Chapter 4: Uchiha Itachi and His Custom Training Outfit

When Itachi walked into the living room, as he always did when he got home, his father was reviewing papers in the middle of the room (as usual) and his mother was cooking (as usual).

A moment after his older son entered, Fugaku looked up from his papers and frowned at him.

"Hm. Itachi, just what are you wearing?"

At that, Mikoto looked up to observe what Fugaku was talking about. When she did, she gasped.

The younger Uchiha was currently clad in a skintight spandex suit of the most garish green color that Mikoto had ever seen. In addition to this, his hair had been formed into a bowl-cut, and his eyebrows…

Oh god! What had they done to her poor baby's eyebrows?

"Itachi!" she quickly moved next to her son. "Who did this you?"

Itachi nodded seriously, and in an idle moment, Mikoto noticed that her son's face was still as serious and composed as always.

"Naruto-sensei had Maito Gai-san get me a set of this training clothing." He responded calmly. "Gai-san told me that wearing these clothes would enhance my 'power of youth', and while I am not certain what this 'power of youth' is, I hypothesized that it had something to do with avoiding premature aging. As such, I concluded that to gain the maximum benefit, I should wear them all day long."

Mikoto felt her eye twitch once, then twice. "And the haircut and eyebrows?"

"Naruto-sensei claimed it would enhance the effect on my 'power of youth' further."

Mikoto's face came crashing down into her palm. When she spoke up, her voice was filled with quiet menace.

"Take it off, now, and don't ever-"

"Wait, Mikoto." Fugaku interrupted, calmly overriding his wife's voice. "I must ask Itachi something first."

The Uchiha Patriarch carefully looked at his son, whose arms had moved protectively to cradle around the suit.

"Hm. Itachi, it seems that you are rather attached to that suit."

Itachi nodded. "Indeed I am, father. Naruto-sensei told me that only a true man would be able to wear this training suit for a whole month straight. I wish to prove myself in his eyes." He said seriously.

Fugaku sent a searching gaze at his son's face before nodding in approval after a few moments.

"Hm. It seems you have reached a man's resolution. I see that there will be no turning you from this path."

Mikoto's jaw dropped open. This couldn't- She wouldn't-

"Fugaku!" She screeched at her utter moron of a husband. "You can't seriously be-"

"Silence, Mikoto!" Fugaku roared. "Our son has reached a man's resolution, and as parents, it is our duty to aid him in the path he has chosen!"

The Uchiha Matriarch's mouth started flopping open and closed like a dying fish's. This- Why- What-

"B-b-but what will the clan think about this?" She asked in one last, desperate, but ultimately futile attempt to change her husband's mind.

Fugaku scratched his chin in thought for a bit before slowly answering. "Hm. Do not worry, and leave the clan to me."


One week later

"Good morning, Mikoto-sama!" The group of young genin greeted her as they jogged past, all of them wearing full-green spandex jumpsuits.

"Mikoto-sama, these annual reports need filing. Could you give them to your husband for me?" Tekka-san said, also wearing the full-green spandex jumpsuit.

"Nice clothes, Mikoto-sama! They suit you well!" A chūnin passing by the clan head's home, also wearing a full-green spandex jumpsuit, commented on Mikoto's own full-green spandex jumpsuit.

"Hm." Fugaku's voice came from inside the house. "It is good to see that Itachi is being made welcome. Perhaps I should introduce these clothes as regulation uniform for the police force…"

Mikoto couldn't help it. She started crying.

What did I do to deserve this?