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"Welcome to training. As you guys know, you guys will fight to the death in an arena, it's heroes to villains, and one of you will live. But, it is just not about fighting. It is about survival. Half of you will die due to nature, so I suggest you guys learn to make a fire, which berries are safe, what food to eat, how to make a shelter, etc. As always, you guys can choose to practice fighting, techniques, etc. This whole week will be all training, the next week is testing you on what is your chance of survival, and if you are displeased with your scores, you may continue to train during the second week, the third week is getting supporters, so I also suggest you work on your people skills. You may begin your training." Madam Rouge said formerly, before disappearing behind a door, leaving them. Now they were all in one room, but a glass wall separated the heroes from the villains, for safety issues.

Gizmo glared at Cyborg, who flipped him the bird and mouthed' You are on my list.' Gizmo snickered before turning around to do some training. Raven immediately took Melvin's, Timmy's hands and picked up Teether, and led them over to the nature part of training. Raven wasn't worried about combat and fighting right now, after all they had her powers, Bobby was pretty strong, Teether's teeth, and everyone knows Timmy is going to throw a huge tantrum once they were in the arena. But she, nor they didn't know anything about nature, nor how to survive in it.

"Raven, what are we doing?" Melvin asked as she sat down next to a pile of logs. Raven faced them and pointed at the logs.

"We are going to learn how to make a fire." Raven stated.

"How do we make one?"

"That is why we have directions, Melvin. Pay attention, because if...if I'm no longer there to take care of you guys, your brothers will be relying on you and Bobby." Raven said, frowning at Melvin.


"Okay,-" Raven grabbed the piece of paper and read the first direction.

"Okay, first we need Tinder. Tinder is a bone dry, flammable material, like wood. We need really dry wood. Dry wood like Cedar wood, Cottonwood, Juniper, or Willow. Can you find Tinder?" Raven asked the three children.

"THIS IS CEDAR WOOD!" Timmy said, shoving a log into Raven's hands. It was really,really dry.

"Okay, now we need to build a Tinder Nest. Can you find really dry leaves or grass? We already have our Tinder. " Raven said. Melvin nodded and got a handful of leaves and dumped them on the Cedar wood, and Timmy got yellow blades of grass and dumped them on the dry leaves.

"Good. Now we need to cut a v-shaped notch in this firewood then make a deep circle next to it." Raven said, hopefully the kids will decipher it. Teether picked up the firewood and started to chew on it, biting away pieces of wood. He dropped it in front of Raven, and there was the v-shaped notch in it. She smiled. Perfect.

"Good. Now we need to get a spindle. Do you guys know what a spindle is?" Raven asked. The three children shook their heads.

"A spindle is a stick about 2 feet long. Can you find a stick about two feet long?" She asked the children. Timmy grabbed a stick and placed it in Raven's hand and she put the spindle in the into the depression of the fire board.

"Now we need to spin it." She stated to the children before spinning. She spun until she saw some glowing embers within, and she transferred it to the bark, then transferred the bark to the Tinder nest.

"Can you guys blow on it carefully? Don't blow it out." She instructed the children. The children crawled over and blew on it carefully till smoke started to rise, then a small fire emerged from the nest.

"YES!" Melvin shouted with glee before throwing pieces of bark in the fire, making it bigger. They practiced making fire till they eventually got it right without no mistakes before going to learn about food in the arena.

"1. Wild Blueberries. They are 100% safe and you know that they are wild blueberries if they have red branches, wild thorns, and jagged leaves." She copied, writing the information on the piece of paper. Melvin, Timmy and Teether were practicing how to make a fire, making sure they got it just right. Here were Raven's notes:

2. Dandelion- easy to spot with bright yellow buds and you can eat them raw or cook them to take away bitterness.

3. Asparagus- have thinner stalk than in grocery stores. Side effect: Makes pee smell funny.

4. Elderberries- Can grow 10 feet and yield tons of food, usually 7 main leaves on the long stem, leaves have jagged edges. They are white flowers, and usually clustered up like an umbrella.

5. Gooseberries- Branches are gray and have long red thorns, leaves are bright green and have 5 points, look similar to the shape of a maple leaf. flowers are bright red and hang down.

6. Mulberry- two types of leaves- spade shape and one five point. Both have pointed edges.

7. Kudzu- Entire plant is edible and are good for medicinal values. You can eat stem to.

8. DayLily- Daylilys have bright orange flowers and come straight from the ground, their stock/stem has no leaves. you can eat them whole and they have six leaves.

9- ChickWeed- you can eat the leaves raw or boiled- not the small white flowers, high in vitamins and minerals.

10- Mallow is helpful for your immune system. Large green leaves. Seed pods are also edible while they are green and soft.

She continued to write down many edible plants before moving onto the the plants to NOT eat.

1- Wisteria- sweet pea like flowers that are purple, pink and blue that hang on woody vines

2- Manchineel-30 ft. tree- standing under it is even dangerous-stay away - grow near beaches.

3-Aconite- stands two to six feet, blue white or flesh colored flowers bunched together- deadly- just touching it will cause heart problems.

4-White Snakeroot- a shade-loving weed, shrubby plant- stands 18-60 inches, small flowers and grow in clusters, boast leaves serrated around edges, deadly

5- English Yew- Evergreen tree with needlike leaves and red arils, 60-70 feet, every part of tree is poisonous, deadly.

When she was done, she got the three children to study the panel so they know also. Then they had to learn how to build a shelter.

"We need to find a really, tall, pole or something." Raven said, looking at the piece of paper.

"How about that one?" Melvin pointed to the long ridge pole to the right. Raven smiled. Perfect. They continued to follow the directions.

Step 1. Find a ridge pole. Check.

Step 2. Put your ridge pole on a tree or something. Check.

Step 3. Find really long branches and rib them. Check.

Step 4. Layer it with lattice- or brush and twiggy branching. Check.

Step 5. Pile it with debris that will trap air. Samples like grass, leaves, ferns, etc. One they had a good layer of that, They layered it it mud, and more leaves, grass, and ferns till it was about two feet thick. Check.

For the rest of the day they practiced these survival skills till they got it right.