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TMNT/Gargoyles Season Two Avalon and Beyond Episode One: Ripples in the Sea of Time



The Port of Yokohama Japan late June 1970

"This ship and all who sail in her are doomed" jabbered the old shabbily clothed seaman who sat on a stool in front of the rusty freighter Hamato Yoshi was about to board. The Old Seaman clasped his dirty, sun browned hand firmly around Hamato Yoshi's wrist as Yoshi attempted to bypass him.

"The three fold man. He who should be not yet is" the Old Seaman babbled on, looking Hamato Yoshi straight in the eyes. "He sees you. The darkness is coming, his darkness. We may think we can but we can never outrun the darkness."

"Leave him be yer old fool! He has booked passage on this vessel. I der not want ya bothering my people! How many times must I tell ya that old foold!?" bellowed a bald, heavyset Japanese Seaman with multiple tattoos adorning each arm. The Heavyset Seaman easily extracted Hamato Yoshi from the grip of the strange out man, whose only response was to issue forth an insane cackle.

On aboard the freighter Hamato Yoshi asked the Bald Seaman if there were any other passengers on the vessel. "Only one other" laughed the Bald Seaman, pointing at a brown haired man in a dark blue pinstriped suit who was currently leaning over the far railing. "An American businessman named Quintone somethin' or other. What do yer except this is a freighter after all." The Bald Seaman then left Hamato Yoshi to his own devices as the freighter was soon leaving and he, like all hands, was needed.

Once the freight had put to sea Hamato Yoshi settled in below deck as best he could given the cramped nature of the 'accommodations'. True traveling by freight wasn't the most glamorous way to reach his brother in Okinawa however it certainly was the cheapest. All of Hamato Yosh''s earnings, along with most of his personal possessions, had been confiscated earlier than month when he was unceremoniously thrown out of the Foot Clan. It still filled his heart with sadness that the organization he had devoted his entire adult life too had turned against him so quickly and easily after Oroku Saki had framed him for the attempted assignation of the visiting grand master. He found the dishonor of it all was the most distressing part. How would he ever live it down? Could he ever prove his innocence?

The voyage to Okinawa would take about a week by freighter. The voyage had gone smoothly for the first two days. On the third day disaster struck as the freighter ran smack dab into a freak typhoon. In a matter of hours the freight was at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and Hamato Yoshi was riding the angry, storm swept seas in a small life boat his only companion was the American business man Mr. Quintone. The seas got rougher and rougher. Hamato Yoshi feared this was the end. A series of huge waves overtopped the small life raft spilling Hamato Yoshi and Mr. Quintone into the angry sea. Everything went black for Hamato Yoshi as yet another monstrous wave fell upon him. Just before he lost consciousness he thought he could faintly hear the American businessman chanting something, was that Latin?

The next thing Hamato Yoshi remembered he was in a warm, dry bed. The bed was in a spacious room made entirely of stone. Hamato Yoshi could tell it was daytime because he saw the bright sunlight streaming in through a nearby window the moment he got up. Wondering around the room he became increasingly confused. Where was he? The last thing he remembered he was about to drown at sea. Yet here he was in this pleasant place alive. How was this possible was this the afterlife?

"Good your up" said an older woman entering the room from a nearby doorway. "We were beginning to fear you might never awaken."

"Excuse me miss" said Hamato Yoshi, in somewhat stilled English. "I am Hamato Yoshi. I do not recall making your acquaintance."

"How rude of me, my name is Katherine" said the Older Woman extending her hand, which Hamato Yoshi took and kissed. "You're quite the charmer aren't you?" Katherine blushed at Hamato Yoshi's gesture.

"Where do I find myself Katherine?" asked Hamato Yoshi.

"That will take some explaining Hamato Yoshi. May I call you Hamato for short?" said Katherine.

"I prefer Yoshi"

"Alright Yoshi, the man who can best explain your whereabouts is one of my companions here on this island" said Katherine. "His name is Magus. I'll go fetch him."

Soon Katherine returned with an old man in a white robe with long white hair and a matching beard. Hamato Yoshi could only assume this man was 'Magus'. "Are you Magus?" he asked.

"Yes I am" said the Magus. "Tell me Yoshi from what part of the World do you hail?"

"I come from Japan" answered Hamato Yoshi.

"Hmmm, never heard of it" said the Magus thoughtfully. "What year is it Yoshi?"

"By common reckoning, using the European system, it is the year 1970 A.D." answered Hamato Yoshi. "Why do you ask Magus?"

Ignoring Hamato Yoshi's question the Magus said. "What is the last thing you remember Yoshi?"

"I was in a storm at sea. A huge wave covered us, then nothing"

"Hmmm, covered 'us' we found you alone on the beach of our island just before sunrise" said the Magus. "Who was with you during the storm?"

"An American business man named Mr. Quintone. Now please answer me where am I? Katherine told me you could answer the question."

"You are on the mystic Island of Avalon" answered the Magus.

