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Chapter 7: The Great Game pt 2

Pit ran down the field frantically, football in hand and the All-Stars pursuing close behind. It had been about two hours since the game started. The All-Stars had started with two points and the Smash Bros had zero. The Smash Bros thought that with that start out, they wouldn't do any better. Well, that they were wrong.

As the game played on, they had took a surprising turn and caught up with the rival team. Though the All-Stars still scored points and gave them minor damage, the Smash Bros had begun to score points as well, this had started to give them confidence. So as of now, they had thirty-two points and the opposing team has thirty-three.

Pit continued to run down the field toward the All-Stars' goal. Behind him, Sackboy was gaining in him, but Pit did a swift sidestep and he missed him in an attempt to tackle. Pit chuckled excitedly and continued to run, until Big Daddy body slammed right on top of him. However, the impact caused the football to fly right out of Pit's hands, across the air, and right onto the All-Stars' goal.

"Touchdown!" The announcer shouted and all the Nintendo characters on the bleachers cheered while the Playstation characters were in a stunned silent. On the field, the rest of the All-Stars team just stood and stared in disbelief.

"How in the hell...?" Sly finally managed to ask.

"I gotta admit though, that was a pretty nice shot." Daxter said. The only response he got was Kratos punching him right on the head without breaking his shocked stance. As Big Daddy got up, the Smash Bros gathered around their teammate and helped him up.

"You alright Pit?" Mario asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's only pain." Pit responded as he staggered a little on his feet.

"Now that score was definitely a fluke." Marth said.

"Hell yeah it was!" Mega Man said excitedly. "And it was an awesome one!"

"Alright! This leaves the Smash Bros and the All-Stars tied once more with thirty-three points." The announcer continued. "And with the game nearly over! Only fifteen seconds remain on the clock and the game will draw to a close. Now if one of the teams manages to score just one point, they will be the winner of the Super Smash Bowl!"

At the sound of his words, both the teams went silent then glanced at each other.

"We'll be the ones winning that point!" Ratchet shouted toward them.

"In your little Playstation dreams!" Link shot back. "We're winning!"

"Guys, now's not the time to be insulting each other, save that for the end of the game." Mario said to them. "We need to think if a strategy to get that one point."

"How?" Lucario asked. "Knowing that they would only need one point, the All-Stars will play even more hard against us." They all went silent as they thought it through. Eventually, Mario looked over at Sonic. Suddenly, he remember back to their first day of training and how everyone barely noticed him when he was curled into a ball. Mario smiled brightly as an idea came to him.

"Guys! I got it!" He said. He began to whisper his plan to them and They all smiled as well and nodded. "Alright, let's do this!" Both teams ran back out on the field and lined up and faced each other to start the final play through. Mario gripped the football in his hand and took a deep breath.

"Ready, set, hut!" He threw the ball back to Link and the teams began to move. The hylian dodged a tackle from Sweet Tooth and Sly and ran forward. But soon, Big Daddy and Kratos blocked his path. Quickly, he tossed it over to Mega Man. As the blue bomber ran for it, Clank was heading to it too and both robots crashed right into each other and fell to the ground. Jak ran up and snatched the ball, but Ike had tripped him and Lucario grabbed the ball.

He quickly jumped over Ratchet and Sackboy as they lunged for him and ran down the field. Soon, Sonic caught up with the pokemon and they ran side-by-side, however, both Big Daddy and Kratos tackled right on top of them. As the four lay in a jumbled mess, Kratos felt a ball and snatched it up. He got up and ran to the Smash Bros' goal. Once he reached it, he threw the ball on the ground in victory.

"Thought that was an impressive sprint down the field, no point goes to the All-Stars." The announcer said. Kratos' eyes widen.

"What?" He said in confusion and looked down at the ball, only to see that it was blue instead of brown. Then, Sonic uncurled from his stance and stood up, smirking at the god killer as he stared at him in disbelief.

