The music swelled through the rink, and Charlene stood still backstage, concentrating. She and her friends Finn, Maybeck, Willa and Philby were starring in the new Disney On Ice show: A Frozen Heart. Because she was talented in all things athletic, she had been taught a few routines on the ice, while the other Keepers would be toted around in floats and small ice cars. Charlene reached up, checking that her high blonde ponytail was still secure, and she enjoyed the feel of the air that the ice had chilled. She glanced down at her spotless white figure skates, mentally going through her spins and leaps. She heard her cue: Hans (from Disney's Frozen), exclaiming, "Oh, no! It's Elsa...and the Kingdom Keepers?!" The crowd screamed and Charlene stroked forward, performing simple forward crossovers as she slid into the spotlight. She paused there with a wide smile on her face and posed. She heard Elsa twirling behind her, reciting the lines, "C'mon, Charlene! Help me defeat Hans and the Ice Warriors!" Charlene looked around, miming shock as "snowmen" on ice skates grabbed Elsa. The white-haired girl screamed, and Charlene's heart stopped when she caught the actress's eye. She looked genuinely afraid. This was not supposed to have happened! The creatures were not supposed to have gotten Elsa!

Charlene could hear the evil laughter of Hans ringing through the stadium, and she heard him yell, "Take her backstage, boys!" Charlene saw the other Keepers motion anxiously to each other, but they were confined to their floats. It was up to Charlene now. To get over to Hans and the Ice Warriors quickly, Charlene executed two forward crossovers and an inside Mohawk, trying to make it look as though this was part of the performance - she couldn't have the audience worried. She performed the complex waltz jump, and suddenly, she was face-to-face with Hans' intimidating form, his red hair handing over his forehead menacingly. "Come to save the Queen?" he sneered, but Charlene merely pulled out a bobby pin from her hair, causing her bangs to fall into her face, and pushed it into Hans' face as hard as he could. He cried out, momentarily blinded, and Charlene pushed him forcefully across the ice backstage, where Imagineers would hopefully get their hands on him. The audience cheered, sure that this was all part of the show. Now to save Elsa.

Charlene saw the Ice Warriors pumping past a corner in the arena...where they could potentially be trapped. Thinking fast on her feet (or, rather, skates), Charlene spiraled forward as quickly as she could, her back leg held in the air at a perfect ninety-degree angle. She pushed Finn's float towards the corner, and then circled around, pushing Maybeck's float. Because they were on the ice, they were relatively easy to maneuver. She managed to trap the Warriors and Elsa in the corner behind the floats. The Warriors, being clumsy, ran into the floats and collapsed onto each other, moaning. Elsa leaped out of their grips easily and landed on her blades. She took Charlene's hand and together, they performed the concluding segment to the show. "You saved my life," the girl whispered into Charlene's ear as they bowed with a flourish. "It's what we do," Charlene replied, unable the wipe the ecstatic smile off of her face.