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Harry Potter, Astra Knight
and the
Omega Time

Chapter One

"Astra!!!! It's for you!" Ruth Knight's voice rang clear through out the house. Astra's grandmother was good at doing that.

Astra jumped and grabbed her phone. "I got it! Transfer it to me!" Her family had the satellite phones that could have multiple phones to one base. She had one in her own room. Avalon had one, although she rarely used it. Astra's mother, Benedikta Knight, had her own, although she never could remember how to use it, and there were two downstairs.


"Hello Astra... how are you?" Draco's voice came from the other end. Astra was startled.

"Yer using a phone? A muggle device?! Isn't yer dad climbing up the walls yet?" Astra smirked.

"Not quite yet, but he is getting close to finding a way to destroy the thing.... I barely figured it out." Draco said.

"How the hell did you get one in yer hou-- nevermind... I don't particularly care at the moment. Yer kinda running up a bill over here so we better start getting to the point. Did you tell yer mother?" Astra said quickly.


"Did she have a heart attack?"

"Not entirely sure.... she gives me this look like I'm a lost soul or something....." Draco said in an amused sort of voice. "This is getting fun...."

"I certainly hope so... Soooo... when do you come over?" Astra smiled. "We got a place for you and everything!"

The phone was silent for a while. Astra was wondering what had happened. "I'll be over this evening."


"I'm not entirely sure....."

"I've got an idea... I will get you over here by floo network... I've done it before and I usually end up doing it somewhere along the way, so don't worry..." Astra said quickly. "Don't worry... I'll help get the soot out of yer clothes."

"That's what worries me...."

"I'm gonna so smack the hell outta you for that!" She growled into the phone. "Well... I think I've run up the bill long enough.... I'm going to ask the US Floo Network execs to let me use one to yer house. Where is it?"

Draco told her where it was and she hung up the phone. She sighed dreamily. Then, she jumped up and started writing the floo network. "Skywise, get yer feathered butt in here!"

Skywise slithered in and turned into a black barn owl. He hooted and flapped up onto her desk. "I need you to take this to the US Ministry department that's in town. Okay? Now make yer presence known and don't leave until they give the correct answer."

Skywise hooted and took the letter. Astra opened her window and let him fly out. She saw him disapparate in mid flight. "I was right...."

That evening, Astra flew through the floo network and found Draco's house. She rolled onto the carpet and coughed. "SOMEbody needs to sweep their chimney more often!" she gasped. She was covered in soot.

She stood up and gasped at the sight around her. She wasn't in a house, she was in a castle! She couldn't believe her eyes. "Draco lives in a castle?"

"Actually, It's more like a small fortress nowadays...."

Astra turned and saw that same smirking figure that drew her in like prey. She smiled warmly and walked over to him. He smiled down at her mischievously. "I see you have been covered." He gazed over her entire body, making Astra blush through the soot. She was wearing blue jean shorts and a purple shirt, but now they were black with soot.

His smile became seductive and he drew her in a hug. "You look nice..." He purred into her ear. His voice sent shivers up her spine. She heard his heart start to beat faster, or was that her own. She smiled dreamily up at him.

"I think we ought to get yer stuff into the floo tunnel before it shuts off." Astra said weakly.

"Draco? Draco.... Where are--"

Astra tried to pull away, but Draco held onto her tightly. "Hello mother... I was just talking to Astra here...."

Narcissa Malfoy grimaced at Astra as if she were a bug to be squashed. Astra's face went to that of determination. She hated being looked down on like a peasant. She pried herself away from Draco and walked up to Mrs. Malfoy. She held out her hand, cheerfully smiling. "Hello, Mrs. Malfoy! I'm Astra Knight! It's nice to meet you."

"Pleasure, I'm sure...." she said smoothly. She turned her disgusted gazed from Astra and smiled at her son. "Draco, dear... I thought you said you would have a ride to America.. Not a soot covered girl...."

"Mrs. Malfoy... I'm taking him to my place via floo network..." Astra said, still trying her best to be as nice as possible.

"Was I talking to you...." Mrs. Malfoy glared at Astra in contempt.

Astra was losing her patience and Draco seemed to notice it. He had grabbed Astra around the waist and pulled her back before she could advance on Mrs. Malfoy with her fists. "Mother... I need to go...."

"Alright, son... but remember to practice your lessons!" Ms. Malfoy called after them as Astra picked up Draco's trunk, grabbed his arm and dove into the fire. He held onto he tightly all the way through until they rolled out together at the other end.

"Okay! Let's get yer trunk up stairs and get you settled in!" Astra said cheerfully. She ran up the stairs to get the spare room ready. Draco walked in just as Astra was opening the closet.

"It's quaint..." Draco said softly. "Where's your room....?"

"Next door... Avalon is next to mine and my mom sleeps in the one at the end of the hall." Astra said. "Bring yer trunk over here...."

"I left it down stairs... I thought your house elf would bring it up here..." Draco said grimacing at her.

"We don't have any house elves, Draco...." She sighed heavily in frustration. "The first thing about being in my house is, doing things on you own. Most people learn this early on, but I see you've been pampered a bit too long..."

"Do you mean that I have to actually lift it myself?" Draco said indignantly.

