A/N: Yeah, I told myself I wasn't going to do this, but here I am. And, I'm also behind, hoping to catch up tomorrow. So have a cheesy spur of the moment cuddle story. This so probably sucks, I apologize in advance. Used Spell Checker Plus to check my awful grammar.

Anna hadn't seen Elsa all day and the princess started to get worried. "Why is it so cold in the library, today?" Anna asked herself, as she passed the room. She finally figured out that she must have taken residents in library for ice was encasing the doors. She also decided to take it upon herself and investigate the situation. A few moments later she stood at the doors once again only this time dressed like she was going to take a hike up the Northern Mountain. Making sure she was bundled up, to shield herself from the frigid unknown. Anna did a quick check list. "Hat, scarf, gloves, cloak, shirt I stole from Kristoff, ill fitting pants I also stole, and boots." Taking one last look down at her body Anna nodded satisfied, "Yep! Everything is here! Time to make sure Elsa is okay!"

Grabbing onto the knob the door did not budge. Undeterred Anna ran outside to find the window frosted over as well. Gods, Elsa must be really upset, but about what? Picking up a rock the princess tossed it shattering both the ice and the window. At least it is not too thick . . . yet. Slipping into the entrance she created, Anna was hit by a blast of freezing wind first. The force was so strong that it knocked the girl into a bookshelf. Digging herself out Anna ventured forward, wondering if her sister was okay. The ice practically sliced through her cloak the further she walked. Her footprints went from light steps to knee deep in a matter of inches. Anna tried to call for her sister, but all words were drowned out by the howling wind. The snow had reached her waist, forcing Anna to dig her way out, and the trail she had created behind her covered instantly.

She knew was getting closer as she gazed up the snowy, wind vortex surrounding the front desk. "Elsa," she called.


The scene was all too familiar to Anna. It reminded her of the moment where Elsa struck her heart. Shaking off the dread, Anna pushed on determined to find out why her dear sister was freezing the room. Every step forward Anna took, she was forced two back. Yet, she refused to give up thirteen years of isolation she kept her heart full of hope that one day Elsa would open door. Even after everything the pair went through Anna promised herself she would never allow Elsa to ever shut her out again. Reaching the middle of her swirling snow storm Anna outstretched her hand and tapped the blond's shoulder.

Ignored, Anna jumped grabbing the chair and wrapping her arms Elsa around her shoulders hugging her as tightly as she could. "Elsa, snap out of it," she cried shaking the queen.

Elsa glanced up to see her sister, and felt her nuzzling her neck. "Anna?" she asked, perplexed "What is your problem?"

Smiling against her cold neck Anna rolled her eyes, is this really this oblivious?

"You kind of set off an eternal winter in the library," the redhead gestured.

Elsa's eyes widen in shock, and blushed, "Oh, dear it would seem that I had. I got caught up in enticing, yet angst filled story, and-" Finally getting a good look at not only the room, and her snow covered sister as well, she added, "I guess my ice powers seemed to have acted upon my emotions." With a wave of her hand the snow melted and the wind died. "Sorry, I had no idea."

Anna tried not to laugh, but knowing that her sister got all worked over some book made it even funnier to the girl. "Elsa you are such a dork some times."

"But I am your dork, right?"

Anna answered by climbing into her sister's lap, and wrapping her arms around her neck. "Yes, you're my dork, and I love you." Elsa reached out for the book only to have her hand smacked. "You can read, later, right now I just spend time with you. Now that I know you're safe."

Wrapping her arms around the younger girl Elsa asked slightly worried, "Are you not cold, snowflake? For you know I'm not the-"

"No, I'm fine, but you're really cold." Cuddling closer into her sister's body Anna let out a small sigh, "But, I have enough heat for us to share."

Rolling eyes at Anna, she happened to catch a whiff of her bundled attire, "Why do you smell like Sven?" Her question went unanswered as she discovered Anna was fast asleep in her lap. Elsa gently kissed her sister's hair loving the fact that she cared so much to venture in her accidental snow storm. "Sleep well, snowflake."

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