Disclaimer: This totally wasn't inspired by a certain thread on Spacebattles.

Chapter 1: Uchiha Itachi and the Power of Hatred

"Good morning mother, power of hatred." Itachi greeted Mikoto calmly.

Mikoto blinked. Her older son had always been an odd one, especially since he had been taken under the wing of the Yondaime Hokage's mysterious younger brother, but this was strange, even for him.

"Good morning, Itachi," she responded carefully. "Are you feeling well today?"

"I am fine, mother, power of hatred," Itachi replied, "Naruto-sensei has asked to meet me early today, so I felt I should inform you beforehand, power of hatred."

"Ah, that's nice dear," Mikoto said, trying her best to ignore the various things in the world that were trying to tear her away from her happy place. "Will you need me to prepare a bento for you today?"

"It is fine mother, power of hatred. Naruto-sensei is planning to take us to ramen for lunch, power of hatred."

Mikoto frowned. "Now that won't do at all. You need to get your nutrients if you want to grow up properly."

"Do not worry, mother, power of hatred. I will make sure to balance my diet, power of hatred."

"By the way, Itachi..."

"Yes mother, power of hatred?"

"Are you using 'power of hatred' as a verbal tic?"

"Why yes, mother, power of hatred. Naruto-sensei said that if I wanted to be 'super-awesome' like him, I should try to find a phrase to suit me, power of hatred. He suggested that I use 'Power of hatred', since 'Believe it' was already taken, power of hatred."

Mikoto blinked once, then twice.

"You know what?" she groaned, "I don't even care anymore. Just... go do what Naruto-sensei wants you to do, and Fugaku can sort it out later. I don't know anything about this."

"Very well then, power of hatred." Itachi stood and bowed. "Goodbye mother, power of hatred."

Mikoto just sighed.