Nora and Ren looked up, yelling as the Dust glob approached them and smashed into the field of battle, followed closely by a barrage of pies and custard bombs, engulfing all the combatants in sleeping Dust and pastries- enough of it to be worthy of all the Antic Wars that had ever happened in the history of Beacon.

None survived it unscathed.

At least, nobody who wasn't protected.

Weiss saw the oncoming projectiles and sighed in exasperation.

"Just my luck...very well." She sighed and shut her eyes, bracing herself for the inevitable explosion, before-


"Huh?" The heiress had only time to gasp before the Neko-Lagann emerged from behind her, grabbed her and shoved her into the cockpit next to Yang and Blake, who was piloting the mecha. Over their heads, the canopy shut just as the projectiles hit, smashing harmlessly against the tough canopy of the Neko-Lagann.

Weiss pointedly sighed in relief, nodding at Blake.

"Nice save, Blake."
"No problem." The catgirl smiled at her. Yang was more than just a bit shaken by the sudden interruption to the antics, however, as she brushed some of her displaced hair back into place.

"Who...what was that?"
"Glynda." Blake explained. "Glynda's behind the attacks on all the bases for everyone- she took out all of your guys, all of Ren's, and one of the Inquisitors."
"And she has Tukson on her side too." Weiss added. "Who...is apparently a martial artist and a Spiral Energy user."
"What, seriously?!" Blake looked at her, wide-eyed.

Suddenly, a loudspeaker sounded over the courtyard. Blake looked up to see one of the massive Beacon airship fleet floating several dozen feet above the campus, with Glynda standing on a platform to the side door, grasping a microphone.

"Attention, all antic practitioners and pranksters!" The instructor announced proudly and somewhat insanely. "Your antics have been put to a stop by myself, the leader of the Anti-Antic Alliance! You have broken the ancient East Wing Concordat and as such, I have seen fit to stop you myself!

And eat that, Gretchen Faust, for I am equal to the task of stopping your antics now!"

"That woman!" Yang clenched her fist. "She...she interfered with our antics!"

"...we have to stop her. She's going mad with power!" Weiss shook her head, facepalming. "As usual, the whole 'he who fights monsters' thing happens. Typical."

Blake gripped the controls of her mech tightly, pointing its arm at her.


"Oh, Miss Belladonna! I'd assumed you'd be on the field of battle too." Glynda said.

Blake snarled at her. "There's no way we're stopping because you got into our antics! No way!"
"Yeah!" Yang yelled. "You're not going to get in our way!"
"What she said!" Ruby chimed in, sitting just behind Weiss and making the heiress jump.

"Ah! When did Ruby get in here?!"
Blake shrugged. "I decided to pick her up when I picked up the mech between chapters."
"I was bored sitting in that room!" The reaper protested.

Glynda scoffed. "Very well. Tukson!"

The librarian stepped outside onto the platform next to her, crossing his arms.


"Gladly." He boomed, before cupping his hands together and drawing them to his side.

"Now...to demonstrate the control of Aura I have attained in YEARS of training! You fools...this is where you meet your end!"

He began to growl, as a small ball of energy began to gather in his cupped hands.


Yang's eyes widened. "Is that a..."
"Don't tell me that he's doing that! That's so awesome!" Ruby squeed.

"Oh great, another anime reference I don't get." Weiss rolled her eyes.


Blake braced herself, as the Neko-Lagann mirrored its pilot's movements.

"..HAAAAAAAA!" Tukson pushed his hands to his front and from the ball of gathered energy, unleashed a powerful beam of bright, blinding Aura at the mecha, but the catgirl was prepared.

"GIGA...DRILL...MIRROR FORCE!" Pointing a hand at the Kamehameha, Neko-Lagann spawned a wide, flat drill, the point of which started to absorb the beam. The force of the beam pushed it back, leaving trails in the grass where the mech rooted itself.

Blake grunted and tightened her grip on the controls with every spasm running through the machine as it absorbed the beam.

"Dammit...he's strong..." Blake growled, holding back the force Tukson had thrown at her and shutting her eyes.

"You can't lose here!" Ruby pleaded.

"Dammit! Is this guy Goku or something?!" Yang yelled.

Weiss, however, wasn't panicking. She smiled. "Oh, calm down. Blake's got this. Two years have taught me this."

The catgirl's eyes flickered with determination just as Weiss finished speaking and opened.

