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"Here you go, sir! Enjoy your meal!" Chirped the overenthusiastic attractive female cashier as she watched a young teenage boy rapidly nearing the end of his adolescent years pick up a tray holding a small bag of French fries, three cheese burgers, four chicken-legs, and two cokes after he had handed her the money for it in something akin to a grumpy manner.

"Yeah. I'll be sure to mail ya the bill after this sends me on a one-way trip to hell," Sarcastically grumbled the teenage boy while he meandered away from the giggling female and over to a table, looking at his meal with a comical scowl on his features, "Sheesh. Talk about a heart attack on a tray."

But as the boy sat down on a high stool and placed the tray on the table he added with a lackadaisical air around him, "…At least it's cheap." From there he lazily picked a couple of fries out of the bag and placed them into his mouth to chew on them and swallow them down his throat before doing the same to the rest.

From his gelled-back styled black hair and the clothes he was wearing it was clear the boy was one of those hooligans the senior-citizens watched out for, or at least that was what the dropped out boy's image implied.

His skin was tanned and his eyes were a dark chocolate colour. His teeth were sharpened, glinting in the sunlight peering through the windows of the restaurant-establishment.

He wore a long-sleeved green dress shirt underneath a yellow jumper, the edges of the shirt were seen hanging out of the bottom of the jumper and the sleeves could also be seen poking out of the yellow jumper since the boy had the long sleeves of the jumper rolled up as if he was expecting to be jumped at any given minute. A green cargo jacket, blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers completed the boy's appearance.

"Nineteen old Yusuke Urameshi, a middle school dropout, a fired detective, the captain of the champions Team Urameshi of the dark tournament, the fearless defender of justice, and quarter-finalist in the Makai-tournament is bored as hell…" The ancestral son of the now deceased Raizen more or less summed up his life in a bored tone.

It wasn't his fault that he failed middle school. The special defence force of King Enma had been given orders to lead him to Makai so they could seal the portal up, and thus lock him away forever, fearing the young boy's power could grow to the point where he could either take over the world to rule it with an iron fist or just outright destroy it.

The Mazoku-race was not to be taken lightly.

It was only thanks to Yusuke's bright idea to propose a tournament to decide a true king of Makai once and for all after he'd met and be trained by his godlike demon great (many greats) father Raizen before the legendary demon passed on that he was even freed from Makai in the first place.

Heh. Raizen was a sucker for love and that love led him to go on a hunger strike. The love of Raizen's life was a human-woman so it would've been wrong for the demon to devour any humans knowing he loved a human with all his heart.

But humans were Raizen's source of nutation and without them to fill his gut the powerful demon eventually withered away, and died; all to make a stand that demons should stop eating humans, and that was all inspired by Raizen's beloved.

Raizen's dream did come true though after his long-time friend Enki conquered the Makai-tournament Yusuke had founded to take place every three years to decide who the king of Makai should be in that period of time.

Peace between demons and humans had long last become a reality, and now overwhelmingly powerful upper S-class demons like Yusuke Urameshi and Kurama could journey in and out of Makai to be with their families, and friends waiting for them on the outside world.

If Yusuke thought he could get a peaceful life with his beloved Keiko-chan and good friends then he was wrong.

The time Yusuke had returned from Makai to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart the girl had been nearing the end years of High school and was heading on her way to university along with that lovable goof Kuwabara who surprisingly passed High school with flying colours while managing to push his power-level onto middle S-class.

Heh. Sensui ain't got nuthin on Kuwabara nowadays, Yusuke would muse.

Kurama, the smartest man Yusuke had ever known, easy, obviously kept up with his school work, passed middle school and high school with honours on both fronts, and was welcomed with open arms into a respectable university in Tokyo.

And Hiei was stuck on patrol duty, helping any wandering humans who mistakenly journeyed into Makai by erasing their minds of what they saw in Makai and dropping them back in the human-world.

Needlessly to say, Yusuke was bummed to be left alone. No job, no university, no friends to chill with, no nothing!


The next Makai-tournament wasn't to be held for the next two years.

"This sucks, what's the point of having all this power if there ain't no one around to try my luck on," Yusuke grumbled, grabbing a chicken leg and greedily getting a bite out of it in a manner resembling a caveman.

'Can't go home 'cause mom will just nag me to death 'bout not getting into Uni like Keiko and Kuwabara,' Yusuke mused, looking up at the ceiling like it would tell him the future.

