Umm... sorry for the long break. All I have to say is that I didn't know how to start this. Well, here it is.

Vixenpaw churned her paws and hissed and spit as a Twoleg held her down in a large tub of water and bubbles.

The Twoleg scrubbed her pelt last time, murmuring something that was ment to be soothing. Then it grabbed her scruff and pulled her out or the water and onto the ground.

"Let me go!" Vixenpaw whined as it held her in place with a giant pink paw. What did she do to deserve this? All she did was get onto a counter in search of real foot, and when the Twoleg yelled it scared her. When she got scared she accidentally knocked over something and it had splattered all over her pelt.

"I could have cleaned my own pelt!" Vixenpaw yowled as it covered her in a rough, blue pelt and rubbed her the wrong way. After a minute the Twoleg let go and put a callor on her. It was red with a little -but loud- bell.

Two days ago the Twolegs had gotten collors with bells on them. Vixenpaw had a red one, Rushpaw had a blue one, and Paws had a pink one.

Vixenpaw growled as the Twoleg stepped back and finally opened the door. Vixenpaw jumped up and bolted out of the room, over the Twoleg's weird soft rock, and into another room.

She skidded to a halt in front of Rushpaw and Paws. Lately Rushpaw had been teaching Paws about the ways of the clan, including how to hunt and fight. Paws was vary interested in their way of life.

Rushpaw turned to Vixenpaw, looking relieved. "Your okay!" He exclaimed and rushed forward to touch noses with her.

Yea, I'm fine. Just wet. That stinking Twoleg put me in water and bubbles and wouldn't let me leave. Vixenpaw silently growled.

"Oh, that must have been horibal. Well your okay now." Rushpaw said. Vixenpaw nodded, agreeing.

Paws stood off to the side. "I swear," she shook her head, "you two can talk to each other in your heads."

Vixenpaw and Rushpaw glanced at each other then look back at her.

Should we tell her? Rushpaw asked.

Paws stepped forward and started to groom Vixenpaw's pelt. Vixenpaw alowed her, laying down to make it easier.

No. I don't think anyone should know. Vixenpaw said. She liked this secret. If anyone knew, then it wouldn't be the same.

"Well, one thing is for sure." Paws said, "That bath that you got made you fur really soft."

Vixenpaw sighed and layed her head down on the rough floor. She didn't want soft fur. She wanted to be free.

Vixenpaw glanced over at the window. It was open.

Vixenpaw sighed and looked away. So much for escaping today... Wait! It was open?! She sat up quickly and looked back at it.

"What is it?" Rushpaw asked, confused.

T-The window! Vixenpaw gasped, It-it's open! Vixenpaw scrambled to her paws and ran over. She jumped into the window. It was just open wide enough to wiggle her way through.

Vixenpaw gritted her teeth as she pushed her way through the window, the fur on her back scrapping the top of the window. She used her back legs to push the rest of the way through, then landed clumsily on the ground below.

Come on out! Vixenpaw called. She jumped up onto a fence, smiling as she lifted her head to the sky. Wind blew through her fur and carried the scents of the prey filled forest.

Rushpaw landed awkwardly on thr ground after forcing his way through the window. He turned and called back into the den. "Are you coming Paws?"

Paws's face showed in the window. She looked at both of them. "Umm..." Whe glanced behind her, ears twitching. "I don't know..."

Please come with us! I don't want to be left alone again! Vixenpaw silently pleaded, not letting Rushpaw hear.

"Stay here with your Twolegs, have everything given to you and be safe the rest of your life. Or come with us, with your family and live as a free, wild cat." Rushpaw told her, not trying to make any side sound better then the other, but Vixenpaw knew what she would have chosen.

Paws locked eyes with Vixenpaw for a long moment. She sighed and then jumped up and wiggled through the window, landing on the ground beside Rushpaw.

Vixenpaw grinned and hopped down from the fence.

Should we start at that forest? Vixenpaw asked, nodding towards the forest on the other side of the fence.

