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Chapter 16

Gotham City, NJ
Case Title

Location(s): Cathedral Square, Amusement Park, Slaughter Swamp, Wayne Enterprises, S.T.A.R. labs, Gotham Power Plant, Ace Chemicals
Date/Time Reported: October 30th, 19:42 EDT
Date/Time Occurred: Started October 26th, 19:26 EDT
Incident Type/Offense: Break in robbery, grave robbing
Reporting Officer: Lieutenant Blake
Approving Officer: Commissioner

Role: ? Name: Reported as Ghost King Sex: M Race: ? Age: ? DOB: ?


Name: Klarion the Witch Boy Sex: M Race: ? Age: ? DOB: ?

Vehicles: NIL


Stolen serum from S.T.A.R. labs, mixed with fungus-infested skeletal remains from Slaughter Swamp created a zombie-like creature, which called himself Solomon Grundy. The monster was brought to life with electricity from Gotham Power Plant, but was reportedly annihilated by the sidekicks of the Justice League. Lieutenant Blake concluded that Klarion the Witch Boy's intentions were unclear, but it was evident that all he wanted to do was wreak havoc in Gotham City.


"Vicky Vale reporting live from the Gotham City Police Department. Yes, Cat, it seems to be quite the crowd tonight with so many young heroes spotted in Gotham just a month ago. It seems to be somehow linked to Klarion the super villain. But what is he doing in Gotham? Oh! Looks like Commissioner Gordon has arrived to give a statement!"

"This case is linked to the robbery of S.T.A.R. labs and Wayne Enterprises. However, with the 'villain on the loose in Gotham', as the Daily Planet put it, there is no evidence given that a supernatural being has been in Gotham. Therefore we will not confirm until we are absolutely certain."

"Commissioner Gordon! Was it true that the band of Justice League sidekicks were at the Gotham Power Plant?"

"Er…we are not certain if they were just a bunch of kids out late at night. Again, I will not say as there is not enough evidence to—"

"Commissioner Gordon! We have eyewitness reports of the sighting of a black figure appearing around Gotham, wearing a black robe and skull shirt and holding a kitchen knife. What does the CCTV footage of Ace Chemicals say about that?"

"…ordered from above, and executed by their master strategist: mua!" said the Riddler, a smug smirk on his face.

Robin surveyed the enemies; Riddler, Shimmer, Mammoth and twenty or so soldiers with Apokoliptan weapons.


"Miss Martian, is everyone linked?" asked Aqualad telepathically.



At once, the Team sprung into action, Artemis running for Cheshire while the others went the others. Zatanna conjured up a snowstorm to disorientate the soldiers, while Kid Flash was already taking them down one by one.

Nico observed from within the shadows (literally), finding the battle surprisingly interesting as he watched Rocket fly several soldiers into the air, before dropping them down to knock them out cold.

The half-blood had to, no matter how grudgingly; admit that this team knew their shit. They fought with vigour, with a…passion, of sorts, yet they were also controlled and helped each other out.

Nico could tell they were using their intrusive telepathic conversation chat room again, as he noted how Robin would sometimes stare at Zatanna for a few seconds, while she stared back. He figured they were probably having a mental conversation as they fought…or they could simply be ogling each other, either reason was too over-rated for the demigod.

The Son of Hades was just about to leave, deciding the go visit and possibly tell them a secret that could destroy the Gods some other time, when he noticed Superboy dash behind a damaged aeroplane wing and stuck red sticker onto his forearm. The half-Kryptonian stilled for a moment, before shooting up into the top of the dome like a bullet, heading for the huge mammoth-like thing.


Nico shrugged, he'd seen monsters three times the size. Nico's eyes swept across the battle-dome, shortly regarding a duel between Artemis and some girl with a Cheshire cat mask when something else caught his eye. It was Robin, taking out three soldiers at the same time, not seeming to notice a fourth, who was crawling on the ground with a crushed leg and was raising his red alien-looking gun.

Without thinking, held off a warning on the tip of his tongue as he shadow-travelled into the fray.

Robin reacted as soon as he saw the flash of red. He'd just taken down three soldiers, and had just noticed a fourth that was posed to shoot him. He raised a bird-a-rang, intended to throw it before the man shot when a blur of black flashed in front of him.

Robin's eyes widened when he saw the dazed man in the snow, and a boy dressed in all black next to him.


Indeed it was. Robin would recognise him anywhere.