'I mean what does she take me for, a professor?' Yusuke asked himself rhetorically, a comical look of annoyance coming to his features, 'I'm qualified for blowing shit up, not discovering the reasons for the dinosaurs' extinction.'

Yusuke sighed. He remained silent as he ate his meal with a deep look of concentration on his features, trying to avoid his mind getting clouded so he could consider his options of what to do for today, and the remaining days of Keiko's adventure in university.

Yusuke's mind came up blank even as he wolfed down his final cheeseburger and last ounce of unhealthy food.

"Aw, to hell with it; I'll just wing it. There've gotta be some interesting crack-pots I can let loose on around this globe of normal, I've just got to find 'em," Yusuke concluded, hopping off of the stool and tucking his hands into his pockets, leaving the tray littered with empty wrappings and bags where he left it as he coolly sauntered out of the restaurant.

His goal: to find some worthy opponents.


The World's Strongest Man









Seeking a Purpose


Yusuke's long month journey brought him to a city similar to his own hometown, except this town had a canal and two well-known restaurants within it. Yusuke found it oddly intriguing when he saw a depressed black haired boy effortlessly, and casually walking on the fence blocking people from the canal.

The kid had some real balance to be able to do that, however his reiki-levels were laughably low, even lower than Yusuke's were when the delinquent boy first became a spirit detective.

Was that why he was so upset, because he was so weak for some inexplicable reason? The blue haired girl which was walking next to him at the time did seem sympathetic and tried to cheer him up until he apparently made some snide remark about her because her expression immediately turned sour.

Any consoling she was going to give the rude-boy was forgotten right there and then.

Besides that the girl was a decently strong fighter. If Yusuke had to measure her power he'd class her as a middle D-class fighter. She could without a doubt beat someone of Gouki's calibre but would be easily thrashed by someone of Genkai's calibre, even as old as she was.

"Alright. I'm gettin' somewhere." Yusuke murmured, still with his hands in his pockets as he walked the neighbourhood-area of the city which had taken him a month to arrive in, and that was only because Yusuke had casually jogged here rather than full on sprinted here. However, because Yusuke was so unbelievably fast a normal jog for him was an inhuman sprint to a normal person. His basic run-speed was three hundred and thirty miles per hour.

The half-demon didn't realize that at the time and was completely oblivious to the gawking eyes within the passing cars he cruised right past.

"Here I should be able to get the ol' jet running up," Yusuke quipped, a smirk came to his features once his senses alerted him to the reiki-signature nearing closer to him inadvertently.

Spinning around Yusuke's battle-ready gaze landed on a boy ambling forward with a lost expression on his face. He had black hair, two bangs of his hair framing his face, a yellow bandana wrapped around his forehead, a sleeveless yellow tank-top; black trousers, black shoes, a brown backpack on his back, and a red umbrella sheathed in his bag.

"Now where am I?" The boy wondered to himself as he surveyed the surroundings, "Oh Akane-chan. Where are you? It's been so long since I last saw you, and I miss you."

"Bingo," Yusuke smirked. He was about to stroll up to the boy, and challenge him to a sparring match until the lost-boy passed some little old lady who had a weird habit of splashing water on the sidewalk without watching to see if someone was walking in the part she was chucking water at for one reason or the next not even the lord knew.

Now normally someone getting doused with cold water wouldn't have thrown Yusuke off, hell the rude-boy would've laughed his ass off, and carried on in his merry way, but when someone got showered in cold water and immediately transformed into a small black piglet was always bound to set off alarm bells in Yusuke's head.

"Huh?" Yusuke let out in a dumbed fashion as he walked up to the now small piglet who was struggling to dry itself off.

Yusuke took notice to the yellow bandana wrapped around the piglet's neck, "Whaddya know, ya can learn something new every-day," Yusuke said to no one in particular, raising his eyebrow once the piglet flinched and turned its head to look at him with wide eyes.

Yusuke bent down and plucked the struggling piglet off of the ground, staring at it with a frown on his features, "Well I'm slumped. Are ya my dinner?" The piglet rapidly shook its head with sweat bullets raining down its face, "So I guess that means I ain't losing my marbles. You really did just go from a dude to a potential turkey dinner at the touch of a little water eh."

The piglet frantically nodded its head, sweating nervously at the mention of a turkey dinner.

"So what now, you stuck this way, or what?" The piglet shook its head, "You can change back?" The piglet nodded its head at Yusuke's question, prompting him to turn his head to the cause of the strange boy's transformation.

