Hello! So, this is the secret project that I have mentioned (A long running Humor/Romance starring Jaune and Velvet!). Now, before I'm called a traitor, my OTP is still Jaune/Pyrrha, but my second choice would be Jaune/Velvet. I don't know how popular this will get, but like Pyrrha(c) Victory, more response will get me to work faster. I also have my OC story, but I'll probably work on the more popular of the two stories.

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It quiet in Beacon's library. It was late into a Thursday evening, so there were only two occupants in the book filled room. One was no other than Jaune Arc, working furiously on a new training program. After the incident in the Forever Fall Forest and his new-found confidence, the young hunter decided he wanted to make it up to his team for his negligence by coming up with new ways to improve the team. His friends had already gone to sleep, so he thought that this would be the perfect time to start. The other student that had not retired to their bed yet was the quiet, bunny eared girl, Velvet. From the corner of the room, sitting at her own table, Velvet nervously looked over her book, one that she wasn't even reading, to watch team JNPR's leader. Her cheeks reddening, Velvet knew she would be mortified if Jaune caught her staring, but she was willing to take the risk.

The Faunus couldn't even believe that she developed a crush on a guy that she barely spoke to. Thinking back, she figured that it started a few weeks ago when she was being subjected to torment at the hands of Cardin and the other members of team CRDL. Velvet still remembered that day clearly.

"Hey freak!" Cardin called out to her.

Velvet started to walk down the hall faster, hoping that the bullies wouldn't pursue her. Sadly, Velvet wasn't that lucky, for she soon felt a cruel hand wrap itself around one of her ears and tug. With a cry of pain, the poor girl dropped her books and grabbed at Cardin's wrist, desperately trying to remove his hand. "Aw, did that hurt?" Cardin asked mockingly as the rest of his team laughed.

"Please stop!" Tears started to form in the corners of Velvet's eyes.

"I could, but I'm having too much fun. Besides, you know you like it," Cardin twisted the girl's ear, forcing her to her knees.

"Hey! Cardin!"

The members of team CRDL and Velvet turned towards the source of the call to find Jaune standing with his chest puffed out, despite the nervous expression on his face. Velvet recognized Jaune as Cardin's favorite victim, often seeing the latter pick on the former around the academy. "What do you want Arc? Can't you see we're busy?" Cardin growled.

Jaune quickly lost his confidence as his shoulders sagged and he rubbed his hands together. "I, uh, well, uh, you see-"

"What is it!?" Cardin barked as he pulled on Velvet's ear again, causing her to cry out again.

As soon as Jaune heard the Faunus' yelp, he took a deep breath and looked Cardin in the eyes. "I want a rematch for our fight in Goodwitche's class."

"Oh really," Cardin laughed, letting go of Velvet so that he could stand in front of Jaune. "Aren't you a glutton for punishment?"

"I-I'm n-not afraid of you, C-cardin," Jaune replied shakely.

"Well then, maybe we should fix that," Cardin sneered.

Sky and Russel grabbed Jaune's arms and dragged him behind Cardin and Dove. As they were leaving, Velvet saw Jaune give her a nervous smile and a wink. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Jaune actually didn't want a rematch and just said so so that he could draw Cardin's attention away from Velvet. The huntress later found out, hearing whispers and gossip with her sharp hearing, that Cardin, joined by his team, beat up Jaune brutally and got away with it too because Jaune's aura healed his wounds before any teacher could see them.

Velvet didn't feel any safer at that time, however. Growing up with the abuse she's suffered at the hands of humans, Velvet fully expected Jaune to later seek her out with something that he'd want in return for his help. She assumed that he would either want her to do some of his homework, run some degrading errand or something Velvet thought all boys sought after. She shivered at that last thought and dreaded the time that Jaune would seek her out. However, that time never came and event after a couple of similar encounters, Jaune never asked for anything in return, not even a thank you. They didn't even talk to each other besides a few quick "hi's" in the hallway.

Sadly, though, Jaune's heroics diminished over time and it seemed that he was getting more and more depressed. Eventually, Jaune didn't do anything when Cardin would bully Velvet in his presence. The Faunus girl would even see Jaune hanging out with Cardin and his thugs and even help them with their schoolwork. Thinking that the one kind human in her life turned like the rest of them, Velvet quietly went about her daily life, a little sad over Jaune. That is, until a few days ago, just after a trip to the Forever Falls, Jaune's personality seemed to go through a drastic change. During that day, Velvet was once again targeted for Cardin's cruelty. He seemed more angry than usual and it showed through the harsher pulling he did to her ears. Just as Velvet was going to burst into tears, she heard a familiar shout. "Cardin!"

Cardin muttered under his breath as his grip softened around Velvet's ears. "Yes, Jaune," he spat out venomously.

"I thought I told you to stay away from my friends." This time, Jaune remained confident.


Velvet thought to herself. Cardin removed his hand from Velvet, only to clench both of his fist at his side. "Fine," Cardin growled as he stomped away, his team scampering after him.

Velvet rubbed her ears, trying to get rid of the pain when Jaune approached her.

"Hey, are you alright?"

Velvet, unsure of what Jaune's intentions were at the moment, averted her eyes and nodded. "Ok, if you're fine, then I'll, uh, leave you be. Have a good day," Jaune rubbed the back of his head.

"U-uh, thank you," Velvet muttered as she stared at her feet.

"Don't mention it," Jaune smiled sincerely.

"I-if there's anything I c-can do to repay you..." Velvet waited with dread for his answer.

Jaune chuckled. "Don't worry about that. I know what it's like to be Cardin's target and I only wanted to help."

Velvet looked up at Jaune in awe to see his retreating back. She then began to see Jaune in a different light that day and that's when her feelings took form. Today, Velvet wanted to spend some time in the library reading her a good book that she picked up in town. She easily lost track of time as she flipped through the pages and before she knew it, the skies were dark and she was alone. As she was about to close the book and head back to her dorm, the door swung open and Jaune walked in with a stack of notepads and guides to strategy. After realizing who had entered, Velvet panicked and sat back down to hide her face behind her novel. After a moment, she peeked over the pages to find Jaune working at another table. It looks like he didn't even notice me, Velvet thought to herself sadly.

When she was sure that Jaune was focused on his work, Velvet quietly stood up and tip toed around him towards the exit. After she realized her feelings for the knight, she knew that she wouldn't be able to even speak to him without her face becoming one big blush and her mouth spewing a stream of gibberish. The bunny eared girl got about half way to the door before the floorboards beneath her foot moaned loudly under the weight. Jaune's head shot up and he looked around the library. When he didn't see anyone, the blonde shrugged and went back to scribbling on his paper. From behind one of the bookshelves, Velvet poked her head out to see if Jaune was looking for her. When she confirmed that he was still working, the young huntress sighed in relief and continued towards the door. This time, she arrived silently, but when she opened the door, it creaked loudly. Without thinking, Velvet jumped out of the library and slammed the door behind her. Knowing that Jaune was sure to hear that, she took off down the hall at full speed without looking back.

Soon, Velvet was back at her dorm, panting and holding her side. Using her scroll, she unlocked the door and slipped into the room. Her teammates were sleeping, so she quietly changed into her pyjamas and got into her bed. "I wish I could talk to him," Velvet whispered to herself, "but he probably wouldn't have any interest in a Faunus."

Velvet continued to berate herself until she finally fell asleep, her thoughts filled with Jaune and how she couldn't even talk to him.

She couldn't help it if she was skittish.

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