Nico wore his traditional black robe, black combat boots and cargo pants, along with a black skull shirt beneath. A black gladiator mask covered his face, and in his hands were two black daggers; he looked like Grim Reaper's son. An enraged yell broke across the fighting, and Robin turned abruptly, to see Superboy on a berserk, grabbing Mammoth by the collar and flying him up to the top of the dome.

Wait, flying?

"SB, you're flying!"

The fighting stopped soon enough, with the Team finally acquiring Cheshire's case that was filled with what looked like nano-bio-technology.

"Is it always like this?" asked Rocket, raising at brow at the squirming Riddler on the ground.

Once Zatanna stopped the Snowstorm, the Team gathered around the wreckage, with Miss Martian congratulating everyone's efforts out loud when she stopped with a gasp.

"W-what is he doing here?"

Nico glared at her from behind his mask, gripping his knife tightly, biting back a rude comment.

"He saved me, and he's a part of this team too."

Superboy glared at him, "I thought you were too good for our training. If you're a part of this team you should at least tell us if you're going to bail for a month."

"I'm not sorry, I had important things to do."

"Important enough to do instead of possibly saving thousands of lives? This team isn't just a place you deck out on for whenever you're bored. If you're only here to mess around or to tip off the Light then you go screw off."

"Superboy that's enough." scolded Aqualad, but Nico waved him off.

"No keep going, I'm sure he needs to let the PMS out after his dose of super-human hormones."

The Team looked confused at this, but Superboy paled, staring at Nico in alarm while the demigod smirked.

"Are you willing to join the team for good? Is that why you came?"

No, I don't have time for this group that wants to dedicate their time and effort, and even lives to save arrogant and annoying mortals, "Yes. I've thought long and hard and decided I want to…um…help you save the world." From psycho mortals who are even more pathetic than the worms in the Earthand because I owe Wonder Woman my life.

As he'd discovered just a few days ago, if Wonder Woman did not force two pomegranate seeds down his throat, the poison would've reached his heart before Apollo even stepped into the cave.

"Welcome to the Team!" said Robin, a bit too cheerfully, and the only response the young vigilante got was an awkward applause from Rocket.

"I am not going in that thing."

Miss Martian looked hurt, but Nico couldn't care less. There was no freaking way he was going to fly in a gods' forsaken alien space ship. Zeus would blast his arse out of the sky and all the way down to Tartarus.

"I've been to your cave before, I know where it is."

"No. I don't trust him there by himself." said Superboy flatly, crossing his arms with a frown.

"Like it or not, I can get there anytime I want."

The half-Kryptonian dashed in front of the half-blood with inhuman speed, picking Nico up by the shirt. Within a blink of an eye, Nico melted into the shadows and reappeared behind him. With a yell, Superboy charged, and Nico raised his daggers to fight, but was stopped when Aqualad and Artemis restrained Superboy while Miss Martian telepathically disarmed Nico, earning herself a dark glare.

"Enough! You guys are a team now, and I don't even remember you treating any of us like this when we first joined! Superboy, you need to chill out." exclaimed Rocket, and that stopped him.

"Let's just get back."

"I still don't trust him."

"I'll race him!" exclaimed Kid Flash.

"First one there gets M'gann's cookies!"

"Cookies? You're on."

"3, 2, 1, go!" and the speedster was off, while Nico disappeared with a smirk.

"Tell me if this sounds familiar: You hacked league systems, disobeyed protocols, and endangered your lives. And your initiative resulted in the capture of three escaped felons, proving Warden Strange runs Belle Reve as a cover for criminal activity…well done."

Batman regarded the members of the Team with a glare, but there was a glint in his eye. However, when his gaze landed on Nico, they narrowed.

"Then there's this."

The Dark Knight's gaze lingered on him for a few more seconds, before they landed on the briefcase next to him.

"We'll take it back to the Watch Tower for further examination."

After Black Canary and Icon zeta-beamed away, Robin spoke up.

"You realise we were set up."

"Yes," agreed Aqualad, "Cheshire and Riddler were tipped."

Artemis pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. "Not the mole thing again."

Nico raised a brow, Rocket voicing his thoughts.

"Mole thing? Again?"

"We had intel that there was a traitor on the team."

"Mainly Artemis, M'gann or me." Superboy cut in.

"It is more complicated than that, but your recent behaviour does concern me. Your attack on mammoth nearly got Artemis killed." said Aqualad.

"You mean he's not always like that? I seem to recall him being just as irrational as he was with me last month." drawled Nico with a raised brow.