"...but I'm STRONGER!" Roaring, she raised the mech's arm towards the beam and dispelled it entirely, the drill glowing green with energy.

Tukson, however, was not disheartened. Rather, he began to laugh uproariously.

"Yes...yes...YES! An opponent WORTHY of battle! At long last..." He chuckled, shaking his head as he turned back and walked into the ship.

Glynda looked dumbfounded, however.

"No...impossible. You can't deflect such powerful shows of Aura!"
"Don't underestimate us!" Blake roared. "We don't care about Aura, or rules, or whatever you have to throw at us! We don't give a damn about that!"

Suddenly, from behind the Neko-Lagann, the Nirvash and the Little Sun Gurren-chan walked, unaided by pilots. The canopy opened, allowing Yang, Weiss and Ruby to exit, and their mecha lowered themselves to the ground, extending a hand to their pilots.

Weiss and Ruby nodded to each other.

"We're going to stop her from ruining Beacon's fun."

"Yeah." Ruby smiled, offering her hand to Weiss. "Together.

"Together." Weiss kissed her on the cheek and grabbed her hand, walking onto the Nirvash's extended hand, which lifted them into the cockpit.

Yang climbed into her mech's cockpit, picking up the Neko-Lagann.


"Combine!" Blake declared, before extending a drill from underneath and combining to form Gurren Lagann. The newly formed mech cracked its knuckles and pointed at the airship.

"Pave your way down the path YOU choose and FIGHT for what you want! That's the way Team Antic rolls!"

Weiss nodded, before roaring herself, caught in the same hot-blooded mood as Blake and the others were. "Even when trapped by insanity and despair...
"The ships we ship and the antics we do shall open the door!" Yang yelled.

"Even as the world- no, the universe itself stands against our antics..." Ruby added.

"Our burning blood will cut through destiny itself!" The brawler shouted.

"We'll break through the heavens and all that stands before us!" Weiss declared.


Glynda smirked.

"Ah, so hot-blooded. Just like the Amazon Brigade and the Horsemen. If only Cinder was here to see this."
"I am." The pyromancer hopped along on an Atlesian Paladin, painted red with hot rod flames, with what appeared to be giant jet turbines attached to the back, smirking.

"Let's do this!" Blake yelled, before taking off into the sky using the Bullhead rotors she'd attached to fly up. The Nirvash and Paladin followed suit, the former taking off on its surfboard and the latter flying up.

Blake gripped the controls tightly, as a giant drill formed from Gurren Lagann's hand. "You're toast!"

"This is for all the Antic Order!" Yang yelled, as both girls pushed the mecha forward , preparing to stab the drill into the airship...

"Not so fast!"

Three thin, bending drills stopped the drill's advance, as Blake and Yang gasped.

"A drill?" Blake's eyes widened. "And those...no way."

Weiss looked over to see a tall, thin, black mecha, similar in design to the Gurren Lagann, only much more slender, covered in ports- three of which were generating the slender drills blocking its opponent's own drill- with a giant tail protruding behind it and a large horn from its forehead, and a large mouthplate on its chest.

Inside, Tukson was piloting it, crossing his arms and laughing.

"You are not alone in using such mech with a Spiral Drive!" Tukson yelled. "I call it the Schnee-Type Lazengann!"

"Dammit, Blake." Weiss sighed. "You just had to sell my dad the Spiral Drive designs, didn't you?"
"In my defense, I didn't know it was a Chekhov's Gun!"

Glynda chuckled. "Very well. Let's see you get past that, pranksters. I've won."
"No...you...HAVEN'T!" Blake roared and smashed the drills away, as their mech turned to face the Lazengann.

Tukson chuckled. "At last...an opponent WORTHY of my grace!"

"You...I know you!" The catgirl shook her head. "You were once a great prankster! Like Cinder! Like my dad!"
"Tukson, seriously?" Cinder rolled her eyes. "You're such a killjoy. Siding with Glynda, really? I thought we had something special~"
"Tch." The librarian scoffed. "Nonsense. I sided with her because I wanted an opponent I could be proud to face, an opponent that I could call worthy!

And now...I think I see one. Very well, Blake."

The Lazengann raised its hands and gestured with two fingers towards itself. "Let's fight."

Blake gripped her controls tightly, looking down at Yang. "Bring it!"
"Let's go!" Yang roared and together, both girls slammed a drill into the Lazengann, only for ten drills to casually deflect it.

