Three years seemed like five minutes as Lex Luthor walked through his sister's hallway in search of her. Nothing in life was what he'd imagined it would be, and yet every day he was learning to relax and enjoy it more and more.

As he came into her great room, he heard their sighs and soft whimpers before he could escape the sight of Tess topless straddling her husband on the sofa.

"Lex!" she exclaimed, ducking against Oliver's chest as if that would help.

"I'm sorry! Trust me, I am very, very sorry!" he replied, backing up.

She tried to reach for her shirt but Oliver held her where she was. "Well then go back out the way you came in," he told his brother-in-law.

Tess struggled playfully before giggling as she managed to slide Oliver off the couch.

"Hand me my shirt," she whispered through laughter.

"Oh forget it," he said, standing up with her shirt in his hands.

She threw a pillow at his head. "Don't take it with you! Give it to me!"

"You'll get it back when we've finished," he replied unabashedly with both her shirt and the pillow. "Don't take too long with my wife," he requested to Lex as he left them alone.

"Believe me, I'd rather not when you leave her like this!" Lex called after him.

Lex looked at Tess as she ducked behind the sofa cushions.

"How can you stand that guy?"

"I have an addiction to suffering," she replied irreverently. "What do you need?"

"I was just dropping by to tell you that Layla is going to have a cousin in about 7 months."

Tess's eyes widened. "Really?" she whispered happily.

"Yes," he whispered back, kneeling down to her height. "Can we come for dinner and let your ridiculous husband know the news?"

She nodded frantically.

"Could you have clothes on by then?"

"I promise we'll at least have our shirts."

Lex rolled his eyes. "Why do I bother?" he droned, turning to leave.

"Good question!" she called after him.

The End

Ending Notes: Hi folks! I'm so sorry that I ended this without saying thank you to all the readers! Thank you for the reviews and wonderful feedback!

In regards to Chapter 10 and Lois & Clark returning from "the future", to give a little more insight into where they were – imagine the opposite experience of Pandora. Imagine they were given a glimpse of the future but it wasn't a traumatic, apocalyptic version of the future-to-be.

That's all I'm going to give you and the reason for that is so that you can create the rest as you'd like. But that is why when Lois and Clark return they are so happy to see Lex, Oliver, and Tess and so at ease with how everything is.

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