"Yea. Good idea." Rushpaw agreed. "It's the best we got." The three of them hopped onto the fence and jumped down on the other side.

Vixenpaw couldn't help but run once her paws touched the uncut grass. The wind in her fur, the scent of leaf mold and prey all around her, the soft ground below...

Vixenpaw ran forward, quickly followed by Rushpaw. Vixenpaw turned and batted playfully like him. All this engery that had been building up ehile staying in that Twoleg next, it felt good to let it all go.

Vixenpaw ducked away as he swiped at her. She pulled on his tail, unbalancing him, then knocked him over. She jumped up and ran back to her sister, who was watching in amusement.

Rushpaw joined them as they padded on through the forest, even catching a few pieces of prey.

"I think we shoule find a place to rest." Rushpaw suggested.

Paws opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted as a cat burst out of the undergrowth and into the open.

"Who are you?" The cat growled at them. It was a brown and red spotted tom with amber eyes... And vary familiar...

Vixenpaw gasped. Rockystep! My mentor!

Rushpaw mudt have recognised him too, because a second later he yowled, "Rockystep!"

Rockystep looked confused at first then realization dawned on him. He rushed forward and touched noses with Vixenpaw, then licked her ear. "I..." He corrected himself, "We, the clan, have missed you both."

Rushpaw snorted. "Like I would ever believe that Graypaw and Cloudpaw would ever miss us."

"Well... Maybe not them." Rockystep coughed awkwardly. "Well, I missed you two. I hardly even recognised you," He went on, "with your collors, perfectly groomed fur, and claws trimmed." For the first time he seemed to notice Paws. "Oh! Who's that?"

Rushpaw glanced at Paws. But Paws stepped forward, "I am Paws, Vixenpaw's littermate. When Vixenpaw and Rushpaw was taken into my home, I was there to help them."

"Your... sister?" Rockystep asked, looking surprised. He turned and glanced between the two littermates.

Vixenpaw had a sleek night black pelt and strong wild cat muscles, and amazing green eyes. Paws was small and gray with white paws and blue eyes. They didn't look the same at all.

"You'll have to tell me all about your journey in camp, come on." Rockystep said. "The clan would love that prey too." He flicked his tail over to the prey the three had caught earlier.

Paws picked up the prey to carry it as they followed Vixenpaw's mentor. Rushpaw asked excitedly, "Is the clan back on their territory?"

"No." Rockystep shook his head. "No, we are not." He frowned and unsheathed his claws. "And because of that, we don't have much herbs or shelter. The clan is slowly dieing and all I can do is sit and watch. We have already lost an elder and young kit. I-I don't want to lose anyone else." He spoke of so much emotion. "I was hunting when I found you all."

For the first time Vixenpaw noticed how skinny he is. Every rib showed and his pelt seemed to cling to him. How long had Vixenpaw been gone? Did every other cat look like this?

Vixenpaw followed her mentor nervously on the way to the camp. She grinned and ran ahead of the group when she saw the camp.

She rushed into the clearing, Rushpaw at her side. All around the clearing cats sat and moved about their day, but they stopped and stared when they saw the group.

"Rushpaw?" A light brown tabby she-cat, with brown eyes gasped, breaking the silence. Vixenpaw recognised her as Rushpaw's mother. "Rushpaw!" She exclaimed and ran over.

She roughly touched noses with him and then licked his ear. Rushpaw ducked away, but still purred.

A thin white and gray patch emerged from a den. His blue eyes where dull, and his normally thick and fluffy pelt was flat and thin and messy like he hasn't washed in days. "What's going..." He trailed off as he saw Rushpaw and Vixenpaw.

"Rushpaw!" His voice was rough, and he looked too weak to walk, but he made his way over to his son. "You've come back!"

Rushpaw nodded, grinning. He turned and glanced at Vixenpaw. "We're home."

I feel like the ending to this chapter could have been better. Oh, by the way this story is NOT over. I repeat, NOT OVER. :)