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TMNT/Gargoyles Season Two Avalon and Beyond Episode Eighteen: Newtralization



A rundown motel Mid-August, morning

Bonesteel joggled three of his many combat knives while watching the local news on a small, flickering, black & white television set. Three days had passed since his encounter with the female gargoyle and the interfering fly creature. Bonesteel was still disappointed by the fact he'd been unable to complete his kill. Bagging one of the freaks would have been oh so sweet. It also would have pleased his current employers, PFN-SOR, earning him much needed coin.

Watching the eerie, green glow of the liquid encased within the strange tube he had found in the sewers after escaping his encounter with the fly creature, Bonesteel grinned. In spite of his setback that evening hadn't been a total loss. Whatever the substance was explosive, corrosive, toxin, it'd no doubt come in handy. All he needed to do was open the blasted thing. The lock was unlike any he'd encountered before. Looks to the contrary aside Bonesteel was actually quite intelligent.

"Damn computerized lock" Bonesteel muttered, still joggling the three knives. Putting the deadly implements away something on the news caught his attention.

"Starting this week the Bronx Zoo will play host to a rare Asian giant, red bellied, newt. The newt, one of less than a thousand known to exist, is on a two year loan from Beijing Zoo as part of an ecological exchange program between China and America. The giant newt, which is the size of your average large breed of dog, will officially go on public display this afternoon." The female newscaster read. "In other news the theft of several Cyberbiotics trucks containing a plethora of high grade electronics remains unsolved."

"Just what tha doctor ordered" Bonesteel said his grin growing wider. "An easy kill an' collection of such a rare specimen will lift tha ol' spirits." Bonesteel licked his parched lips. His tongue slid across his yellow teeth. "Hot dog im' gonna bag me a giant newt. Bronx Zoo here I come."

Krang's Laboratory inside the TCRI Building, afternoon

"How much longer must our conquest wait?" Shredder asked stamping his feet like a spoiled brat. "We've had control of the Firestar for four months now. Best of all our enemies are unaware we possess it. Why can't the invasion begin Krang?"

"Because Shredder everything must be perfect before we take the final steps." Krang answered from his bubble walker. The alien brain busily inspected the computer banks which lined the walls of the spacious room. "I will not tolerate another failure. Success must be within our grasp before I will commit my forces. Besides the Glaxxons prisoners have yet to reveal all their secrets. There is much they are holding back. Until I have drained their minds of every drop of useful information we must proceed carefully."

"Don't make me laugh Krang the Glaxxons are no threat. Their pathetic efforts have proven useless against us." Shredder boasted. "Any information they still conceal is more likely than not worthless."

"Perhaps, perhaps not" Krang grumbled, never taking his eyes off the computer terminals. "Tell me Shredder how is our latest recruit performing?"

"Fish Face is doing fine. In fact his competency is already above that of his insectoid brother, not to mention many of our other current minions. Working with him is a pleasure, unlike some people I could mention." Shredder muttered the last bit under his breath.

If Krang heard Shredder's snub the extra-terrestrial showed no outward sign. "I'm pleased, good help is so hard to find these days."

The Bronx Zoo, after nightfall

"Isn't it something?" Venus asked Leonardo leaning against the other turtle.

"Yeah it sure is. I didn't know newts grew this big." Leonardo said looking at the huge black amphibian in it's enclosure.

"Actually several types of related giant salamander grow even larger" Donatello pointed out.

"Fascinating" Lexington said.

"I just wish we didn't have to sneak in here after hours to see it" Datura said, her shoulders slumping. "It is just another reminder the humans here don't accept us. It wasn't like this in my homeland of Japan. We Tengu were welcomed or so my elders told me, until Oroku Saki took control of the Foot Clan and initiated the purges."

"Funny, Master Splinter hardly even talks about the events surrounding his exile." Leonardo said thoughtfully. "During our lifetimes he's only told the basic story three times; once to me & my brothers growing up, once to April and once to prove he was the rightful human master of the Foot Clan."

"I'm not surprised in the least." Datura said. "Poor Hamato suffered much owing to Oroku Saki's duplicity. Remembering such times must bring him great sorrow. I only wish I could avenge my brother upon that monster." Datura's young eyes briefly flash red.

"We all wish we could." Leonardo said. "Someday Shredder will pay for his various crimes."

