ready for that either. All the gossip."

"Understandable. Might put you in an awkward situation with your boss, I suppose." Jareth answered, opening the door and stepping out, he turned and held it open for Sarah.

They both made an effort to put a distance between them, trying not to look anything but cool and collected.

There were many people waiting in the common area behind the stage. Jareth put a plastic smile on his face and walked in.

He greeted people and shook many hands. He continuously thanked everyone for coming to the show, and signed posters, CDs shirts and anything else shoved in front of his face to sign.

Sarah slipped in a couple of minutes behind him trying to stay unnoticed. A few males gave her an appraising eye but otherwise most were focused on Jareth.

His presence was so large it thankfully overshadowed her.

Finally most of the fans had their souvenirs and were ushered out, and only a few fellow musicians and various VIPS were left to socialize.

Jareth was answering a question from a reviewer for the papers when he noticed the crowd had gone relatively quiet.

A melodious English baritone came from behind him. "Mr King."

He turned and was greeted with the sight of a familiar blued eyed man of about his height, accompanied by a lovely tall dark skinned woman.

Jareth smile genuinely for once this night stuck out his hand. "Mr. Bowie. I am honored you came. Please call me Jareth."

The English singer bowed his head slightly and smiled. "Then you must call me David."

Sarah had walked up behind Jareth, openly staring at the legendary singer and his companion.

Said legend's eyes slid to land his gaze on her. "And who is this?"

Jareth noticed Sarah standing right behind him, starstruck. "This is Sarah Williams, a journalist from Rock Life magazine writing an article on myself. It will be quite the expose, I'm sure." She took her arm and drew her forward.

David took her hand and brushed his lips against her knuckles. " A pleasure Miss Williams."

Sarah shivered a little in delight. She resisted the urge to giggle like a teenybopper. "Wow. I mean, thanks. It's mutual. I'm honored."

He grinned at her then turned back to Jareth. "I just wanted to come back and compliment you on the great show Jareth. Have a wonderful tour across the pond. We must be off."

He turned and took the arm of the woman with him, strolling away casually.

Sarah looked up to meet Jareth's eyes. "You know, I've never noticed before, but you two kind of look alike. Maybe you are distant cousins or something."

Jareth turned to watch the duo leave down the backstage hall to be escorted to their car waiting behind the arena. Thinking.

"I honestly don't see it myself. However I will take your word for it, precious. If I am to be compared to anyone, I could do much worse. Who would you like to play you in my movie, Sarah?"He asked, smirking and raising his brow.

Sarah laughed. "Let me think about it. I'll get back to you."

Once the obligatory socializing was done, Jareth escorted Sarah to his car and ushered her inside.

Once in side Sarah sat across from him blushing at being alone with him again. She refused to look at him and started out the window the whole ride to the hotel.

While Jareth simply observed her smiling a little. He knew she was uncomfortable, and like the feeling he was the one making her feeling that way.

Once they arrived, the driver got out opened the door. Jareth got out first and held his hand out for Sarah, who took it and let him pull her up. They made their way upstairs and finally the were at her door.

She leaned against it, and he put a hand against wall and leaned over her. She looked up at him nervously, biting her lip, uncertain how to proceed.

She wasn't quite ready to take that final step, but her body was screaming to pull him inside and have her way with him right here and now.

"Jareth..I...crap I don't know what to say. I don't do this often." She giggled nervously.

He watched her closely looking for any sign of acquiescence. "Often or never?" He asked suggestively. He ran a finger under her jaw and down her neck and chest, stopped at her neckline.

She knew what he was asking. " Often. Not never, I have dated and stuff. They all pale in comparison to you."

Jareth laughed. "Oh my dear you have no idea. There is no man on earth that will ever compare to me."

Sarah rolled her eyes at his arrogance, but it also kind of turned her on further. How confident he was. "That is probably true, but is it wise to say that too a girl you are trying to seduce? Most girls don't like a big ego you know."

"You are not most girls, Sarah. You are the most unique female of your kind. The only one suited for me. I think you like it very very much." He replied, still touching her here and there. Her arm, her waist, her hair.

Sarah was a little confused at the way he worded his last comment. Not sure what he meant by "her kind."

"Alrighty then, Mr. King. I think I had better go in and get some sleep. Early day tomorrow, plane to catch you know."

Jareth sighed, and back away a step. "I suppose. Sleep well, Sarah, sweet dreams."

Sarah opened the door and went in. She watched until he was out of sight, then closed and locked the door.

Every fiber of her being was screaming at her to follow him to his rooms and let him have all of her, but her brain managed to wrestle control.. for tonight. She expected this may be a nightly battle.

More like 24/7, her inner voice said.

"I was right..sooo much trouble!" She said out loud to the empty room.

She shook her head to clear it then went to get ready for bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a looong day. Again.

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