Throughout the rest of the day the Magus, Katherine and a third man with short, graying hair and wearing to Hamato Yoshi what looked like medieval European armor called Tom explained what exactly the Island of Avalon was. Hamato Yoshi listened intently as the three told him of the magical nature of the land they had called home for forty-one years now, thy explained to him that they were originally from Medieval Europe and that time flowed much slower on Avalon than in the 'real World'. While only four decades had passed since their arrival on Avalon from their perspective centuries had elapsed in the outside world. Hamato Yoshi in turned told them of his own homeland of Japan and the wonders of the modern world. By the time the Sun set Hamato Yoshi's minding was swimming with all he had heard.

"So, this is the man my children saved from dying in the surf last night?" asked a sky blue female gargoyle with long red hair upon entering the dining hall where the four humans were seated chatted. This gargoyle, while appearing mature with several faint wrinkles, didn't seem nearly as old as the humans. Hamato Yoshi knew gargoyles only aged about half as fast as humans, thus there was every chance this gargoyle had also been on Avalon the past forty years.

"Nightingale!" said Katherine, gesturing for the new arrival to sit with the group. "I'm so glad you are awake. Hamato Yoshi here is a traveler from a strange land known as Japan. He has many interesting stories to tell, please join us."

Nightingale capped her wings, taking a seat directly across from Hamato Yoshi. When he did not flinch, or in any way react to her nonhuman appearance. Her curiosity got the better of her.

"Do you not find my appearance the least bit unnerving Hamato Yoshi?"

"Not in the least my fair gargoyle" replied Hamato Yoshi, taking Nightingale's hand and kissing it as he had done with Katherine's before. "The prefecture where I grew up was protected by a Clan of local gargoyles. After we humans devastated our own land during the Great War the local gargoyles fed and protected my people until we could fully recover. One such elder was a great sage and master of Ninjutsu. He took me and my brother in after my parents were killed in the Great War. When I was a teenager he made me his apprentice. I would not be the Ninja Master I am today without his show of kindness."

"That is a very moving story" said Katherine.

"Yes it is" agreed Nightingale. "Hamato Yoshi you are a fine human and welcomed here for as long as you wish to stay. My children please come and introduce yourselves to our guest."

A whirlwind of young adult gargoyles, thirty-six in all not including three gargoyle beasts, introduced themselves in rapid succession to Hamato Yoshi. After the introductions were finished the younger gargoyles coaxed Hamato Yoshi into telling more tales from his childhood studying the art of Ninjutsu under the Great Gargoyle Sage. By the time dawn came Hamato Yoshi was exhausted, but happy. Once the gargoyles had entered their daily stone slumber Hamato Yoshi had followed the other humans to bed. He did not awaken until late that afternoon.

That evening, after the gargoyles awoke, Hamato Yoshi asked the four oldest members of Avalon their story. He was very interested in learning what chain of events had brought them to the mystical land. The group sat again in the main dining hall of the castle, for as Hamato Yoshi had learned that first day and night a castle the structure indeed was and a truly magnificent one at that.

"Finally we were within sight of Avalon however our trails were not quite over" recalled Nightingale. "On a barge just offshore we encounter three near identical sisters and a strange man of metal. The group threatened us with 'annihilation' unless we turned around at once."

"We explained that we were refuges who had no one else to go" continued the Magus. "They however were un-swayed by our pleas for clemency. The three sisters then attacked us using a spell, which I deflected back at them. The spell turned them into owls. If not for Nightingale here I would then have perished, or worse."

"While he was distracted by the three sisters the man of metal launched a spell at Magnus" said Nightingale. "Luckily I was able to also deflect this spell back at the sender. The man of metal was turned to stone. The three owls picked up the statue and flew away. The path to Avalon was finally cleared" finished Nightingale, with a flourish of her arms.

"Interesting, so you never saw these four individuals again?" asked Hamato Yoshi curiously.

"They have never again appeared" confirmed Tom, hugging Katherine to him.

"I wonder who they were? Where they came from?" said Hamato Yoshi.

"We suspect they were Children of Oberon. The legendary Faerie Lord who may have once ruled over Avalon" answered Katherine. "Though we never have been sure, whoever, or whatever, they were we are thankful they are gone."

Hamato Yoshi spent in all nearly seven days and nights on Avalon before departing back for the 'real world'. As he explained to his new found friends he felt his destiny there was still incomplete. Everyone was said to see him go, especially the younger trio of Gabriel, Angela and Ophelia. The three had found endless fascination in his stories about his old master and the demonstrations of his Ninja skills. After many heartfelt goodbyes, and promising never to reveal the secret of the existence of Avalon to the outside world, Hamato Yoshi departed the Island on a small raft, using the incantation Tom & the Magus had taught him. In was early 1971 when Hamato Yoshi arrived in NYC. He never did get to see his brother in Okinawa again. Tom had seemingly put it best when he told the departing Hamato Yoshi that Avalon didn't send you where you wanted to go but rather where you needed to be.

