Hi. I'm here with my contribution's to the Jennifer Lee-approved Icebreaker pairing! The only crossover pairing I support! Enjoy!

Arendale had finally opened the gates for everyone permanently. The new queen, Elsa, had thawed the eternal winter she had created and was at peace with her sister Anna, and Hans was banished from the country forever. There was just one problem. Due to the irrationality of its duke, Elsa had cut off all trade with the country of Weasel Town. They needed a new trade partner.

"We can't just have no trade, Elsa," Anna was telling her sister. "We gotta have international relations!" "I know, I know," Elsa responded. "I'm looking for the right kingdom as we speak." She looked through all the neighboring nations. They all were ruled by tyrants or had nothing to return. Just then, a certain image caught Elsa's eye. It was a place unlike anything she ever imagined: Sugar Rush. Anna looked at the candy coated place in delight. "I just want to stuff the landscape in my face!" She cried. Elsa had to admit, it looked very appealing. "I like it, but I hear it's hard to get to." Fortunately, a friend of the sisters named Mickey had a gift of opening portals AND seemed to know almost everyone. "Call in Mickey," Elsa decreed. "I think we found a trade partner."

In a matter of days, a meeting was set up to discuss trade with the president of Sugar Rush. It helped she knew Mickey as well. Elsa was ready to start. She was a lot more willing to visit others now since she regained control over her powers. She still didn't know what to expect, but whatever she was expecting, this was not it.

"Your Majesty," a guard said. "The president of Sugar Rush and her bodyguard have arrived." Elsa was excited. "Send them in." The door opened, and a little girl, probably about 9 years old, walked in. She had black hair tied in a ponytail with a piece of licorice, and wore a green sweatshirt and brown skirt. Elsa asked her, "Do you know the president of Sugar Rush?" "That would be me, doy!" the girl responded sarcastically. "Name's Vanellope von Schweetz! Are you Queen Elsa?" "Yes…I am," Elsa said with surprise. "Aren't you a little young to be running a constitutional democracy?" Anna piped in. "Yes. Yes I am.
Now where's my bodyguard? Hey big guy, come in here will ya?" Vanellope's bodyguard walked in. He was the biggest man Elsa and Anna had ever seen! He had to be 9 feet tall! Other than that, he had brown spiky hair, enormous hands, and was barefoot. He was wearing a black suit and sunglasses, and he looked kind of uncomfortable. "Vanellope, can I change now? I can't see a thing out of these dumb glasses and this suit is cutting off my air!" the guy huffed. Elsa couldn't help but give out a small laugh at that. Vanellope rolled her eyes. "Alright stinkbrain, if it's buggin' ya that bad." "HALLEJUIAH!" the bodyguard exclaimed taking off his suit revealing another outfit under it: an orange plaid shirt and brown overalls that were missing a strap. "I can see at last! Everything looks awesome and…whoa." He glanced over at the prettiest girl he'd ever seen. Icy blue eyes a dress that matched and platinum hair styled in a French braid. He was smitten. "My name is Wreck-it Ralph, your highness," he said bowing.

To be continued...See ya next time!