"What's the matter? Hedgehog surprise ya?" He asked tauntingly. Kratos and the other All-Stars members stared wide eyed and quickly turned around to see the Smash Bros still rushing down the field, following Mario. The plumber held the football tightly in his hands.

"And what a fantastic turn!" The announcer shouted in excitement. "The Smash Bros and tricked the All-Stars into thinking that Sonic was the ball! Now they're running to their victory with the real ball!" All the Nintendo characters on the bleachers cheered loudly in encouragement.

"Yeah, you dunces fell into that one!" Sonic said with a snicker, which Kratos immediately responded with a punch to his face.

"Quick!" We gotta stop them!" Sackboy said in panic.

"How?!" Clank asked. Sackboy quickly started thinking until an idea came to him.

"We'll carry Big Daddy across the field. Once we're close enough, we'll through him at Mario before he scores!" He said. Everyone thought it over then nodded. They all then picked up Big Daddy and began to run down the field as fast as they could. They then managed to come close enough to the Smash Bros, who looked at them in panic.

"Go faster Mario!" Link shouted. The plumber nodded and picked up speed.

Sackboy then narrowed his eyes. "Now!" He and the other All-Stars members used all their strength and threw Big Daddy forward. The Smash Bros members stopped and stared in terror as the big robot flew above them. Soon, Mario looked up and his heart skipped a beat to see it coming towards him. He was about to dodge, but it was too late.

Big Daddy landed right on top of him and the two skid across the ground until they finally stopped in front of the All-Stars goal. The timer then finally reached zero, indicating the end of the game. Everyone was silent. The two teams stared, stunned while the characters on the bleachers watched quietly in astonishment.

Big Daddy then shifted and got up, revealing Mario laying there, looking hurt pretty bad. However, that wasn't the only thing that was revealed. Mario slowly opened his eyes, which grew wide when he saw that his hand held the football right on the All-Stars' goal. Everyone else saw this too and he Nintendo characters erupted in victorious cheers.

"The Smash Bros win! The Smash Bros win!" The announcer exclaimed. Said team began to cheer as well and they all helped Mario up.

"We did! We beat the All-Stars!" Pit shouted happily.

"We did stand a chance!" Mega Man said.

"Yeah, we did." Mario added with a smile. "I told you guys we could do it." As they all celebrated, the All-Stars only stared in disbelief. Noticing this, the Smash Bros turned to face them.

"In your faces!" Ike said tauntingly. They all then began to do a little victory dance.

"We did it! Uh huh! We won! Uh huh! We're bad! Oh yeah!" They sang in unison.

"Now kiss our asses!" Mega Man finally shouted to them. The All-Stars only glared at them and began to stalk off the field. As they did so, the Smash Bros went back to celebrating their victorious win.

(Page Break)

Back in the Nintendo world, everyone was heading back into the Smash Mansion. The team was about to enter until Master Hand floated up to them. "Congratulations to you all." He said. "You have managed to win the Super Smash Bowl. For this, you all will be remembered in football history."

"It was an honor getting to win." Mario said. "Not only did we beat the Playstation All-Stars and win the Super Smash Bowl, but we also brought respect to Nintendo."

"Yeah, and it was also an honor to be able to play as a football team together." Link added and the others nodded in agreement.

"That's good to hear, because this isn't the end!" Master Hand said excitedly. The team looked up at him in confusion.

"Um, what do you mean?" Ike asked.

"Since the football season is over, I decided to sign you guys up for the Video Game FIFA World Cup tournament!" Master Hand said. "Get your soccer skills prepared, we'll be beginning practice first thing tomorrow then we'll head to the Square Enix world where the tournament will take place!"

He turned and began to float away, leaving the team to stand there and process what they just been told. They stood wide eyed and silent. They glanced at each other and began to laugh nervously, which slowly turned into sobs of nervousness. After playing through an entire season of football, enduring in extreme training, and play against a high skilled team and barely managed to win.

Don't they have enough?


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