Central Park late January 1995

The weather had turned unusually mild for winter in the Big Apple. The mercury had hit seventy degrees earlier that day, and it was still currently sixty-five. Leonardo and Venus were enjoying a quiet evening picnic in the park.

The two would have rather had their picnic during the day light hours. However due to the current level of anti-'freak' hysteria in the city such a course of action just wouldn't have been safe. Like the rest of their family and friends the two hated having to hide from the human population. There was little they could do about it though. Sadly things had only gotten worse in the weeks following the hostage crisis at the Nonhumans Containment Facility. Both Shredder and Clayton Kellerman, each for the benefit of his own agendas, had exploited the tragedy to the fullest. Shredder's company TCRI would be given exclusive rights to police and detain all nonhumans in the state. Kellerman for his part stoked the fires of paranoia and prejudice higher than ever. The guy was even currently organizing a group called 'People for Normalcy" or PFN. The charter of the group called for the forcible removal and relocation of all mutants and other domestic nonhumans to areas of sparse human habitation and the forcible repatriation of all non-domestic nonhuman entities back to their dimension/planet of origin.

"You know Venus sitting her with you, looking up at the stars I can almost forget all the bad things that have happened the past few months. Because it spite of all our trails & tribulations one good no great thing has happened that makes up for all the bad" said Leonardo putting his arm around Venus.

"And what would that be exactly?" asked Venus, snuggling in closer.

"Meeting you of course" Leonardo said, kissing Venus on her forehead. "I cannot imagine my life without you now."

"Nor can I imagine my life without you Leonardo. You have been so kind and understanding since I came to live here in America" said Venus, giving Leonardo a quick peck on the cheek. "When my master, my adopted father, Chung I died I feared I would never be happy again, then I met you and the rest of our family. I'm so glad I was wrong."

"That depends gramps on how much cash ya got stashed in that stupid getup" said a gruff voice from somewhere close by. The two young lovers looked at each other and uttered a collective sigh.

"Duty calls" said Leonardo breaking their embrace and jumping to his feet.

"So it does" seconded Venus following suit.

Near the pond they found four thugs attacking an older man who was dressed in what looked like armor. The attack had also drawn the attention of Donatello who was star gazing in the park as well as Goliath & Elisa who were gliding overhead on patrol at the time. The five made short work of the four thugs. What happened next flabbergasted them all.

"Goliath I have finally found you. I had almost given up hope or either finding you or our friend Hamato Yoshi" said the Stranger, turning his attention towards Goliath.

"Wait did you say Hamato Yoshi?" asked Donatello.

"Yes, why do you know him?" said the Stranger.

"He is our sensei, our teacher & father" interjected Leonardo. "How do you know of him?"

"He visited the land of my people some time ago. When he left he told us if we ever needed help to seek him out" explained the Stranger.

"Who are you?" rumbled Goliath, eyeing the Stranger suspiciously.

"Do you not recognize me Goliath?" said the Stranger. "I suppose it has been so long, and I have grown much since our last meeting. I am Tom, the peasant boy who your Clan saved from the Vikings so long ago. I came here seeking help. The eggs of your Clan, your children, are in terrible danger."

"What!?" exclaimed Goliath, in total shock, "the eggs, the children of my Clan, they survived!?"

"That they did survived and thrived in fact. Sadly if I do not soon return with help that may no longer be the case. You all must return with me to Avalon" said Tom.

"Avalon" several of the group said.

"Yes Avalon, hurry there is not a moment to lose" said Tom, urging the five aboard his raft that waited at the edge of the pond.

"Do you really think we should trust this guy?" Leonardo asked Goliath.

"I fear we have little choice. If he is telling the truth there are those that need our help. Besides how could he have known your master's name and my own name and history unless he is being truthful" reasoned Goliath.

The five loaded onto Tom's raft and departed off into a thick layer of fog that was slowly rolling ashore. Soon the raft and those it bore faded into the mist. They did not know it then, but one of their greatest adventures was about to unfold.

Meanwhile on the far side of Avalon

The three Weird Sisters stood impatiently in front of the monumental structure of metal and electronics that was the Technodrome. Everywhere around them foot soldiers, shiny black & green lined rock warriors and steel dragon troops were scurrying about performing various tasks. Suddenly Ulysses Quintone appeared in his usual ball of lightning & flame.

"Did you miss me girls?" he asked, a wide grin plastered on his face.

"We see you are still as arrogant as ever" said Luna.

"What can I say, I learned from three of the best" said Ulysses Quintone with a wink.

"When will we have our vengeance against those who have disgraced us?" Phoebe demanded.

"By tomorrow night darkness will fall across Avalon, Earth and beyond. Only those like us will continue" said Ulysses Quintone his smile growing. "All others will be no more."

"Good, Avalon will once again belong to us" said Seline, clasping her hands together.

"First Avalon ladies, then everything beyond!" laughed Ulysses Quintone.

To Be Continued