Suddenly, Superboy leaned over, as if having a migraine. Nico rolled his eyes, he'd seen his father have too many, but at the same time he heard a loud screeching noise from the corner. Shooting up to stand straighter, Nico's eyes darted around the room, and saw the Team to be staring at Superboy in concern, their expressions…frozen. Like time itself had frozen.

"Pssst. Over here death boy."

Nico whipped around to see Klarion leaning against the wall, in a position much like the one Nico was in moments ago. The half-blood wasted no time and unleashed his re-forged sword that no longer contained the special Key of Hades, and lunged at the Witch boy with no hesitation.

Klarion squeaked and teleported to the other side of the room, the Team frozen in time and oblivious.

"I'm only here to remind you, jeez. Remember, Santa Prisca at dusk, or else you can say goodbye to those gods of yours."

And he was gone with a burst of smoke, time un-freezing around Nico.

"Ghost King?" said M'gann with a frown, wondering how in hell he'd gotten to the other side of the room within a blink and with his sword out.


"There's something I need to do." exclaimed Superboy.

There was a pause, before Superboy took a deep breath and rubbed the back of his head.

"Last month, on Thanksgiving, I went back to Cadmus…found a few things out…"

Nico tuned out then, only catching the words 'human father' and 'Lex Luthor', whatever the Hades that meant. He wasn't sure he trusted this team enough, if at all with his secret.

"…he's summoned me to Santa Prisca."

Nico froze, so there must be a gathering there, for that fucking Klarion to tell everyone. Great. As if Nico didn't have enough pressure already.

After Superboy gave his 'confession', Artemis came forward, and told the team of her heritage of criminals.

'Least your dad isn't the God of the Underworld.

"Who's next?" said Kid Flash, and M'gann stepped forward.

So this is like the time where everyone's telling everyone his or her secrets?

Nico cursed the three sisters of fate, imagining them crackling over their socks as they cut their yarn, raising the numbers of ghosts in the Underworld with each snip.

M'gann suddenly transformed into a huge alien monster, and for normal person would've been shocked, much like the Team, but Nico had seen too many and barely raised an eyebrow. He was about to continue on examining his sword when her voice cut through into his head.

"I realised you would never accept me for who I am."

Nico gritted his teeth, about to tell her to get out of his head, that he didn't really give a damn when Aqualad's voice spoke first.

"M'gann, did we really seem so shallow?"

At this, Nico rolled his eyes.


After a heart-felt moment between M'gann and Superboy, which made Nico want to gag as it reminded him of a certain couple back at Camp, Kid Flash clapped his hands together.

"So, I take it we go to Santa Prisca to kick some ass, since we know everyone's not a mole now?"

"We need a plan. They do not know that we know each other's secrets, so we could use that against them. We'll send in Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis first, then we'll hide in the forest nearby until Artemis signals us."

"Alrightly, I'm game." said Kid Flash, casually throwing his arm around Artemis' shoulder as the Team began to head off towards the bio-ship.

They seemed to have forgotten Nico, and he opened his mouth, before shutting it and grinding his teeth.

Now or never, di Angelo.

"So the Injustice League was just a distraction, you two have been behind everything from the start." said Superboy, realisation on his face.

Lex Luthor couldn't have looked more proud of himself at the moment.

"A flattering notion, son. But we have many friends."

A helicopter flew overhead, and lowered the ground just metres away from the group.

"This one of your friends now?"

"No my boy, one of yours."

The door opened, and Artemis was the first to step out.


She sauntered towards the group, Cheshire and Sportsmaster trailing behind her.

"The hero thing wasn't working out. You get how it is, no trust."

A pause, before Artemis spoke her rehearsed line.

"This is where I belong."

"It's a fast growing club," said Queen Bee, and the Bio-ship stopped just above them, and Miss Martian descended from it slowly. She stage-gasped at the sight of her teammates, but was convincing enough for the villains.

"Why are they here? You promised!"

"I've kept your secret and my promise. Now, you keep yours."

Miss Martian withdrew, and Queen Bee nodded.

"Good girl."

"Give me more shields, and I'm in too." said Superboy, but Lex strode up to him, smirking when they were face-to face.

"My boy…you're a terrible liar."

Superboy posed to attack, and immediately Lex barked out the words: "Red Sun." and the young hero stilled instantly.

"What do you want us to do?" asked Artemis.

But just as Lex was about to give the command to Sportsmaster, crackling laughter sounded all around the forest.

