Greg sat across from his daughter, she was wearing a pink collared top with cupped sleeves, her blue pleated skirt matching her dolly's. A doll who seemed to have a bit of white gauze wrapped around her face?

"What's this on your dolly's face?" Greg leaned forward, his husband the British Government answered his question.

"Oh yes. You'll love this one." Mycroft poured himself a drink standing near the small minibar in the corner.

"Her dentity is no good. So, her face is-"

"Identity." Mycroft sighed, he had called Gregory home after a similar conversation with their child. (A disturbing one at that)

"Yes that's what I says. She is coverings." Moira showed her doll wearing a similar outfit as her own.

"Recovering?" Greg looked over at his mate.

"Yes, daddy from her seizures." Moira held her doll up, "See."

"Seizures?" Greg wondered if Mycroft would pour him a drink.

"No, See-suresss. You know when doctor cuts-"

"Procedure. Moira? What?" Greg turned back to his daughter, where was she getting such language.

"It's alright. Nola says that Rhonda doesn't feel a thing. She sleeped through the worse of it. I don't think her arm is going to be the sames."

Moira made a sad face shaking her head, "Papa will make sure her penson is paid."

"Rhonda? I thought her name was Mandy, and she was a princess?"

"It was, but she had to go undercovers and her covers was blown. So she can't keep her dentity. Princess is boring job. She is a detector now. "

"But I liked that name." Greg examined his daughters thoughtful face.

"Me too. " she sighed. "Its all ruindeds. "

"Moira dearest. Where did you learn those words?" Greg asked gently.

"Nola. She say her Alpha had a dentity, but is back now."

Mycroft continued to drink from his tumbler of scotch, Greg was holding some of Moira's art work in his hand. The nanny Mrs. Heldaburg was concerned with some of the drawings.

"Moira, did you hear this on telly? Or did the twins tell you a scary story?" The twins hadn't really been over, and Alexander would never bring such vocabulary in.

"No daddy. I told you. Nola told me. Is her brofer changing his dentity papa? Do he has to go to hospital or jail?"

"Jail? Why would he go to jail?"

"Nola say-"

"Honey, Enola doesn't talk. She can't."

"Uh huh! She does to me. And she sings too."

"Right." Greg examined the pictures, stick figures running laying on sidewalks in pools of blood. Or being buried alive. Oh dear, there was one with a figure on a building looking down at another below, that was haunting.

"Alright sweetie now tell me again."

"I just don't know Gregory. This is not something she's learning from my people. I wonder if she's picked up from her little outings to the Yard."

"Now, Mycroft, none of my men would leave pictures lying about."

"Well she picked this up somewhere." Mycroft emptied his glass, the tension between Gregory still very tangible. His Alpha was still sleeping in a separate room and Mycroft didn't know how much longer he could take it.

"Will we have two christmas now?"

Moira cut in swinging her legs in the chair fiddling with her doll's bandages.

Greg was almost afraid to ask but he did, "Why would we have two christmases Moira?" Both Alphas looked at the small girl.

"Well, daddy and papa don't sleep in the same room. So you are dehorsed. Nola says that her brofers says when you dehorse you get two christmases. I don't want a dehorse, but I like christmas." The small girl looked to her daddy with big crocodile tears ready to spill.

"No one said anything about divorce." Greg ran a hand through his hair.

"But you sleeped in another room." Moira 's lip trembled just like she practiced.

"Honey." Greg was pulling her into his arms and Mycroft was beside her almost instantly.

"You don't have loves anymore." The young girl whimpered into her dad's neck.

Greg responded to the distress quickly holding her close and allowing his Alpha mate to pull them both in for a hug.

"Of course I love your father, very much. And no one is getting a dehorse-uh I mean a divorce. We just have adult things to work out. And we will." Greg looked into Mycroft's deep gray eyes.

Moira was smart enough to sense the shift of emotion in the room, Enola was smart. She drew the pictures last night when Moira told her about daddy and papa not talking to each other. Daddy slept in a different room.

Enola had fun games to play and stories about criminals and secret agents. Sometimes she told stories about stars, or butterflies. Moira liked happy stories. Enola wanted to be a ballerina or a doctor, Moira hated her ballet lessons. Madame wasn't nice. Nola had an idea about that too, she promised to put a frog in Madam's bag.

She would need to tell her cousin that her plan worked. No dehorse here. Now only if Nola's brofer would come home and uncles would be friends again.


Enola was reading in the sitting room, Gran had the boys cleaning up their last failed experiment. The twins should perhaps decide to hang up their goggles and gloves. Perhaps science wasn't the best field to aspire to.

With a heavy sigh born of exasperation and boredom the young Omega wondered if her cousin Moira would come over to play. Moira was simple but she listened and she never called Enola mean things like freak or defective.

