Oliver sat at the Weasly's picnic table laughing at one of Ron's jokes. A brown, curly headed girl walks up behind them. "Hey Hermione!" Ron calls to her. "Hello Ron," she responds. Oliver turns around to see who it is and drops his wand. Hermione looked well, pretty. Her normally weird hair was now curly and cute. Her eyes shining green and a heart-melting smile. Ron walks to her and puts his arm around her shoulder. "Everyone, may I introduce Hermione Granger." Fred hollers. Oliver's mouth became a small smile. Hermione sees Oliver and her eyes flicker. Ron pulls Hermione closer. She was a sweet 19-year-old. She smiles her cute smile. Oliver sees her smiling and practically falls off the bench. "I'm uh going to get some punch!" He says and runs off. He whisked off to the punch table. A band started to play. Ron took Hermione's hand. (**Hermione and Ron are NOT dating**) "Ron, I'm going to get a drink first," she says, wanting to meet Oliver. Ron nods as she runs off to Oliver. "Hello," she says to him. He turns around quickly. "Hello," he says back. She smiles at him. "I'm Hermione," she says. "Oliver," he responds. She nods. "I've heard about you. Famous quidditch player and all," she says. She looks over at Ron. "Well I guess I'll see ya around?" "Yea," he responds. She smiles and walks back to Ron.

The next day Oliver walks into the Cannon's changing room. The guys are talking about the new seeker, a girl. "Dude I saw her and she is SEXY!" Brian says. "Really?" Oliver asks. "Yea she's in the office waiting for you," he says. Oliver stands up and runs to the office to find.. "Hello Oliver!" her voice said. He gaped. It was Hermione.