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Hurry, time is running out!" screamed Vorr. Aria and Nost were quickly following, their gilded white robes making it slightly harder to run. The white marble hallway whizzed by them as they ran, aided by Aria's spell of haste. They came upon silvery double doors.

Vorr spoke the command word, but the doors did not budge. He spoke the word again but still it refused to move. Let me" said Nost. He stepped forward and spoke a dire spell. Green fire shot from his hands and the doors melted, the silvery metal sagging rapidly. Spells left the three mages lips and they floated into the room. In the circular chamber, the only illumination came from a glowing, 20 foot tall diamond.

They quickly approached it while Aria muttered a spell. They are in the castle, it seems Gorrukin failed us" there was a bitter undertone to that. Nost spat, "the yugoloth is a mercenary, they all are. A losing battle is not something that a mercenary fights for" Vorr shook his head, "It doesn't matter now, perhaps it never will. The only thing remaining is the utter destruction of the Blood Kings and the survival of our remaining brethren" Aria and Nost nodded.

As Vorr looked onto the softly glowing diamond, he wondered where it had all gone wrong. He, Aria and Nost had been lords of the great Empire of Hyboria, an empire built on the backs of slaves and through the might of their wizardry. Theirs had been a great empire, with armies that came from the grave and the planes of damnation. They had been mighty but too blind in their arrogance to see what had festered in the heart of their rule.

In order to better gain a sapient workforce, they conquered other budding realms on the backs of magical creatures. Though their armies of demons, devils and undead were useful, they had also enslaved other magical creatures like giants and dragons to fight for them, as well as to serve as slave labour and coursing beasts.

That had been the final straw of sorts, for the dragons and their ilk had begun breeding in secret, sorcerers, spellcasters who could perform magic without needing training or years of study. And so a secret war of magic began, which then became a full-fledged war and now finally for the empire of Hyboria, a calamitous rout.

In hindsight however, the rot had already set in many centuries ago, with many arcanists leaving the empire for other worlds and planes, their study of magic pushing them onwards for their advancement in the magical arts. As some were killed and more left, the sorcerers now known as the Blood Kings had already won. They just did not know it, and Vorr intended that their last act be to bring as many of them to the Hells along with his empire.

Lets begin" Vorr said and they quickly arranged themselves. Uttering in unison, they began their final spell on the diamond, the Last Resort. There had been many Last Resort's in their empire. It was a fail-safe, meant to annihilate the surrounding area and everyone in it, a threat which the Blood Kings did not think the arcanists of Hyboria would actually act on, to their dismay.

Now the spell almost reached completion, the diamond glowing brighter and brighter, the magical potential ready to explode and bring the Castle of Spells and all those within it to ruin. As their chant neared completion, their bodies became opaque, almost translucent. They were being shifted into their magical safehold, along with a dozen of their fellow arcanists who elected to stay behind for the sake of empire. They had been placed in the stronghold, in magical stasis along with much of their empire's wealth in magic, and as they completely ghosted away, Vorr final thoughts were that he wished he could see the faces of those bloody sorcerers one last time.


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