Tigerlily : AT LAST! I HAVE DONE IT! ALL THE SCIENTIFIC MOMBO JOMBO HAS PAID OFF! I GIVE YOU, THE MIRAI TRUNKS CLONE! I know I can't have Mirai Trunks, he belongs to that damn writer-er, I mean, I don't own any of the DBZ characters, and never will. BUT NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT CREATING OUR OWN CLONES! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mirai Trunks Clone : {looking around his surroundings in confusion} Where I am?

Tigerlily :{smiles in happiness as she drools over the lavender haired ½ Saiyan prince} You're in what I like to call "Tigerlily's Den of Fanfiction." You're my very one DBZ clone! And the best one at that! Who needs a plushie when you can have the living thing?! Sort of.

Mirai Clone : {looks at me curiously} And you are?

Tigerlily : The name is Tigerlily, Mirai, and I created you! I wonder if that makes me a god or something? And she said "let there be Trunks!" Heh heh heh! *Anyway*, this is an idea I came up with not too long ago. It's too complicated to get into now, so I'll just start the story, ok?

Mirai Clone : Um.Tigerlily, right? Who are you talking to?

Tigerlily : {gesturing towards the readers} My loyal fans, of course! They're here to read my genius works of writing, or as everyone else calls them, my fanfiction.

Mirai Trunks Clone : Oh. I think I get it. Hey, got anything to eat around here? {starts looking around him with a curious expression on his cute face}

Tigerlily :Saiyans! Yeah, yeah, hold on a minute! Sheesh! Mirai, you can eat just as soon as I finish this intro, ok?

Mirai Clone : Ok...sounds fair..um...Lily? Can I call you Lily? Are you finished yet?

Tigerlily : {shakes her head sadly} Why are all the cute ones so hopeless? Yes Mirai, I'm finished. You can go- *Tigerlily sweatdrops as the Mirai Clone suddenly vanishes*

Tigerlily : .get something to eat. Hmm. Should have seen that coming..Anyway, folks, here you go! Enjoy! Hopefully I'll be able to locate my beloved Mirai by the time you're finished.


The Dare : Chapter One- "The Dare" The Dare

"No I'm not, Erasa!" Videl cried as she narrowed her eyes at the blonde girl.

"Yes you are, Videl, admit it. You're uptight." Sharpner said. Videl glared at him dangerously, her steel blue eyes locked onto his, and she practically growled at him in answer.

"I am *not* uptight!" Videl cried again.

"He has a point, Videl. You're so hostile to everyone else we know, even poor Gohan. And he never did anything to you!" Erasa said. Videl frowned at the mention of the mysterious new boy.

"He's hiding something from me, I just know it! That's reason enough." Videl said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Come on Videl. You can't despise someone because he has a secret. Everyone has their little secrets, Videl; even you I'd bet." Sharpner said. Videl glared at him again.

"He's not normal! There's something strange about him! And *I* intend to find out what it is!" Videl declared.

"Why are you so obsessed with the guy? He's a book-worm, end of story. What could he *possibly* hiding that's worth caring about? Oh no, he got a *B* on a math test in his old school so he had to transfer here! Alert the presses! Maybe *that's* the big secret you're looking for, Videl." Sharpner said with a laugh.

"Come off it, Sharpner! You're just jealous because he's smarter than you! And besides, I'm not obsessed with him, I just want to know what he's hiding, that's all! Come on, you mean to tell me the two of you aren't in the least bit curious?" Videl asked.

"Well." Erasa began, her cheeks turning pink.

"See? You want to know too! I knew it!" Videl said as Erasa blushed even more.

"I just wanted to know if he might have had a girlfriend. I don't know what *you're* talking about." Erasa said. Videl sighed in defeat.

"Erasa, do you ever think about anything other than Gohan?" Videl asked.

"I can't help it, Videl! He's such a cutie! And he's nothing like the boys in our school either!" Erasa said.

"What are you talking about?" Videl asked.

"He's such a gentleman, and he's sweet, and he's so polite, and he's- " Erasa began.

"A dork." Videl interrupted as Erasa frowned at her.

"What have you got against him anyway, huh?" Erasa asked.

"Nothing. I just know he's hiding something. That's all." Videl said.

"Hmph. *I* still think you're uptight." Sharpner added. Videl glared at him again.

"I am NOT!" Videl cried.

