Author's Note:

I've gotten a lot of you asking whether I was going to write a continuation of 'Should I Stay'. Many of you want me to show the Doctor and Rose traveling, advancing their relationship and reuniting with Jack. The answer is, no. This story is done. But I do appreciate those who have asked that I write a sequel. It means a lot that you weren't ready for this story to end and wanted more. Also, I've received many messages letting me know that they are unable to post a review. I didn't understand why until it was pointed out to me that it might be because I deleted my Author's Note, informing you why I hadn't updated, to post the final chapter. Don't know if that's true and if it was why that would have any effect on it. In any case, I decided to just post this instead of replying personally to all with the same questions in hopes that you are now able to post a review.

There are a few who weren't happy that I left it where River was still considered the Doctor's wife. It wasn't something I felt could be taken away just because Rose returned. That wouldn't be right. Basically he made the decision to allow things to become romantic between him and River. Sure, in Silence in the Library, it was implied she would be because she knew his true name. But that could've changed. He could've gone about it a different way. It would've been heartless of him to say 'well thanks but now no thanks' just because the woman he loved was back. The Doctor made his bed and now he had to lie in it. But what you have to remember is that River has died. Their story is over and he is now free to move on with Rose. Which my ending implied that that's exactly what would happen.

When I made the decision to post this story, I was unsure of what the response would be like. Never had I thought it would do this well; especially in such a popular fandom. So thank you for that. You all are awesome! I am currently working on a new story; one I hope will do well as this one has.