"Will that do the trick?" Yusuke wondered and the piglet shook its head, "Eh. So water won't reverse the effects?" The piglet jerked its little head from side to side in the negative, "It will eh," The piglet squealed and nodded its head in confirmation, "Just not ice cold water, is that what you're trying to inform me?"

The piglet squealed and nodded its head.

"Guess ya need to be roasted in hot water to turn back eh." Yusuke stated and the piglet whined, but gave another meekly nod in confirmation before Yusuke effortlessly lifted up the transformed boy's belongings which had fallen off of him due to his shrunken body.

The piglet gulped at the mysterious boy's show of strength as Yusuke wielded his heavy umbrella, backpack, clothes, and shoes all in one hand.

"Alright. Let's go find ya some hot water then," Yusuke said, much to the piglet's delight before it felt cold water hitting its and Yusuke's forms, causing Yusuke to become enraged as he spun around to the little old lady, "Hey, watch where you're spraying that thing lady! This ain't exactly a car-wash, y'know!"

The old lady just looked up at Yusuke with a pleasant smile on her face as she gestured to her ear, "What's that sunny? You hear something?" Yusuke and the piglet just stared at the old woman with an aura of awkwardness around them.

"Uhhhh. Nuthin'." Yusuke eventually dismissed the matter since he'd more pressing issues to deal with, "Hey, lady, you gotta furo in there or what?"

"Hmm. What's that? You want a cup of tea?" The old lady asked ignorantly, spinning on her heels to walk back into her house.

"No! I said have ya gotta a ba-."

"Come along, child. It's been a while since I've had good company," The woman murmured, seemingly ignoring Yusuke's real reason for wanting to tread in her home as she sauntered into her house and left the door open for Yusuke to walk in.

"Geez. I wonder why that is, eh? Maybe if you booked an appointment at the doc's to fix your broken glasses and hearing-aid you wouldna be avoided like the plague." Yusuke quipped under his breath and the piglet squealed in agreement.

"…Oh well." Yusuke sighed, taking his first few steps to the house with the piglet and the piglet's things in hand, "Let's get ya fixed up, dude."


"Make yourself at home dear. The tea will be ready in thirty minutes," The old lady's voice rang out from somewhere in the tidy, neat little home once Yusuke had ventured into it.

"With pleasure." Yusuke grumbled. Not long after saying that did the half-demon find the bathroom located on the bottom room of the little ancient lady's house, "Figures, the old bag of bones is about as stable as a pile of bricks," Yusuke quipped, walking into the furo and chucking the lost-boy's belongings on the ground.

The piglet and Yusuke cringed at the sight of the ground getting ruptured from the heavy belongings Yusuke had carelessly thrown to the ground.

"Damn lil guy, you sure come packing, don't ya?" Yusuke asked in a jestingly manner, but the piglet just remained frozen solid.

Upon walking over to the bath Yusuke switched on the hot water and coolly turned his back on it and began walking over to the wall as if giving the water some time to heat up.

Once Yusuke could feel the stream filling the furo he knew the water was hot enough for the piglet to transform back into his human-form, so Yusuke coolly chucked the piglet over his shoulder and into the bath with a splash.

"Phew. I thought I was a goner back there for sure." A relieved sigh came from behind Yusuke, sounding very much like the voice Yusuke had heard before it was muted out due to the cold water turning the boy into a small piglet, "Thanks. I owe you one…"

"Yusuke. Yusuke Urameshi," Yusuke introduced himself, leaning up against the wall and pulling out a box of cigarettes and a lighter from his pocket before taking out one cigarette from the box, putting it by his mouth and lighting it up while the naked boy started to redress himself.

"Ryoga Hibiki," The boy had the politeness to introduce himself since Yusuke told him his name. "Thanks for the save I guess," It was a little bit awkward talking to a stranger who had somewhat been aware of his cursed form beforehand. Most people would usually pick up Ryoga in his cursed form and attempt to cook him rather than ask him if he could change back.

Of course once they threw him in the boiling hot water they had prepared to roast Ryoga, he would instantly turn back into his human form and be enraged as hell and ready to murder someone for his suffering.

That was usually the bane of his existence.


So it was understandable why Ryoga felt a little meek in the powerful black haired young man's presence. Add to the fact Ryoga sensed an incredible amount of Ki just oozing off of this young man in front of him the moment he stepped in front of his piglet's form.

'My Ki doesn't even come close to this guy's. He's like a living god compared to Saotome and myself,' Ryoga mused, staring at Yusuke as if he were some deity from above.

