Mycroft closed the door to his study, checking his watch he noted how long before Gregory would return home. He still had time to resolve this before it became any more unmanageable.

"Brother, you need to calm down and rethink your next course of action."

"I've already thought it over Mycroft, I know what I need to do."

"Need? Or is it selfish want?" The elder Alpha snapped folding his arms across his chest he leaned back onto his carefully polished oak desk. His brother ran a hand through his recently trimmed dark tresses.

"Selfish! Selfish? Me? Do you forget what I've given up just to track down Moriarty's little generals, to-to dismantle his web. You promised me a month and instead I gave you three years! How dare you talk to me about selfish! Moran is here in London, he's the last of the puzzle. Moriarty is dead."

"How do you know? The body was never found, this could all very well be a trap." Mycroft sighed "Think brother mine, use that superior intellect you claim to posses."

"I shot him in the stomach before I jumped. There's no way he survived that."

"Like there was no way you survived that jump?" Mycroft replied softly, brushing off some imaginary bit of lint from the shoulder of his gray suit.

"Mycroft, I've been away three years it's time for me to come home. I want to come home." Sherlock slumped into the black leather love seat, his head in his hands he glanced over at a picture that sat on the antique end table.

It was one of Alexander, Lawerence and Sherrinford all so young taken too long ago. Long before this mess, before the roof top at Barts and before this ache in his heart.

"Things have changed little brother, we can't afford for you to lose your focus. We've come this far."

"I'm going back to Baker Street Mycroft, you can't stop me."

"Fine." Mycroft sighed "Do what you must."

"Fine?" Sherlock's eyebrow raised his voice didn't hold the suspicion he felt.

"Yes, fine. Go home to Baker Street." Mycroft went to his small mini bar, needing a glass of scotch, maybe two or three.

"Why are you suddenly-" Sherlock rolled his eyes standing up "John's not at Baker street anymore?"

"Sherlock, it's been three years. You were the one that instructed me to keep any updates of John or the children to myself. So I've done just that. Oh, come don't look so heartbroken, their general health is fine." Mycroft cleared his throat, "Everyone is thankfully still breathing."

"You're not telling me something." Sherlock snapped "What is it? Where are they?" he held his breath "Is John-did he find-"

"No, brother, not that there haven't been suitors. John is very much still a widower. Partly due to his loyalty to your bond even in death. Or rather, perceived death. As well as your very resolute children."

Sherlock couldn't help but smile briefly thinking of his sons keeping unwanted Alphas from sniffing around.


"Doctor Watson you have a message from your brother in law he has left several urgent messages."

John shook his head "Thank you Linda, I apologize. He can be persistent, except his idea of urgent and a normal persons is completely different. I haven't received any calls from the nanny so I assume the children and my home are still in one piece so it cant be so urgent."

"I guess you have a point Doctor." The red haired Beta nurse laughed. "I'll lock up Doctor go ahead and get home to that clan of yours."

It was John's turn to laugh, he pulled his dark jacket on "Hardly a clan. They are just a nest of angels-oh, who am I kidding?" John waved goodbye, taking his mobile out he started to dial Mycroft's number wondering what it was that the eldest Holmes wanted.

John had already spoken to Lillith earlier in the day and the Nanny reported all was well at the house. No calls from Ford's school, not that he'd received any troubling news pertaining to his oldest son in a year. So whatever Mycroft wanted could naturally wait.

John hailed a cab stepping inside he gave his address, just as the call connected with Mycroft.

"Hello Mycroft what's so urgent that-" John frowned realizing the cab the was going in the wrong direction. "Hold on a second." He didn't wait to hear Mycroft's reply. "Oi, cabbie, you're going the wrong way."

The cab driver turned his dark head, a pair of very familiar brown eyes lit up and the pale Omega's face twisted with mirth. "Hello Johnny boy did you miss me?" The dark haired Omega aimed a gun at the speachless blond doctor firing two darts into his stunned victum. "Nighty, night."

Moriarty pulled the cab over to the side of a back street, he whistled happily to himself exiting the stolen vehicle, reaching over the unconscious passenger.

"Hello Mycroft. So sorry, but our good doctor is unable to come to the phone he's a bit exhausted poor thing. Please give my regaurds to your brother. We both know he's there. The game is far from over, I am actually looking forward to meeting the children. I hear they've grown in my abscence, and there has been a new addition. I'm absolutly thrilled! I can't wait to meet the little dear. Ta." The Irishman stood aside as a large Beta reached into the cab and lifted the limp Omega from the back seat.

James dropped the mobile onto the cement and smashed it under his foot. "Better hurry before we have visitors. Get him into the van. Oh, how I've missed London!"