Tukson chuckled. "Is that the best you have?" He pushed the Gurren Lagann back and inside the mecha, cracked his knuckles before crossing his arms.

"Very well! Drill Strike!"

The ten tendrils opened up away from the drill and flew towards the Gurren Lagann.

Blake's eyes widened. "Crap!" She braced herself, but suddenly-


The Nirvash flew up into the path of the tendrils, raised itself off of its ref board and, while it was in mid-air, slammed the tendrils away with the board, firing blasts of green Dust at the Lazengann and landing them, forcing the mecha back, before gripping on back to the board and surfing to Gurren Lagann's side.

"We've got your back, Blake." Weiss assured her.

"Yeah. We're not the best mech pilots, but we know how to use this thing."

Tukson chuckled. "So...it's four on one. Now it's a fair fight. Graaaaaah!" Roaring, dozens of drills shot out from the Lazengann and flew towards the Nirvash and Gurren Lagann. The former surfed away from the drills and the latter flew downwards to avoid them.

"Weiss, fire everything you have!" Blake shouted over communications. "I'll try to get in closer!"
"Got it. Ruby!" Weiss yelled. "We're doing this!"

"I'm on it!" The reaper manned the controls as the Nirvash hurled a multitude of homing green Dust shots at the Lazengann.

Tukson scoffed and spawned just as many drills to block them.

"Is THAT the best you've got?" He laughed, before pointing the drills toward the Nirvash and slashing at it, leaving a deep tear in its side.

Weiss and Ruby gripped the controls, shaking their heads. "We're hit!"
"Dammit!" Ruby closed her eyes, steeling herself.

Weiss barked over the communications. "Blake!"

"We're on it!"

Tukson's mech circled around the Nirvash, which was slowed by the attack.

"You aren't as tough as I expected. A shame, really."
"We're tougher than you think." Weiss retorted. "We're still standing, are we not?"
"It's gonna take more than a couple of drills to the side to beat us!" Ruby said defiantly. "We're not that easy!"
"Let's see about that." Tukson laughed, before regenerating his drills.

"Lazengann FINISHER!"

The newly reformed drills flew towards the Nirvash, but found themselves parried by the hand of an Atlesian Paladin.

Cinder gripped the controls, giggling.

"Oh, Tukson~ Always so predictable!" She pushed the Paladin forward, pushing the drills back with it, as the Lazengann shifted away, leaving large rips in the Paladin's arm.

"That puny mech of yours will not do a THING to mine." The Faunus scoffed.

"I don't need it to." Cinder smiled confidently. "Just need it to distract you."


"Huh?" Tukson looked underneath him, only to meet a large drill slamming into him from below.

"You underestimated us!" Blake yelled, determined. "You can't stop us from what we want to do!"
"Yeah!" Yang added. "We're Team Antic! We'll prank and ship where we want to prank and ship!"

"You fools!" Tukson chuckled. "You think that's going to be enough to beat me? Try THIS!"

Suddenly, several dozen drills shot out from the ports on the Lazengann's body and sunk into the drill Gurren Lagann was trying to stab into it, stopping it in its tracks.
"Gah!" Blake tried to pull it back, to no avail.

"He's got us! Crap!" Yang shook her head.

"Now..." The Lazengann tore the drill off of its opponent's arm, leaving its exposed hand and turned it around, sinking its own drills into it and whirling the appropriated drill.

"Nope!" A beam of green Dust shot into the Lazengann's side and interrupted it. Tukson growled, before turning to the Nirvash.

"You...you're done! I will annihilate your puny mech!" He rushed at the Nirvash, roaring, before two large arms wrapped around it.

"Not on my watch!" Cinder in the Paladin kept his Lazengann in a bear hug. Tukson shot drills out into it, but all it served to do is keep the mech hugging it.

"Now! Hit it with everything! I'll eject out!"

"Got it!" Blake flew up to the Nirvash's level, generating a massive drill from its hand.

Weiss and Ruby looked at each other, understanding the other's intent.

"Shall we?"
"Let's finish this." Ruby placed her hand over the Nirvash's Amita Drive. Weiss smiled at her and placed her own on Ruby's, before they pulled it up together, watching it pulse with energy.

"GIGA!" Blake and Yang yelled in unison.