Ryoga couldn't even begin to clasp the concept of measuring the teenage boy's enormous amount of Ki to his own, 'This guy's… something else.'

"No props," Yusuke brushed it off, coolly taking a drag from his cigarette while Ryoga nodded a little tentatively, "Tell me something, since I'm new here and all. You owe me a little info at least."

"Oh right," Ryoga snapped at attention hastily, but meekly, "What do you need to know?"

"How did ya do that?"

"Do what?"

"Y'know, go from a potential punching bag for me to release my frustrations on to someone else's dinner, eh. You cursed or something?" Yusuke guessed, making Ryoga gulp. This guy wanted to spar with him.

Screw that!

Yusuke would kill him.

"Oh, well, you see-," Ryoya started to explain, pushing his index fingers together as if it would buy him some-time to think of a way to elucidate to Yusuke how he transformed into a piglet after getting doused with cold water so Yusuke could be satisfied enough to not want to beat the information out of him.

"I'm all ears," Yusuke assured, being patient with the shy boy.

As Ryoga thought of a way to break down his dilemma to Yusuke, he felt his shyness slowly lift to be replaced by righteous fury just thinking of the person who was the reason why he was having this awkward conversation with a supreme being of immense power in the first place. Anger suddenly filled Ryoga's eyes at the thought of the cause who got him cursed, so the lost-boy just seethed furiously, "Saotome!"

"Saotome?" Yusuke blinked, prompting Ryoga to elaborate on the matter.

"It's all that damn ingrate's fault for knocking me in the Jusenkyo Spring of Drowned Piglet! Arghhhh! Curse him! Curse him to hell!" Ryoga screamed furiously, causing Yusuke to blink before he took another drag of his cigarette.

"And where're these 'Jusenkyo Springs of Drowned Pigs'?" Quoted Yusuke.

"China, and there's only one drowned piglet spring to my knowledge Yusuke-san. The one I fell into," Ryoga raged, balling his hand into a fist, and digging his nails into his skin at the thought of Ranma's smirking face. The smug bastard.

"I'm just gonna take a wild guess here but what the fuck was ya doing in China?" Yusuke asked.

"To seek vengeance on that spineless coward Saotome!"


"Yeah! He had the audacity to steal my bread at lunch time when we were in middle school together, and when I finally had enough of his mockery of me, I challenged him to a fight; but he turned tail and ran on the fourth day I arrived in the place we promised to do battle at! The scum!"

Yusuke immediately face-faulted once hearing the lost-boy's reasoning for wanting revenge against this Saotome-boy.

"You mean this Saotome-kid waited three days for you to show up at the battlefield to whoop your ass?" Yusuke asked to make sure he had this right as he gawked at Ryoga's sheer stupidity, 'Damn. I think I feel bad for this Saotome-kid. Ryoga's a bigger doofus than Kuwabara was.'

But there was only one way to make sure and that was for Ryoga to confirm Saotome lost patience and just left before he could get there on the fourth day.

"Damn straight! That scary cat turned yellow belly, and ran by the time I got there!" Ryoga raged.


"What the hell were you doing in the time Saotome was doing his nails, hiking through a desert?" Yusuke asked, but Ryoga bypassed that question in favour of hitting the side of the bathtub with his fist in frustration.

"Damn Saotome. He doesn't deserve an angel such as Akane-chan," Ryoga muttered.

"Akane eh, who's she, your lady-friend?" Yusuke wondered with a small smirk on his face.

"She should be!" Ryoga shouted. The more he spoke with Yusuke the more comfortable the normally shy boy became to the point where he was willing to shred his protective shell and roar his feelings for the youngest Tendo to a guy he had just met. After all it wasn't like Yusuke knew Akane Tendo, so Ryoga somewhat felt safe that his dirty little secret would be kept hidden from the goddess known as…

…Akane Tendo.

The youngest Tendo deserved nothing less but the best.

"Whoa, easy there Tiger, no need to burst my ear-drums out," Yusuke joked while holding up his hands in something akin to a placating manner, an easy-going grin on his face.

Ryoga might have been startled that should a powerful fighter hadn't scolded him for more or less shouting in his face if the adrenaline-rush wasn't threatening to carry him to the other side of the planet and back again.

"Akane-chan shows nothing but kindness to the scumbag Saotome, but he replays her kindness by treating her like dirt!" Ryoga roared with a fist pumped up in the air and at this point Yusuke's grin had turned sheepish seeing the kittle of Ryoga evolve into a fearsome tiger at the mention of his princess, Akane Tendo!

