Ok, same old same old. I don't own the charas of DBZ. And this hopefully will be the second to last chapter. Introducing the strongest and most dedicated fighter in the world....Gotren lol.

Chapter 34: Gotren

The light died down gradually, the occupants of the room waiting before slowly lowering their hands from over their eyes. Goku smiled in pride as Vegeta smirked at the new player.

Where two teenage demi saiyans had once stood, now there was one. He was dressed in the same vest and pants Gogeta was known to wear. He had Gohan's spikey hair style, with lavandar tips, and a spike of lavandar down the front of his face, between his blue black eyes.

"Cell....your time had ended." The fusion said coldly, a blue swirl of ki picking up around his new body.

"What...the hell?! Who the hell are you?!" Cell cried furiously, powering up immediately.

"I am Gotren...the means to an end...your end."

Cell didn't even have time to react as the fusion sped towards him in a blur of incredible speed, knocking the very wind out of the android as he connected a solid punch into his gut.

"Kakarrot...that..." Vegeta stated, staring in awe as Gotren set loose on Cell, kicks and punches moving so fast even he, the Prince of all Saiyans couldn't keep track. As Gotren advanced forward, pushing Cell further and further back with each new attack, Vegeta couldn't help but stare.

"I told you." Goku said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"This is not the time Kakarrot. He hasn't beaten him yet baka." Vegeta growled.

"Are you sure about that? The moment those two successfully completed their fusion, Cell was as good as dead." Goku said.

"How can you be so confident?" Vegeta asked.

"Gohan was the one that killed Cell originally. Don't you get it? Haven't you figured out why yet? Goten and Trunks, super saiyans at their age. It all makes sense. Vegeta, it's because their half and half."


"Somehow, only being half saiyan has made them the most powerful fighters we've ever come across. You know it as well as I do. And Gotren is proof of it. Don't you get it?" Goku asked, looking over at Vegeta. Vegeta was silent for several moments as he kept his eyes on the fusion.

"You had better not be wrong about this Kakarrot."

"Holy sh-" Trunks exclaimed, his eyes wide.

"Who is that?" Pan asked, narrowing her eyes. "And where is Daddy and Senshi?"

"Don't you get it? THAT is Gohan and Mirai." Trunks said as Pan stared in confusion ahead.

"No it's not...is it?"

"It looks like Gohan...but it looks like Mirai too....they smushed together Trunks?"Goten asked as Trunks rolled his eyes.

"Dummy. They didn't smush or whatever. But it's obvious...they're one person now. This is awesome. Can you feel that power? It's amazing!" Trunks cried.

"Glad you think so Trunks." Goku's voice said from behind the eight year old.

Trunks froze, his body going rigid just as he was hefted off his feet by the back of his pants, staring into the highly irrated face of his father.

"What the hell have you been up to brat? YOU were the one that brought this freak back? So help me...if we survive...I'm gonna kill you!" Vegeta growled as Trunks visibly gulped.

"Daddy? What's going on?" Goten asked, tugging on his father's orange pants. Goku looked forward, his obsidian eyes narrowed on the fight between Gotren and Cell.

"Hopefully Cell's final battle...once and for all." Goku said.

Meanwhile, Gotren was barely breaking a sweat. Cell was using ever reserve of power he had, putting it all into his speed, and strength of each and every kick and punch, but it wasn't enough. This opponent was too good. As much as Cell hated to admit it. And he was quickly growing desperate.

Gotren smirked as he grabbed ahold of Cell's ankle, raising an eyebrow as the Android's attempt to kick him. With a smirk, he lifted the android into the air, heaving him by his ankle around his head before sending him flying into the closest wall.

"Having fun yet Cell?" Gotren asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

The android growled as he shakedly rose to his feet, his pride being the only think keeping him going at this point. He had to do something fast. This was not like the last time. Gohan had let his cockiness go to his head, and seven years ago Cell was able to use that to his advantage. He knew better now. This opponent was more centered, more determined. He wouldn't hold off anything, even for entertainment.

"Brat. This is far from over." Cell stated.

"I think you're wrong. You're done...finished. You're old news Cell. And it's time I was rid of you." Gotren said, raising his hand, aiming his flat palm upon Cell. Gold erupted around his form, his blue ki changing over to gold as his eyes flickered turquoise, his hair changing back and forth to gold and back. His lips curled into a smirk as he looked at Cell.

"Go to hell.....and stay there..." And then there was nothingness as he sent forth his ki blast, the golden white light engulfing Cell completely.