"No...I can't deflect it!" Tukson roared. "Damn you, Cinder!"

"FOR THE ANTIC ORDER!" Cinder yelled.

"BREAAAAAAAK!" The drill slammed into the Lazengann, seemingly passing through it. The Gurren Lagann then landed on the platform, directly in front of Glynda, drill retracting back into it.

The Lazengann, however, was seemingly unscathed. Instead, the Paladin fell to the earth, a smoking wreck- however, the cockpit was gone, parachuting off near the entrance.

Tukson laughed. "That puny Giga Drill Break did-"
"SEVEN SWELL!" Weiss and Ruby yelled, before unleashing large, rainbow-colored wings and firing a blast of light at the Lazengann before it could react, engulfing it wholly.

"...so...the power of love..." Tukson smiled. "I see how it is. Not bad."

The Lazengann exited the beam, sparking, no longer active and damaged horribly, sinking to the earth slowly, defeated.

Weiss and Ruby cheered. "We did it!"
"We stopped Tukson!"

"Great!" Blake jumped out of the Gurren Lagann with Yang, as the Nirvash followed their trail to the airship, landing on it and allowing Weiss and Ruby to jump out, following suit.

Team RWBY advanced on Glynda, who clutched a combined cosplay-pastry launcher.

"You...you won't stop me! I WILL end antics here!"
"Just who the hell do you think we are?" Blake smirked confidently.

"A CHALLENGE! That's for sure!" Suddenly, from underneath them, Tukson punched a hole into the platform floor, leaping up and in front of team RWBY. His head was literally crowned with a flame of green Spiral Power, his eyes were spiralling, showing his Spiral Energy to be at its utmost limit and his fists glowed with power, as he approached Team RWBY, ready for battle.

The girls readied themselves to fight.

"You won't stop us, Tukson!" Blake yelled defiantly.

Weiss nodded. "We've beaten you once, we can do it again!"

"I am a grandmaster of hand-to-hand combat." Tukson calmly intoned. "My control over Aura is unparalleled. I have no need of a weapon...for I am a Semblance god."

Assuming a combat stance, he gestured for Yang and Blake to come fight him. Yang rushed in first, yelling.


"Heh. Hadoken!" Tukson sent a blue blast of Aura into her, sending her reeling. She shook her head, assuming a combat stance and throwing a punch at the Faunus. He parried it with a blow of his own, before pushing her arms aside and unleashing a plethora of punches on the brawler.

All these hits, however, only served to boost Yang's Semblance, and she smirked at her eyes turned red with power and her hair began to rise.

"You...underestimated...ME!" She raised her fist and slammed it into Tukson, who slid backwards, shaking his head, before clasping his hands together and raising his hands, which had claws slide out of his fingers, enshrouded in orange energy. He now resembled a tiger, ready to maul his opponent.

Yang chuckled, shaking her head. "Not gonna stop me."

"I dare you to try and get past me." Tukson shot back confidently, before leaping at her and unleashing a furious multitude of slashes and strikes, with Yang returned in kind with her own punches and kicks.

"Now! Bear Stance!" Suddenly, Tukson's hands were enshrouded in bear-like extensions of blue Aura and his blow stunned Yang, sending her reeling.

"The power of the Turtle!" Green energy surrounded him and his hands as he batted Yang around, absorbing her Aura and adding it to his.

"The fury of the Phoenix!" His hands were then engulfed in 'wings' of flaming Aura as he slapped the brawler around, blasting flames at her and sending her flying back.

Blake watched her. "Yang!"
"Don't worry." Yang smirked. "I got this!"

Pulling herself up, the brawler ran at Tukson and prepared to punch him, but Tukson was swifter.

He delivered several strikes to Yang's face in quick succession, before crossing his arms.

"You're already defeated."
"H-GAH!" Yang's Aura exploded around her, and she slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"NO!" The catgirl yelled, before turning to Tukson, her eyes narrowed with rage. "You..."
"Bring it!" Tukson laughed. "You'll fall-"
"YOU WILL!" Blake lashed out with Gambol Shroud, slashing it into him. Tukson dodged it easily and readied his fist.

"Rising Dragon FIST!" He spun and slammed his fist into Blake's chin, slamming her flat on her back.

The catgirl attempted to get back up, but Tukson then followed up by spinning himself around, using his foot to keep her down.

