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Chapter 4

1 Year Later

The man's soft moaning was deplorable, thought One. This fool should have lasted a lot longer than the rest, but the blood-sport was entertaining for a while at least. The man in question was a middle-aged fellow, very bland looking, naked and spread eagled on the mossy ground of the Forbidden Forest, the ridiculous woods that was supposedly "dangerous", but to One-still in his human guise- nothing more than an exaggerated hype. One gazed at the fool, kidnapped from some land far away, a wizard nobody that would not be missed. The man's flesh was untouched, unmarred but his mind, the very substance of his soul was so heavily scarred, he would be better off dead.

The man's eyes were moving slowly, looking anywhere except directly at One. The archwizard chuckled, a horrid sound of insect-like clicks. One waved a human-seeming hand and the man burned. The man thrashed against invisible bonds as strong as steel and screamed wildly, but in a few moments he was dead. One already had turned and stalked away, a brooding figure, now patiently waiting. It could feel the tension in the air, the calm before the storm and now the final battle was coming. Voldemort and the boy, some child named Potter or some-such, were going head to head and this castle Hogwarts would be it.

As if thinking of them had activated some effect, a silvery-white dome began forming in the sky, One gazing intently at it. It seemed to be forming a large protective hemisphere. One teleported into the school grounds, already wrapped in spells of subterfuge and protection. One would need its wits about it for the final battle, and he would make them all pay.

For just what exactly, One did not care and perhaps never would.


One stalked through the castle, virtually undetectable even as in was crumbling around it, the 'spell duels' if they even could be called as such, destroying their own home. One picked a few off, but only when it was sure it would not be seen, a bolt of lightning here, a fireball there, the odd necromancy that sucked the liquid right out of their screaming bodies. One was indiscriminate in its slaughter, Death Eater, Hogwarts student, it really did not matter. The nuclear weapons had already been activated, and it would only be a little while more, scantly less than an hour or two before this world was purged.

Then the sorcerers seem to stop. A psychic voice seem to speak to them, from One's mind probing. It seemed that Voldemort wanted to meet with the boy. If so, One could take down this entire charade of a school and the key players would be exterminated in one fell swoop. One mentally reviewed its spell repertoire. The spell would have to be timed just right.


"Avada Kedavra!", cried out Voldemort. Then excruciating pain. Time seemed to last forever and Voldemort imagined he heard screaming, felt blood on his face, and the thunderous crash of, what he could only equate to, a mountain collapsing. When Voldemort opened his eyes, a horror filled his vision. Something red, almost blood slicked, the creature had a hook on top of its head. The creature gazed at him, and Voldemort perceived that it was leering at him. Voldemort attempted to kill the creature but could not move an inch. Somehow he was paralyzed. Then he was lifted up and Voldemort met the gaze of Potter, held up by a monstrous creature, with a snarling head like a wolf, but with four arms, the foremost ending in giant pincers like a crab. The creature seem to be also leering only it was at Potter. Potter seemed just as frozen as him.

"Well, aren't we all having a jolly good time", a voice spoke in his head and Voldemort inwardly cursed. It was the abomination. One appeared in human looking guise and stretched languidly, like a cat content, after eating a meal. "Hogwarts is no more, good sirs and try not to weep, it annoys me."

Voldemort felt control in his limbs again, and as he watched, Potter regained the use of his limbs as well. There was a puff of displaced air even as the same pincer armed creature was holding him as well, pivoted to allow Voldemort a ghastly sight. Hogwarts, the school which had launched his study into magic was no more, a pile of rubble, mountainous in size. Potter gazed at the destruction as well and seem speechless. "Do not worry yourselves gentlemen, all are dead, I made sure of that." And there was a chuckle, malicious and full of hate. For the first time in a long time, Voldemort felt sick to his core. He had never wanted the destruction of Hogwarts or the death of so many pure bloods.

With Hogwarts intact, he could educate the next generation of pure bloods, so that he could see the subjugation of the Muggles come to pass. But now those dreams were in ruins, just like Hogwarts. Anger came, rushing like a river but Voldemort controlled himself. He could move but the creature pinned his arms and he was not even sure he had the Elder wand. One could have removed it from him and kept it on its disgusting person. Potter seemed no better and looked utterly broken. Voldemort almost felt pity and a sort of kinship, almost.

One seemed to speak but the words were unlike anything Voldemort had ever heard before, alien syllables that grated and seemed to strain against the ears, as if it was not meant to exist and was actively trying, if only to be heard.

A wind seem to blow around One, and the abomination seem to fade. "This is the end you know, look, just beyond the horizon" One pointed and the creature moved to accommodate Voldemort. The sun was rising, no wait that was no sun. It looked to be fire and there some distance another one. The force of the explosion shook trees from their roots and the force hit him. The creature held its ground and stood against the gale, Voldemort screaming in its grasp. Potter was also screaming by the sound of it. "I wanted you to see it, good sirs, an end of your world. I had hope that you would appreciate such an effort and on some level I am sure you do, but then again maybe not. Farewell, we shall not meet again" There was finality to that word and One disappeared, even as the fires of the nuclear warheads scoured the world.

Just before Voldemort died, he wondered if he would live since he still felt Nagini but the thought was never finished.


One flied through the shadowy sky, majestic and malefic in his shadow dragon form. The creatures below, in the ruins that were his, cowered and prayed to him even as the living dead capered and danced through the dark streets. One felt contentment and continued his flying, dreaming of days long past and time well spent.


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