'Wow, this guy sure did a 180, women I guess. He's a sucker for love.' Yusuke mused with an amused smirk on his lips. He could certainly relate to that, "Well if you care so much for your princess, why don't you pancake the douchebag-Saotome's ass like a bulldozer. I'm sure this Akane-girl would be all over you if you did."

The anger drained out of Ryoga, leaving a pitiful expression on his face, "It's not that simple Yusuke-san."

"Oh yeah. How ya figure? Come now, share with the rest of the class," Yusuke urged.

"Saotome, he's a," Ryoga tried to find the words, but his confidence was leaving him. Fast.

"He's a… what now?" Yusuke probed deeper into the matter.

Ryoga hastily twisted his head to the side to hide the shame on his face, "A no good cheater!"

Yusuke immediately understood the implications of Ryoga's reluctant statement, "Ah. So he whoops your ass, eh." The half-demon said frankly.

"Not helping, Yusuke-san," Ryoga deadpanned.

Yusuke chuckled, "Haha. Alright. Steady the sails, Ryo. 'Cause ya seem like a decent enough guy-," 'Pathetic more like,' Yusuke corrected himself mentally, "-I've decided to lend ya a helping hand so ya can score your princess, and show this Saotome-kid who's the big-cheese between you two, you feel me?"

Hope filled Ryoga's eyes, "You'd do that for me?"

"Sure. I ain't got nuthin else better to do with my time. I can cross charity-work off of my good deeds list of which will hopefully see me rise to the luxury hotel up in the big blue sky when I eventually kick the bucket." Yusuke quipped, Ryoga nodding almost lifelessly along.

"Say, where does this Saotome-kid live anyway? I'd like to introduce him to my knuckles," Yusuke said, smirking while he cracked his knuckles, making Ryoga gulp before a devious idea struck the lost-boy like thunder.

Yusuke could give Saotome the righteous beating the arrogant boy had been begging for.

"Oh. Well Saotome lives in the Tendo Dojo with Akane-chan and her family," Ryoga explained, suddenly feeling very small once Yusuke turned incredulous eyes onto him, "Well Akane-chan and Saotome are being forced to wed because their folks want to merge their dojos or something."

"Damn. An arranged married eh, did their elephant-god from above order 'em to wed their children?" Yusuke asked, "On second thought don't answer that one." Yusuke hastily added as he rounded his arm in a circular motion to prepare himself to evaluate Saotome's skills, knowing he would need a rough idea of Saotome's fighting-style so he could train Ryoga to counter it effectively.

"I've got enough bad karma as it is," Yusuke grumbled while Ryoga looked at him in a dumbed fashion, "So shall we head off to this dance V.I.P-style and show this Saotome-punk who's top dog around these parts."

"You mean right now?!" Ryoga hadn't been expecting to face the bane of his existence so soon.

"Yeah. I'm itching for a decent warm-up," Yusuke smirked.

Oh. Yusuke wanted to take on Saotome. That was good.

"Oh. Well you see I'm not sure how to get back to Nerima," Ryoga murmured timidly.


"The city where the Tendo Dojo is? I've been lost for weeks now, it's another curse of mine I fear," Ryoga said.

Yusuke could feel Ryoga's reiki-signature heavily clouded and shrouded by depression.

The kid obviously had a sad life.

"No problemo, Ryo. You make yourself comfy here and I'll go find this Nerima-joint so I can kick Saotome's ass. Be back soon you hear?" Yusuke asked, making Ryoga shoot his head up to look at Yusuke with a gawking expression on his face but before Ryoga could ask what he was meant to do in this old lady's house Yusuke was gone like the wind.

"Man he's so fast. Saotome doesn't stand a chance in hell against him." Ryoga gasped and as much as that should've made him happy, it didn't because he knew deep in his heart that Akane-chan would be upset if Saotome was made to look like a baby against a powerful foe.

It pained Ryoga to admit that his precious Akane-chan cared for that jerk Saotome.

"Oh Akane-chan, I'm so sorry you must be put through this my dear. I promise once all is said and done we can be together and happy, I promise my love." Ryoga mused dreamily, literally falling into daydreaming mode as he imagined a life of him and Akane: a life where they were married, had three kids, they owned the Tendo Dojo, she kissed him goodbye before he headed off to work, and she looked up to him as if he were truly a god among men.

Ah. Ignorance is bless.

Back in reality, Ryoga glanced around the bathroom with clear confusion evident on his face.

"Now how do I get out of here?"