"He has much to answer for" Datura said shaking her head. "It is hard to fathom one man has caused so much evil."

"I wonder why Mona Lisa and Raphael didn't come?" Lexington said changing the subject. "Taking into account her background in biology I thought this would be right up her alley." The turtles exchanged glances and shrugged. Only Venus knew the truth. A truth she couldn't share.

Following another round of small talk the group left the viewing area surrounding the enclosure. A couple minutes later the mangy form of Bonesteel arrived. In addition to his regular faded fatigues the self-proclaimed big game hunter of rare animals was wearing rudimentary, steel plated body armor. Tucked in his backpack was the half concealed canister of mutagen. Removing a high caliber pistol, with a built in laser scope, from his backpack Bonesteel took aim at the giant newt.

"Bang, bang, bang" Bonesteel teased lining up the laser point with the hapless' animal's head, "like shootin' fish in er' barrel, to easy." Bonesteel's finger rested softly on the trigger. Slowly oh so slowly his finger tightened, he was going to savor this moment. Licking his lips like a predator Bonesteel was a split second away from terminating his quarry when a high pitched voice distracted him.

"You can't!" Datura screamed in horror when she saw what Bonesteel was up to. Having returned to retrieve a program as a souvenir the young gargoyle was appalled by what she saw.

Bonesteel spun around the bullet from his gun lodged somewhere in the ceiling as his shot went wild. At first Bonesteel was angry at the cause of his distraction. Once however he laid his eyes on the owner of the voice his face visibly brightened.

"Well, well, well what do you have here?" Bonesteel said stalking his new prey, an evil smile once again spread across his unshaved face. "A little gargoyle all by her lonesome. Lil' gargoyle didn't yer' parents ever tell ya its' dangerous to go out alone? Don't worry lil' gargoyle Uncle Bonesteel'll take care of ya, wanna hug?"

"Stay away from me." Datura said back away from Bonesteel. "Who said I'm alone. My friends will be back any minute now. They'll be worried I haven't returned. If you knew what is best for you'll leave us alone."

"Let 'em come, more the merrier I say." Bonesteel laughed pointing his gun at Datura's feet. "Dance fer me lil' gargoyle." Bonesteel pulled the trigger several times in rapid succession. Each shot just barely missed blowing Datura's feet off.

"You're insane" Datura cried leaping out of the way.

Bonesteel's deranged expression turned deadly. The next bullet he fired torn a large hole through the middle of Datura's left wing membrane, the young gargoyle cried out in pain. "No one calls me crazy and gets away with it ya miserable waste o' flesh. Now prepare ta die meet yer maker, whatever that may be, ya piece of crap!"

"Play times is over Mr. Scruffy!" Donatello said an instant before Bonesteel could fire using the long reach of his bo to knock the gun from Bonesteel's hand.

"Yer dead frog face!" Bonesteel roared before Lexington did a flaying barrel roll into Bonesteel's midsection knocking him back against the glass enclosure. The protective glass cracked and splintered from the contact.

"Lexington get Datura out of here, now!" Leonardo ordered. "We'll take care of the happy hunter here."

The three turtles circled Bonesteel. Slowly the hunter got back to his feet. Shaking the cobwebs out of his head along with the glass splinters out of his unkempt mane of hair, Bonesteel seized up his opponents. Producing three foot long, twin dragon blades, with side mounted grips from his backpack Bonesteel simultaneously parried a blow from Leonardo on his right and Donatello on his left. When Donatello's bo got stuck on Bonesteel's left blade Bonesteel used Donatello's own momentum to spin his opponent away. Bonesteel then used the pilfered bo to thump Leonardo on the head stunning him. Venus swept in for the kill, using her twin chains, only to find herself quickly disarmed and taken hostage by Bonesteel. By the time Donatello & Leonardo had recovered Bonesteel held Venus close to him one of his dragon blades at her throat.

"Back off or yer girlfriend is history!" Bonesteel commanded. "'An put the weapons down, somewhere I can see 'em."

Leonardo and Donatello did as they were told. Both turtles put their remaining weapons on the floor and their hands in the air. "Good, good" Bonesteel smirked. "Say good bye ta yer girlfriend uglies."

"No" Leonardo gasped.

"Stop" Donatello said, both lunging forward.

