Okay, this story turned out a bit more popular than I expected, so here's the next chapter!

Ralph and Vanellope's work in Arendelle was finished. The two said their goodbyes to their new friends and made their way back to the arcade, singing When Can I see You Again as they went. Vanellope was met with praise in Sugar Rush, since trade was set up with the game. Meanwhile, Ralph returned to Fix-it Felix Jr. He was a bit tired from the day, but it was the good kind of tired. He thought of how great a day it had been. He had been part of the forming of what was to be a historic partnership between Sugar Rush and Arendelle. But mostly, he was happy because he met Elsa. He could tell right away by the fact she wasn't scared of him at first there was something special about her. He laughed remembering their time at the party, wishing it had lasted longer. With that, he remembered the arcade was opening, and it was time for him to get to work.

People who played Fix-it Felix Jr. that day couldn't help but notice that the game was a lot easier than usual. Even the Q*Bert themed bonus levels were a tad bit easier. What the gamers didn't know was that it was because the "bad guy" wasn't entirely focused. He was still lost in Arendelle, thinking about its Queen.

After the arcade closed, Felix was hanging with some of his buddies, specifically Sonic, Pac-Man, and Mario. They had just left Tapper's and were on their way to Street Fighter to hang with Ryu. "So Felix," Sonic was saying. "I hear Ralph was a bit off his rocker today during work hours. Any reason why?" "I wish I knew, friend," Felix replied. "He's been acting a little squirrelly since Vanellope took him on a diplomatic mission somewhere." The group stopped in their tracks after hearing a voice they had never heard say "Excuse me." They all turned around, surprised to see a beautiful girl they'd never seen before. "Do you know where Wreck-it Ralph resides?" The heroes all just pointed towards Felix's game, except for Pac-Man, who didn't have arms. "Mama Mia," Mario said as she left. "I think-a I a-know what's-a-up with Ralph."

Ralph was finishing some repairs on Q*Bert's house when he heard the train coming in. "Sounds like Felix is back. That was short," he thought. We went out to see, and boy, was he surprised at what he saw. "E-E-ELSA?" "Hi, Ralph," she greeted. "I love the look of your world. It's very retro." Ralph could feel himself turning red. "Yeah. It's good to see you. What brings you to our, retro world?" "Well," Elsa smirked, blushing. "I remember as you left, you sung asking when you could see me again." She jumped up and hugged him. "Well I thought, how about now?"

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