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The wedding of Elizabeth Bennet to Fitzwilliam Darcy went off with great success. The mother of the bride and the sister of the groom teared up; while the sister of the groomsman bawled uncontrollably all over her brand new puce dress.

Neither the bride nor groom noticed Mr. Bingley shooting his sister angry glances to quiet her down. Luckily, Miss Bennet was able to hold his attention through the rest of the service so he stopped being annoyed by his sister.

Elizabeth was absolutely glowing and Darcy was unable to take his eyes off her during the entire ceremony. Even though he couldn't remember anything particular about what she wore, he knew he had never seen anyone more beautiful in his life.

Everyone in attendance couldn't but agree that they had never seen two people more in love. No one would have guessed that there was almost no ceremony at all.

The meal following the service was equally as lovely but the bride and groom noticed little of it outside of each other. All they were truly waiting for was it to be over and leave on their month long honeymoon in Ireland.

To their great relief, the father of the bride gave them leave to depart and they quickly took his advice.

Even though he would be sad to see his favorite child go, he couldn't help but he happy at the turn of events. Mr. Bennet thought he would forever regret connecting his daughter to his friend's son because of his money troubles. Now he felt it was somehow providence that George Darcy and himself had run into each other that fateful day. George really would be proud to see how their interfering made their children so happy, as he himself was too.

At the respect of the bride and groom Charles Bingley waited a full day before proposing and announcing his and Jane Bennet's engagement. The wedding was scheduled for the day Elizabeth and Darcy returned from their honeymoon.

This vexed Darcy somewhat when he suddenly realized he would have liked to keep his new bride on a honeymoon for at least another couple months.

Elizabeth, while not disagreeing with her husband's sentiment, reasoned that they had to return at some point and couldn't think of a better reason than that of Jane and Charles' wedding.

The Bingley-Bennet Wedding was equally as pleasing and Mrs. Bennet, more importantly, was the toast of Meryton for she had two daughters marry so well in such a short amount of time.

The couples continued to be as close as ever especially after the Bingleys quitted Netherfield (at the relief of his wife and anxiety of his mother in-law) and moved but 30 miles from Pemberley.

The rest of the Bennets faired well also.

Mr. Bennet was delighted with the Pemberley library and was often found at his favorite daughter's home. Mrs. Bennet got all her daughters out of the house and worried little about Mr. Bennet's odious cousin leaving her to the cold. She did, after all, have several wealthy daughters to take her in.

Despite Mr. Bennet's best efforts his youngest still ended up causing quite the scandal in the family. She tried for a time to address those fields that would make her an accomplished young lady but soon found she had little interest in them.

Instead, Lydia asked for and was granted her share of her inheritance. Since she always came off as being unassuming and flirty, she used that to her greatest advantage while visiting friends in London and listening into gentlemen's conversation on trade prices and shipping endeavors.

Within several years of wise investments she overheard in the London clubs, she owned her own shipping business.

Never feeling a need to give a man control of her money she chose that marrying was also not for her. Now, without a husband, she could flirt all she liked. While a gentleman's daughter on her own in trade would be quite scandalous, a single woman of large fortune is always respectable.

Lydia's new lifestyle, most importantly, allowed her to spoil her many nieces and nephews rotten.

Darcy and Bingley even put some money into their sister-in-law's business and greatly increased their investment in a few short years.

With the help of her baby sister's newfound fortune, Mary was able to finally come to town and study with several great masters and improved her skills at the pianoforte enormously. She also fell quickly for one of her teachers and after their wedding; she opened one of the finest music schools in London.

Kitty was given an even greater dowry so she was able to marry a delightful young clergyman she was quite taken with that also lived not far from Charlotte and the two former neighbors and their husbands became very close friends.

Back in Derbyshire, the Darcy and Bingley families grew and there always seemed to be laughter of children somewhere.

Elizabeth could not have been more enchanted with her new home. She took on the role of mistress of Pemberley superbly and was much loved by the staff and tenants (and even more loved by her doting husband).

For their first anniversary, Darcy presented Elizabeth with their marriage contract in beautiful ornate frame. Elizabeth was so amused and delighted by the gift; she had it hung in the library. It always brought the two fond memories for the unlikely road it took for them to find their love.

Their children would often ask their parents why they need a marriage contract when they were so in-love when they married.

Darcy would always say that when he realized he had found the most wonderful woman in all England, if not the world, he wanted to make sure she didn't get away.

Elizabeth would always tell them that she wanted to make sure their father wouldn't run away the first time he met their grandmother.

And so it was Elizabeth and Darcy lived in bliss for the rest of their lives (with an occasional argument over books, plays, family and holidays. But after all, everyone in love can't agree on everything).

They also found great amusement when it came to finding spouses for Richard and Georgiana. For couples in love always want to pair off every single person they know.

And if anyone could say anything about Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, it was that they were very much in love.

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