Venus double elbowed Bonesteel low in his unprotected stomach with all her strength and weight, both of which were considerable by human standards. Bonesteel doubled over wheezing. Before he could recover Venus grabbed his head by the hair and violently head-butted him. Venus then took a couple of steps back and jump kicked Bonesteel through the already damaged glass panel of the enclosure.

"Way to go Venus." Donatello said clapping. "Where did you learn moves like that?"

"From training with Master Splinter, and Leonardo" Venus said beaming at her suddenly uncomfortable fearless leader.

"What can I say, she's a good student" Leonardo stammered looking at Donatello both brothers were obviously embarrassed. "Ahem we really should take care of Bonsteel, um yeah."

Inside the enclosure Bonesteel was draped over the giant newt. The friendly creature licked his hands and face before slowly shrugging him off it's body. The bump stirred Bonesteel out of his Venus beating induced stupor.

"Did anyone get the number 'o tha' truck?" Bonesteel said struggling to his feet. His vision clearing Bonesteel saw the three rearmed turtles approaching him. The creatures didn't look happy. Reaching into his backpack for a weapon of his own Bonsteel instead drew back a right hand full of mutagen.

"What tha!?" The Bonesteel said in confusion. "Damn the tube must have ruptured." Bonesteel reached back with his left hand pulling free half of the shattered canister, drenching himself with a liter of ooze. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Bonesteel fell to the floor of the enclosure his body twitching uncontrollable.

Recognizing the chemical immediately Donatello & Leonardo pulled Venus out of the enclosure. Several minutes later an almost ten foot tall, black skinned, red bellied, amber eyed, humanoid newt creature lumbered out of the ruined enclosure. The thing was wearing the tattered remnants of Bonesteel's fatigues and body armor. It was a bit taller than Goliath and nearly as broad, minus the wings.

Looking at it's hands in dismay the creature eyed the three turtles with clear malicious intent. "I'm a freak, its' yer three fault! I'm gonna make ya wish yer were dead!" The mutated Bonesteel croaked.

The three turtles attacked Bonesteel at the same time. Though all of their punches, kicks and strikes hit home with great force Bonesteel was unfazed. "Is that all ya got?" Bonesteel half croaked half laughed, "now its' my turn puny turtles." Bonesteel easily swatted Donatello across the room then did the same to Leonardo each hit a wall and were rendered unconscious. Finally he pulled Venus off his back from where she was trying to choke him with her chains. He tossed her into the wall beside Donatello knocking her out.

"Hmmm maybe this isn't all bad." Bonesteel croaked licking his sharp, yellow teeth, "I could get use ta this. I doubt PFN-SOR will make good on their offer now." Bonesteel said frowning. "Looks like I need a new employer and a new name. My old moniker doesn't fit anymore. I got it. I'm part giant newt now and I'm more effective than ever at fightin', so I'll call myself the Newtralizer! It has a nice badass ring to it, and the first groups I'm gonna newtralize are those damn turtles and their gargoyle friends. By the time I'm finished their mothers won't know 'em." The Newtralizer with a croaking laugh left the building.

Castle Wyvern atop the TCRI Building, the next day

"You are persistent. I'll grant you that, Newtralizer is it?" Shredder asked eyeing the towering being standing before him, the being which had tried to break into his headquarters eight times since morning! Behind Shredder Night Flyer and the Pack, including Coyote, stood at the ready if needed.

"I know you want the Turtles & Gargoyles eliminated as badly as I do Shredder. Yer hatred of the two groups is a poorly guarded secret. I also know yer own underlings are not up ta the task, having failed again and again." Newtralizer croaked eyeing Shredder's backup. The four non-robots voiced their muted displeasure at the remark.

"What are you proposing?" Shredder asked.

"Give me the lifetime position of your personal assassin. In return I will destroy the Gargoyles, Turtles and whomever else you desire." Newtralizer croaked.

"I see" Shredder said, "very well capture the Gargoyles & Turtles then bring me to them or them to me. Do this, the job is yours."

"Why can't I kill them myself?" Newtralizer croaked in anger.

"By Ninja Law it is my right to destroy them. They must pay at my hands for the dishonor they have heaped upon me. The point is non-negotiable. Do we have a deal Newtralizer?" Shredder asked.

"We have a deal, Master Shredder." Newtralizer croaked licking his lips. "Consider your enemies taken care of."

To Be Continued