The house was different today, after her brother came home and that strange Alpha. The one daddy said was her papa, he had spent the night sleeping on the floor in the twin's room. Enola had walked past their room and when she got up to get some water last night, and there he was the boys crowded around the tall man all nested on the floor. Odd, usually Daddy nested, but this Alpha made a pretty good nest, for an Alpha that is.

He didn't smell bad, his scent was actually familiar, and she didn't mind it like she did that of strangers. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all and Davy liked him. Davy liked everyone, well most everyone.

Bored! She whispered in her head, moving her tongue behind her teeth. Today wasn't very exciting so far, even with the boys making some kind of explosion involving flour and oil in the kitchen. It was a slow afternoon.

David and her brother must have made up, they were sleeping in the same room. Surely a good sign, although her idiot twin brothers were still trying to challenge Ford to a fight. This was all so typical of their behavior, at least they promised to wait for Ford to be feeling well again before dueling outside.

Ford was a master at fencing but Hamish and Siggy were known to play dirty. She might have to attend that ridiculousness just to be sure rules were followed.

Daddy and that Alpha had left early this morning right after the very quiet breakfast. Well somewhat quiet, the boys did try to start a food fight.

The Alpha put a stop to it almost immediately, Daddy had given both boys a look, and breakfast continued without more interruptions. The occasional kick under the table between her brothers aside. Yes, it was all so very boring!

Davy and Ford were missing from breakfast, but Daddy told the boys not to bother the two. Especially since Ford wasn't feeling so well.

The house felt empty when Daddy wasn't home, and Davy left after coming down asking about Ford. He looked tired, and Enola couldn't help but hug him.

"Where's Ford?" He asked gran.

"Oh, I thought he was still sleeping, that poor boy. Looked like death this morning when I arrived."

"No. " Davy took out his mobile and frowned he dressed and left soon after.

"Sherlock!" It was daddy stomping into the room, Enola observed from her place on the sofa. People always missed her presence, she wondered sometimes if she was as invisible as she felt. Invisibility could be an important superpower. If one believed in such things.

"Sherlock!" Daddy was raising his voice, and doing that thing where he clenched and unclenched his hands.

"You can't just punch a man in the face!"

"He was an ass. John I don't know why you're so upset. The idiot deserved it! I'll see that institution bankrupt. No one speaks about my child that way."

"Not to defend the man, who was in fact a complete asshole. But Ford did spike the coffee of the faculty room one year. And then there were the countless times he did show up drunk to classes and that's if he decide to attend at all. Then there was that one year when he started the fire in the chemistry lab. Things you've missed. So when we go to a private meeting with the Dean and I say let me do the talking, perhaps you should let me do just that. Now we'll be lucky that the man doesn't press charges. "

"I dare him!" Sherlock growled shaking his hand and wiggling his fingers.

"Let me get some ice for that you damn compulsive bastard. Sit." Daddy directed very firmly and the Alpha complied.

Enola watched her dad hurry out of the room a grin on his face, the same expression he had for the twins whenever they caused something to explode or ran another nanny out.

Enola shook her head, adults were odd sometimes. She knew when the Alpha was looking at her, the hair on the back of her neck stood up and her own eyes shot over to the gray ones.

He really looked a lot like Ford, she wondered if her brother would be as tall as their Alpha. He was very close, maybe even the same height, she would need to measure them.

The Alpha watched her curiously, and she sensed he had questions but the front door was slamming again. Another set of angry feet were marching in their direction.


"David-" Sherrinford rubbed his aching temples.

"No. You go sit! I'll get ice for your hand. I can't believe you punched the Director. "

"He had it coming the man was an asshole. He's lucky I didn't do worse. How dare he say those things about you. I have half a mind -"

"You don't have any mind to do anything. It's alright. If you would have talked to me before barging into the man's office-"

"I didn't barge I merely requested and unscheduled meeting."

"You, punched the man in the face. Now we'll be lucky if he doesn't press charges. I won't even ask what you were thinking. You don't fight my battles. I'm going to kill Lorry for telling you about this at all. Just go sit!"

Sherrinford frowned seeing his father leaning back in one of the arm chairs, his long legs crossed out in front of him his knuckles red.


"Father." Ford sank down onto the couch opposite of his sister, the young girl went back to reading, her thin legs crossed under her. Gran had braided the young Omega's hair placing a blue ribbon in the two braids now handing over her shoulders. The ribbon matched her blue and white long sleeved jumper and brown skirt.

"Hello there Enola, you look beautiful today."

Enola raised an eyebrow at her brother without looking away from the page she was currently on.

"Oh, sorry. You look beautiful everyday. It's just today you look exceptionally well."

Enola shrugged and ignored her older brother.

"And then he just up and punches the man in the face." Davy returned with an ice pack. His conversation with Daddy stopped and both blond Omegas looked on the two Alphas with disapproval.

"What?" Both Alphas responded in unison, "He had it coming." both glaring at each other in irritation.

Enola watched as the tension left the room and her daddy and Davy both started laughing uncontrollably.

It was turning out to be an odd day.