"Ok, prove it." Sharpner said. Videl blinked in surprise.

"What?" Videl asked.

"Sharpner's right. Prove it. The next time you see Gohan, walk right up to him and kiss him. We dare you to." Erasa said. Videl looked at her friends like they were crazy.

"What?! I don't think so! What the hell makes you think I'd do something like that just to prove some stupid point?!" Videl cried in disgust.

Sharpner smirked to himself as he prepared to use his triumph card. The one thing he knew that was Videl's one and maybe only weakness..her pride.

"Well, if the daughter of Hercule is afraid." Sharpner began. Videl growled at him, as she glared daggers at him.

"*What* did you just say?!" Videl cried venomously.

"He said-" Erasa began.

"Nevermind! I heard what he said! I hope you're ready to *eat* those words, Sharpner!" Videl said dangerously as she and the others noticed Gohan walk out of the school.

Ah man! I was hoping she'd have left already. Gohan thought to himself the moment he stepped outside and recognized Videl's ki signature.

Gohan had purposely stayed after class, waiting until he was thought Videl might have left to go home. He really didn't want to cross her path again this week. She really was out to get him lately, and he actually might not have minded the attention if it wasn't just for her to find out his secrets.

Now where the hell did *that* come from?! Gohan asked himself in shock.

Damn Saiyan blood! As if things weren't bad enough! Now my stupid Saiyan side decides to start acting up! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Why did I have to be born half-alien anyway?! Gohan thought to himself. He sighed as he felt Videl's ki head his way.

Man, what did I do now? The way she's stomping over here you'd think my tail grew back or something, and she wanted an explanation! Gohan thought, as he took a deep breath, and looked up from his books in his arms, pretending to just notice Videl storming up to him.

"Oh, um.hi, Videl.is something wrong?" Gohan asked as Videl stomped up to him, and did something he was completely unprepared for.

Before Gohan could move, or utter a sound, Videl grabbed the front of his shirt, and pulled the shell-shocked teenager towards her face, and kissed him.

Gohan blinked in surprise as Videl suddenly released him, then without a word to Gohan, turned and stormed back towards where Erasa and Sharpner were standing, both teenagers' mouths open in disbelief.

Um..ok..what the hell was *that* all about?! Gohan asked himself in complete shock.

He was so stunned, he couldn't move a muscle as Videl stomped past Erasa and Sharpner, growled something at them, before continuing past the two. And for once that day, Gohan was actually glad he was half-alien, as his super sensitive Saiyan hearing had caught what Videl had growled at the two dazed teens.

Why the hell would she say that? 'Happy now'? What the hell is *that* supposed to mean anyhow?! Gohan asked himself as he watched the still stunned Erasa and Sharpner turn and follow Videl away from the school.

For a moment, Gohan pondered just what the hell he should do next. Go home? Pretend like nothing had happened? Follow her, and find out what that was all about?

In the end, Gohan decided that standing still wasn't going to help in any scenario, so he headed towards the back of the school building to transform so he could fly home. Besides, it would give him time to think.

"Wow! Videl..I...I can't believe you actually did it!" Erasa cried as she and Sharpner followed Videl.

"I told you I wasn't uptight." Videl said.

"Oh Videl, you're still uptight. At least now we know you're still human." Sharpner said with a grin.

Videl stopped dead in her tracks, and spun around, coming face to face with Sharpner, glaring furiously at him.

"You mean to tell me I did that for no damn reason! And you *still* think I'm uptight?!" Videl cried. Sharpner gulped.

"So tell me, Videl. Is Gohan a good kisser?" Erasa asked.

Videl looked at the blonde girl in shock as a slight blush crept across her face, then without another word to either of them, de-capsulized her jet-copter, and jumped inside. In less than ten seconds she was airborne, and took off towards Satan City.

"That went well." Sharpner said sarcastically. Erasa elbowed him as she smiled as she watched Videl's jet-copter disappear from view.

"Actually it did, Sharpner. I'd say the mission was a success." Erasa said with a laugh as Sharpner looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

"You really think it'll work?" Sharpner asked as Erasa nodded.

"Of course. She didn't exactly answer my question, did she? And did you notice how quickly she took off? And that blush? I'd say that went exactly as planned. Now it's up to the two of them. You'll see. They'll make the cutest couple. They just needed a push in the right direction." Erasa said, a smile on her lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~