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"Wow, this room is amazing" said Bren who was amused from this fancy room.

"Yep glasses it is." Said Dax and then jumped to his bed.

"And those beds are so comfortable" said Chase who was also lying to his bed.

"So, what's our room number?" asked Bren.

"297" said Dax.

"And what's Jinja and Beyal's room number?" asked Bren again.

"I think it's 299" said Chase.

"Well, let's go to find out" said Bren.

"Why? These beds are so comfortable? I have to sleep in such a soft bed years." Said Dax.

"Come on Dax" said Chase.

"No, you go. I'm gonna sleep now" said Dax.

"Ok, let's go Bren" said Chase.


"Wow this room rocks" said Jinja.

"What?" said Beyal who didn't understand what Jinja had just told.

"I mean this room is awesome" said Jinja.

"I agree with you Jinja it's so beautiful" said Beyal smiling.

"Yep, I'm going to try the bed" said Jinja and then she jumped to the double bed.

"Hold on Jinja" said Beyal.

"But this bed is amazing soooo comfortable" said Jinja.

"I understand but it can break if you jump hard on it" said Beyal.

"What do you mean that I'm fat?" said Jinja and then he throwed him a pillow.

"What? No I didn't mean t-that." Said Beyal who was blushing.

"Ha-ha. I know Beyal I just wanted to see your face when I was going to say that" said Jinja who was laughing.

"Oooh! Ok! I'm going to take a shower now" said Beyal.

"Ok, but don't be late" said Jinja.

"Late for what?" said Beyal who was now in the bathroom.

"Umm..Nothing" said Jinja.

With Chase and Bren:

"This is the best hotel I have ever gone" said Bren.

"Have you gone to many others?" asked Chase.

"No..." said Bren.

"Ha" said Chase smiling but then his smile fainted.

"What's wrong Chase?" Asked Bren.

"Is t-this strike squad?" said Chase looking shocked and scary.

Bren looked in the direction that Chase was looking and then he went shocked too.

"Oh my god, what do they want here?" said Bren.

"I don't know B but play it cool" said Chase and then he started walking to the room where Jin and Beyal were.

Finally they arrived to the room without being noticed.

In the room:

"Hey Beyal are you done already?" said Jinja.

"Just done" said Beyal from the bathroom.

Then the door knocked.

"Who is it?" said Jinja.

"It's Bren and Chase" said Bren.

Then Jinja opened the door and they fast got inside the room. Then Jinja saw that they looked scared and shocked.

"What's going on guys?" said Jinja worried.

But the boys didn't reply. Then Beyal came out from the bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist. When Jinja saw him she blushed.

"What's going on guys?" said Beyal.

"It-it's the strike squad" said Chase.

"What?" said Jinja shocked?

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