This story is about Vixenkit, a silent kit who has a odd power that only Rushkit knows of. I hope you like it. :)

"Kittypet to scared to talk?" A kit taunted as he stood looking down at a smaller kit. He was a large gray tabby tom kit with gray eyes. Another kit stood at his side, a fluffy white tom with blue eyes who goes by the name of Cloudkit.

Vixenkit stood looking up at him. She just slowly shook her head at the tom's question. Could she talk? Probably but she never has and she did not know if she ever will. Why has she never spoken a word? She never had anything to say aloud, and she would never talk to Graykit and his brother Cloudkit. Not till the right time... A big reason why is because she only trusted Rushkit, and only him.

The two kits where mean bullies and Vixenkit did not care what they thought. Rushkit, Vixenkit's best friend had suggested plently of times to show the two that she can talk but Vixenkit always shook her head 'no'. She would wait for the right time and hope... hope that she really could talk and that all those times they called her 'mute' would not be true.

"Come on Vixenkit, say something." Graykit pressed. "Show your not mute."

Vixenkit just glared at him. She pushed between the two toms who stood looking down at her.

"Wait Vixenkit." Snowkit almoust purred as he stepped back into her way as she headed for anywhere else.

Vixenkit glared up at him as Graykit stood behind her. Go away, she thought to herself. She bit back a growl excapeing from her throat.

"Why in such a hurry?" Snowkit asked in a tone that made him seem curious and clueless. He clearly did know the answer though.

Vixenkit stepped around him and walked quickly, almoust running, to the nursery.

"Kittypet, going to go run back to your mommy?" Graykit called from behind her. "Oh wait. You don't have one!" He snorted. Cloudkit laughed next to him.

Vixenkit flattened her ears to her head and stepped into the nursery. She stopped to glance around. Inside the den was two cats. One was Rushkit, her best and only friend in this terribal clan she called home. The other was a queen called Tallflower, who layed napping, her huge belly sticking out in front of her. She would have her kits vary soon.

"Hey Vixenkit!" Rushkit purred as he looked up from pouncing on a mossball. He was a small kit as well, even for six moons old.

Vixenkit made her way around the nests and over to Rushkit. She nodded in a greeting. Rushkit was a small brown tabby tom with brown eyes. He was like a littermate to Vixenkit, but they clearly weren't. Vixenkit wasn't even clan blood.

Her blood was all kittypet. She ended up in the clan by getting lost only a moon ago in the woods as a kittypet. But now she lived in this terribal clan where she was pushed around and called names everyday.

Why stay in the clan if the life here was so bad? Two reasons. One, because of Rushkit. Rushkit, the cat she could call a littermate and feel at home when she was around. And two, to show those bullies outside that blood means nothing and that she is not worthless. She was just waiting for the right time to speak up and say her thoughts, but untill then why say anything if you have nothing to say to those mean comments?

Vixenkit? You where day dreaming again. A voice broke into her thoughts and banished them immediately. Rushkit. In her head. Not a surprise for Vixenkit.

Vixenkit smiled at the tom who stood in frount of her. He smiled back.

Sorry. I was just... thinking. Vixenkit silently answered him by thinking the words and mentaly throwing them out at him. It was hard to explain but she loved this trick they had learned just a week after meeting each other. Rushkit had figured out a way to get into her mind and speak silently. They kept this secret because no one else in the clan had powers. Right? Also they could only talk to each other like this, no one else.

"I know." Rushkit answered aloud. Why stare at each other and speak in silence if no one was around? Sure Tallflower was there but she was asleep. "Are you ready? It is almoust sun-high." He changed the subject.

Vixenkit knew what he was talking about without him saying it. Rushkit was talking about the ceremony. The ceremony that would make Vixenkit, Rushkit, Graykit, and Snowkit all apprentices on one day. Today. At moon high.

The thought sent a shivver through Vixenkit. Most kits would squeal and hop around and cheer at being made apprentices. But not Vixenkit. Vixenkit stressed at who would be her mentor, or that more reasons to be laughed at will show up in training sessions or patroles.

"Don't worry Vixenkit. You will be fine." Rushkit mewed as if he had read her thoughts. Of course he did not, Vixenkit would have to send it at him for him to hear it. She could always chose to keep to herself.

Vixenkit could not help but purr at her friend. But she was cut off as a yowl sounded.

"All cats old enough to climb the mountain gather around the Tallcave for a clan meeting!" That was Coldstar.

Leader: Coldstar- a fluffy white and gray patched tom with blue eyes. (Mate is Twigtail)

Medicine Cat: Roseheart- a small deep red she-cat with orange eyes. (Apprentice is Twistedpaw)

Deputy: Whitesong- a skinny white she-cat with brown paws and amber eyes. (Mate is Brakenstep)

Warrior: Lilystep- a pale gray she-cat with white paws and blue eyes. (Mate is Rockypelt)

Yelloweyes- a brown she-cat with bright yellow eyes. (Apprentice is Bluepaw)

Rockypelt- a brown and red spotted tom with amber eyes.

Molenose- a sleek furred small brown tom with green eyes. (Mate is Tallflower)

Brakenstep- a brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Jayflight- a skinny gray tabby tom with brown eyes. (Mate is Breezeheart) (Apprentice is Spottedpaw)

Firetail- a bright red tom with yellow patches and orange eyes. (Mate is Antear)

Antear- a gray she-cat with black patches and gray eyes. (Mate is Firetail)

Riverheart- a sleek furred blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Blackheart- a long furred black tom with amber eyes. (Mate is Foxface)

Goldenstripe- a fluffy golden tabby tom with green eyes.

Apprentice: Twistedpaw- a white and gray tom with a twisted paw and brown eyes.

Spottedpaw- a yellow she-cat with leopard spots and yellow eyes.

Bluepaw- a blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Queen: Breezeheart- a light gray she-cat with gray eyes. (Mother of Jayflight's kits)

Twigtail- a light brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes. (Mother of Coldstar's kits)

Tallflower- a long legged brown she-cat with amber eyes. (Expecting Molenose's kits)

Foxface- a red she-cat with white paws, muzzle, and tail tip with yellow eyes. (Expecting Blackheart's kits)

Kit: Vixenkit- a amall sleek black she-cat with amazingly bright green eyes. (No parents)

Graykit- a large light gray tom with gray eyes. (Mother is Breezeheart)

Cloudkit- a fluffy white tom with blue eyes. (Mother is Breezeheart)

Rushkit- a small brown tabby tom with brown eyes. (Mother is Twigtail)

Elder: Scarfur- a black tom with many scars and brown eyes.

Icyheart- a vary old white and gray tabby tom with blue eyes.

Fuzzypelt- a long furred fluffy black she-cat with amber eyes.

Tell me what you think of the story. :)