I really like these characters, and so I didn't want to end my story. I've been thinking about what new villains come after them, how they handle school. I have a whole family tree planned out of who marries who and how many kids they have (my best friend thinks I've gone past the point of obsession and just shakes his head at me sadly. I have been officially dubbed "otaku," and this from the guy who got me started watching anime in the first place). But after thinking about it, and being told it was a good idea, I've decided to continue this as a separate sequel. One particular plot arc has been finished and now I'm moving into a new saga. So while "The Bite" is officially ended, the gang will have more adventures in "Breaking Forth." Look for it! Many thanks for reviewing, I hope you'll join me.btw, it won't be all a high school fic, and the parts that are won't be like some bad hs fics you've read.trust me, Kahlan Nightwing, keep reading!! (

Elbereth in April