"Sorry kiddies, just a little late to the party." screeched Klarion in his cringe-worthy voice, stepping out from a red portal.

"Klarion. I was told you were busy with your master."

Klarion waved Lex Luthor off dismissively, who didn't looked pleased that he was being told off by a demon supernatural being.

"Yeah yeah, but this concerns the junior Justice League babies. You see I was the one who planted the mole in. Aren't you proud?"

Artemis and M'gann's eyes widened, while Superboy barely managed to contain his shock and rage.

This wasn't a part of the plan.

The shadows merged, and out stepped a dark figure, hood over his head and black daggers in hand.

"Ghost King?" exclaimed both Artemis and M'gann at the same time, genuine shock evident.

"Ah yes, a self-proclaimed 'King of Ghosts', and I found him all by myself. Aren't you all envious?"

The creepiest part? Lex Luthor actually did look like he wanted to kidnap Nico for himself to use as a spy.

Mortals are fucking crazy!

"What the hell, Ghost King? He was the mole? He was barely with us for a day! How…?"

"He must've hacked into our systems when we weren't looking."

Nico rolled his eyes with a inward groan. He didn't end up telling them, choosing against it. If they were going to Santa Prisca anyways, he figured he might as well try his luck in killing Klarion before the Witch Boy would even try to tell anyone.

"I think you guys are forgetting the fact that I'm in on this conversation too,"

Superboy and Artemis fell silent at that.

"And also, I don't even know how to turn on a normal PC, you really think I can hack into your probably super secure computer?"

Still silence, and Nico was beginning to think Miss Martian just left his out of the mental chat-room when he heard Aqualad's voice.

"How do we know you're not the mole?"

"Just kill Klarion at the first chance you get, more like his cat, and I'll owe you for the rest of my life."

"We don't kill." said Robin flatly from a distance, sounding pissed.

It wasn't like killing did any good these days anyway, with rumours that the Doors of Death have been broken open. He just needed Klarion in the Underworld long enough for him to throw his arse down to Tartarus, and then he would be on his way.

"If you're really not the mole, than just stay out of our way." grated Superboy, and that was when Artemus made her move.

Before long, everyone had found a foe to face; Artemis against her family, Miss Martian against the soldiers while Superboy faced off Dr. Desmond. And that was before the rest of the team arrived, but Nico had no mind for that.

He raised his sword against Klarion, unknowingly creating fissures on the ground and summoning random bits of bones from the dirt as his rage mounted.

"I've killed you before, and I'll do it again."

"So I take it you trusted your little team enough to tell them your ultimate secret? Disappointing, you've doomed yourself."

Nico made a lash for Klarion, but the Witch Boy send a crackling of red energy from his fingertips, hitting the sword like a parry.

"You've taken the fun out of this now. Urgh, now I have to go do boring stuff with Vandal stupid Savage, all thanks to you."

Another energy-parry, and Nico growled, about to unleash hell on a rage to kill Klarion when a roar sounded from the forest.

"That's my cue. Until next time, and I must say, breaking out of your mortal Underworld was much more fun than I thought."

He was gone before Nico could even main him, and the demigod wanted to scream in frustration, until he heard something big…and loud charging through the forest. By then, most of the enemies were down, with Lex Luthor getting away on his helicopter with Queen Bee.

"What is that?"

"Minotaur." said Nico with a sigh. Great. It wasn't like he didn't already have fifty billions things on his shoulders already.

"Like from the myths?" exclaimed Robin.

"If only."

The monster came into view, making a bee-line straight to Nico.

"So I take it you still smell Percy on me? Even after not being at Camp for three months?"

Nico leapt out of the way just as the Minotaur was about to slam into him, causing it to ram its head straight into a tree instead. The Minotaur wore the tattered remains of the leather garments he wore during the battle of Manhattan, and his axe was nowhere to be seen. His horns had grown back, however, and he looked like he was in a fresh rage.

"My arrows aren't working!" yelled Artemis, while Superboy charged at it, but even the strength of a half-alien super human was no match for the power of a beast from the myths, no matter how small-minded the monster was. Nico still felt rage from his encounter with Klarion, and he felt as angry as the Minotaur. He ignored the Team's futile attempts to stop it, instead, slamming his foot to the ground and raised a fist.

"Serve me."

The earth rumbled, and out climbed ten skeletal warriors of different ages.

"Kill the Minotaur."

The warriors didn't wound, but certainly distracted the beast for Nico to have an opening. Raising his sword, Nico was about to land the killing blow when he felt a hand on his arm, restraining him.