"Yes.... well... I guess if it's too heavy for you, I can help you..." Astra said with a smile.

Draco pouted and walked back down the stairs with Astra. She put an arm around his waist and hugged him. "Don't worry... you don't have to be alone in the endeavor." She took one end of the trunk and Draco took the other. They hefted his trunk up the stairs and into the spare room.

When they were finished, Astra sat against the trunk and wiped her brow. Draco sighed and sat down beside her. He took her nearest arm and drew it around his waist and leaned her against him. She listened o his heart beat.


Astra was blinded by a flash of bright light. She stared dizzily at the culprit with the offending device. Her sister stood with a smirk against the banister, a camera hung around her neck.

"Avalon......" Astra growled through gritted teeth.

Astra chased Avalon throughout the house. Astra laughed with her as they started wrestling on the carpeted floor downstairs. "HA HA! You idiot!" It was a great ending for a grand day.

The next few days, Astra took Draco shopping at the local muggle mall, to Zilker Park for some extreme frisbee and a walk through the Umlaf Garden. It was fun being with Draco, even through the bickering that would happen out of no where. Of course.... that was part of the fun as well.

On Thursday, Astra got a letter from Harry.


I hope you are having a nice time with Draco, as odd as that is for me to say. I'm having fun with Sirius. We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail yesterday. I had never watched it before now. The Dursleys never really watched anything interesting.

So... I just got a letter from Ron asking if I would like to come over for the rest of the summer. Sirius was at first a little reluctant, but then he said he would meet me at the train station to see me off. Remus said he would see me there as well.

I told him that I would ask you if you, Avalon, Kennedy and Draco would like to come over. He said that it was perfectly fine with his mum. Anyway, Write back soon.


Astra whistled for Skywise and he flapped in through the window. Astra wrote a reply on the back of the letter and tied it to Skywise's leg. He set off through the window and disappeared.

The door to her room opened and Draco appeared there. He pale skin was reddened from the summer sun. "Draco.... I told you that you should wear that special sun block of mine...."

"It's not that...." He huffed and lifted his shirt off. Astra blushed slightly and smiled. "It's Dante's Inferno out there.... how the hell do you stand this!"

"You get used to it. It's only ninety-eight degrees out there, anyway.... wait 'till it reaches a hundred and ten out there.... THAT is the normal temperature for Texas in the summer." Astra said non-chalantly.

"What?! A bleeding hundred and ten! You could broil your feet in temperatures like that!" Draco said in disbelief. Astra grinned.

"Listen.. I've got to go downtown to play at the Arts Festival. You are coming with me. Nevaeh will meet us there as will Kennedy."

Draco gulped. "You mean... out there... in the sun?"

"Yes... out there in the sun.... unfortunately. With a stage that I call the 'Linoleum Hell'. The Blazing Bows will be playing so I have to go." Astra stood up and walked into her closet. It was a walk-in closet, so she disappeared into it practically. She took off her shirt and reached for a red shirt with flames on the front.

She turned to walk out and saw Draco standing at the door. He smirked at her seductively. "You have a beautiful back...." he purred at her.

She blushed furiously as he drew his arms around her. He smiled down at her and pressed his lips to hers gently. She let him deepen the kiss and felt his hands as they carressed her back. Her head felt dizzy when he let up. Her head rested against his neck as she breathed in his scent deeply. He smelled wonderful.

"I need to go get my instrument..." She said as her brain started coming back to her again. She grabbed his arm and pulled him out of her room. "Come along, Lobster Boy!"

Astra put her hair into two braids and grabbed her violin case. When she showed up in the living room, Draco sat on the couch with Avalon and her mother. She smiled and lifted her case. "I'm ready!"

"Good! Let's go everyone!" Benedikta said cheerfully. They piled into the car and drove into downtown Austin.

When they reached the meeting area, Astra ran over and unpacked her case quickly. Her instructor, Mary, smiled pleasantly and hugged Astra. "Come on! I was waiting for the rest to show up. We're gonna start soon!"

Draco showed up behind Astra and stared at her violin. "So you play an instrument, eh?"

Astra blushed pink. "I got it at a retail store. I call it the devil's golden fiddle after the lines in the song 'Devil went Down to Georgia'." She showed him the very blonde wood front and the reddish back that looked like a fire pattern.
"Very nice..."

While playing on the 'Linoleum Hell', which was little more than a linoleum tile duct tapped onto the street, Astra felt like her skin was searing off of her body. She muttered a charm that cooled her off some, and quickly hid her wand in her blouse.

After the show, Astra repacked her violin and took it back to the car. When she walked back, Draco startled her by waiting for her at the gate. She smiled and shook her head at him. "Don't do that!" she playfully slapped him on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

They walked through the fair and saw many painting and metal works. Astra took pictures of herself and Draco with some metal animals made out of spare parts. Nevaeh, Avalon and Kennedy showed up and she took pictures of them with the animals, as well.

The entire day, Astra had fun. Draco was being courteous to Nevaeh and Kennedy, at least that is what it seemed to Astra. She didn't mind him at all. She enjoyed the feel of his body next to hers.

They went home and Nevaeh and Kennedy had dinner with Astra. It was a good day indeed.