Kickin' It Lesson

By: MusicMusicMusic

Feel free to copy-n-paste this for your profile :) It's on my profile :)

Rudy taught me to let out my inner child,

Jerry taught me to be swag and wild.

Bobby taught me money isn't always best,

Milton taught me to always study for a test.

Frank taught me its OK to be oblivious,

Sam taught me I'm a genius.

Carson taught me cheating never wins,

Kim taught me to stand up for what you believe in.

Phil taught me goats can be friends,

Jack taught me to always be there for them.

Smooth taught me to never copy someone else's dance move,

The Wasabi Warriors taught me nothing's better than kickin' it with you.

(MusicMusicMusic got this idea from a Wizard's of Waverly Place Poem)