Natsumi Kagami, or otherwise known as the "messenger", assessed the room of gathered characters. This time, it was from the manga series, Naruto. Natsumi was known for collecting all letters written by characters, more specifically, the complaints of the characters. These letters would be delivered and posted so that all writers of the fandom could see.

The purple-haired woman decided to first give the clipboard and pen to the hyperactive, orange ninja; Uzumaki Naruto. The boy wanted to go first, but that was not because of him wanting to write his thoughts out. No, he hated writing long papers. It had more so do with the promise of Ichikaru's ramen and learning how to create an even bigger rasengan.

Naruto eagerly grabbed the clipboard from Natsumi and began to write.

Dear Fanfiction Authors,

First of all, I am flattered that all of you want to write about me and my awesome journey as to becoming an super strong shinobi. I will be Hokage, believe it! However, while some of your stories were pretty cool, there were some that left me disappointed. Let me start off with saying, I AM NOT INLOVE WITH SASUKE! I know I want to bring him back and I have practically made it a mission, but its because he is my friend! Even if he was a girl, I still wouldn't date him. Nope, No, Nadda, not in a million years! I am straight, you know, I love Sakura-chan, but Hinata-chan is also sounding pretty good these days. She is less violent and scary that Sakura. But really, those are the only girls I can see myself paired with. I hardly know Ino and TenTen. Tsunade is old and that is just gross on so many levels, Shizune is older than me and is like a sister, and I am sure Temari is with Shikamaru. Also, who are all these random girls who happen to be living with me and love ramen as well? Last time I checked, teams can only have three genin. Anyways, I promised Sakura I would bring Sasuke (And kick his sorry butt!) I do not swing that way! Just because we made a good team, does not mean that we had any feelings for each other, I mean sheesh! Can't two guys be friends without being shipped? And since we are the topic, I do not LIKE Shikamaru, Neji, Kiba (don't even get me started on that guy), Rock lee, Gaara, or Kakashi-Sensei! Ew, why would I want to be shipped with my own teacher? That is just sick and illegial. Or even worse when its Itachi or Madara (the only time I would go near that guy is if I get kick his butt back to the dead world) or my OWN DAD. Teme, you guys are gross. I swear, just because I am the main character, I am paired with everyone. Speaking of my dad, why is he always portrayed as being abusive? Last time I checked, he loved me and sacrificed his life for me!

Also speaking of family, who are all these long lost sisters? The point of my childhood and what made it so tragic—thus making the man I am today—was that it was lonely. Having a sibling completely defeats the purpose of that, you know. And another thing, I am not a complete idiot who eats nothing but ramen. Sure, I am not as smart as Shikamaru or even TenTen, but I am not stupid to the point of shouting out random things or doing incredibly illogical things. I can figure things out on my own at times, you know.

Well, that is all that I have to say, and I might stay away from this site for bit, but good luck writing! And for those awesome writers? Keep on doing your thing!

-Naruto Uzumaki (The Next Hokage.)