"So. This is the legendary Blake Belladonna. The so-called rightful inheritor to the throne that Andreas and Azur Arc once held in Spiral Energy. This was easy." He scoffed.

"No..." Blake muttered.

"...you're MISTAKEN!" The catgirl leaped onto her feet and rushed at him, before hurling Gambol Shroud's scabbard at his leg to pin him down.


"Giga..." She spun her weapon over her head, creating a drill shape which formed a green energy drill within.

"No way..." He shook his head. "She's..."
"Drill..." The drill formed itself, attaching itself to Blake's outstretched hand.

"...this is the power they speak of."
"BREAK!" Blake leapt at him, slamming the Spiral Power drill at him and causing an explosion of Aura.

Tukson smiled, slumping to the ground, defeated.

"I...concede defeat, Blake. You...are truly my master in the art of manliness." He sighed and fell unconscious.

Blake sighed, exhaling. "Good."

She herself then slumped, exhausted with the effort fighting so hard, leaving Weiss, Ruby and Glynda on the airship.

Glynda raised her cosplay launcher. "I will win this fight."
"No you won't. We've beaten everything else you've thrown at us." Weiss declared. "We will not surrender!"
"Yeah!" Ruby shouted.

"Stay out of this." The instructor shot a pastry launcher at Ruby, covering her in sticky pies, pinning her to the floor.

"Ruby!" Weiss cried.

Ruby struggled, but shook her head. "It's just you now, Weiss! You can do it!"

Glynda smiled. "At long last...I will finally defeat all the pranksters of Beacon! At long last, my wish has come true.

No longer will I have to deal with your pranks, no longer will I have Cinder steal my underwear and Gretchen plot maniacal schemes.

Now...its the time of no antics!" Glynda laughed insanely.

Weiss rolled her eyes. "You've been using antics the entire time. Seriously, dad was right. You go overboard a lot."

"No, your antics go overboard!" Glynda retorted. "Very well then. Let's end this, right here, right now!"

The instructor unleashed fire with both cosplays and pies, while Weiss generated a glyph underneath her, sliding across it to dodge.

"You can't hope to beat me!" Glynda laughed. "I have fought antics far worse than this!"
'She's right...wait...' Weiss thought carefully.

'She's...she's an older version of me, or so Yang and Cinder, and father, and apparently the stupid author behind this story keeps claiming. And if she is...she has a weakness...

...wait, didn't Ozpin mention that she loved penguins? That's it!'

And thus, Weiss had a plan.

Glynda fired at her, laughing. "I have won! Admit defeat!"
"No!" Weiss shook her head. "I will not!"

Pulling out Myrtenaster and switching it to the white setting, Weiss slammed it into the ground to create a pillar of ice, blocking all the cosplay and pastry shots.

"That ice wall won't hold forever!"

"I don't need it to." The heiress retorted, before carving a small, adorable penguin out of the ice and hurling it at Glynda.

The instructor caught it, examining it.
"What's this, another anti...oh my Dust." She gasped, squeeing, dropping the cosplay-pastry launcher.

"It's adorable..." She sniffed. "...just like Lord Fluffy the Terrible...it's adorable! I shall call you lord Frosty the Terrible and we shall be such good friends and-"

"Boo." Weiss smirked, pointing the hybrid launcher at her.

Glynda facepalmed, exasperated. "Oh I am SUCH an idi-"

She was interrupted as she was dressed in an absurdly skimpy fairy cosplay. Blushing heavily, she whimpered and ran away into the ship, defeated.

Weiss dropped the launcher, kneeling at the ground and looking to the sky.

"Yes...I've won. I've WON!"

Yes, it was true. Weiss Schnee, at long last, after a year of battling antics and idiocy alike, had won.

Above everything she had done, with her team behind her, she had defeated Glynda and saved Beacon's future from being boring.

Indeed, it was a good day, for once. Weiss sighed and laid on the floor, relaxing and enjoying victory, before Beth Lupin, caretaker of Beacon, flew up to the airship on a jetpack, sighing.

"Weiss. You're the only one awake.

You're cleaning this crap up with me. Oh, and classes start early tomorrow. Here's your broom, idiot."


Ah, well.

It was fun while it lasted, was it not, Weiss?

And another typical week in Beacon passed again. There are more stories to tell, and more adventures to speak of- indeed, Weiss' tale did not end there, as all good tales do not.

But that is, perhaps, for another time.

The End

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