"We don't kill."

"Fuck off."

The hesitation was enough to give the Minotaur a chance to fling his arms out, sending three warriors flying through the air. Nico threw a dagger towards its head, and it landed in the monster's eye, causing it to bellow in pain. It began to swing his fists blindly around. M'gann was about to duck from an incoming swing, when a skeletal warrior collapsed at her side, distracting her for just a moment.

"M'gann!" yelled Superboy, but Nico was faster.

Without thinking, he shadow-travelling in front of her, just in him to catch the blow that flung him through the air. He slammed into a tree, his side taking the impact. A crack was heard, and he rolled to his back in pain. At the sound of heavy footsteps, the Minotaur was charging at him again, barely metres away, but Nico had lost his sword. Frantically looking around, he could not see it, and the Minotaur was approaching fast. Nico gritted his teeth, pressed his hand to the tree and was gathering the last of his strength to shadow-travel away, when the monster froze and suddenly burst into golden dust.

Bewildered, Nico stared at the killer in shock. Robin stood where the beast had died, in his hand was Nico's sword, but the Boy Wonder had dropped it as his glove began to fizz. It was not a sword for mortals, after all.

"T-thank you."

For once in his life, Nico was genuinely grateful for a mortal there to save his life.

After being bandaged up and eating a square of ambrosia, Nico sat in the rec room in the cave, with the rest of the Team as they were staying there for New Year's.

"Thank you…for saving M'gann. You don't know how much that means to me." said Superboy, breaking the silence.

"That's why we're called heroes, I guess." Was his reply, though it was distracted.

The Son of Hades was still mulling over the fact that death was missing, and was thinking of all the places Thanatos could possibly be.

"Why were you in Santa Prisca with Klarion? I saw you getting on the bio-ship beforehand."

"I got the memo too, and I'd thought if everyone was going to trick their black-mailer, I may as well."

Robin raised a brow from behind his sunglasses.

"Black mail?"

Here goes nothing…or the entire existence of the gods. Nico took a deep breath.

"He knew…true identity."

Despite the hour, the Team all looked at him in rapt attention.

"I hope you guys actually keep each other's secrets, because if you don't keep this you're all going to be condemned to the deepest pits of Tartarus." "Tartarus…wait…you speak like you know the Greek myths are true…are you—"

"My name is Nico di Angelo." said Nico, glaring at Robin to shut him up.

"The last surviving Son of Hades, God of the Underworld."

Shocked silence followed, and Nico fidgeted nervously. Maybe he shouldn't have taken Wonder Woman's advice to gamble his existence with this Team.

"So you're like, half god?"

Nico nodded, and Kid Flash exhaled a loud breath.

"I'm actually not finding this hard to believe, considering the things you've done."

"Are you like the only one, or…"

"There hundreds of half-bloods, the gods are always busy, you know. I just happen to be the only son of Hades alive right now."

More silence.

"It's getting late, I think I need a while to process this."

The others agreed, and for once, Nico didn't dread going to sleep – only the waking up part. He dreaded their reaction when the information finally sunk in.


Nico looked up to see Robin saunter into the kitchen. Awkward silence followed, before Robin finally broke it with a sigh.

"Look, I…" he trailed off, unsure of how to formulate his thoughts into sentences properly.

"No matter who your parents were, or are, it doesn't define you,"

Nico looked down, fingers drumming against the table.

"You wouldn't understand."

"No? I'll be honest; I probably won't know what it feels like to be half god. But I assure you, the people on this Team are good. Artemis' parents and sister are cons; Miss Martian just happened to be born from the aggressive and scorned Martian species. Superboy? He's a clone, grown in a test-tube within six weeks with the DNA of Superman and a lunatic. We understand you more than you think, Nico."

But the half-blood turned away.

"You don't understand what it's like to be a Son of Hades." he muttered, but Robin heard him over the silence of the room.

"What it's like at Camp. Yeah, I may've convinced my dad to help out in the war, but a week later and even the Ares kids avoid you. Some newbies even scream at the sight of you. You know how that feels?" grated Nico as he turned with a glare, and Robin decided not to ask about what the war was, or the camp Nico spoke of.

"And what did I do to you people? Everyone's always on my arse, either trying to exploit my secrets or some shit like that,"

The Son of Hades sat down on the couch with a sigh, looking almost…weary, like he was sick of everything.

"Look, I appreciate the offer Dick, but I really don't think you guys need an emo kid on your team—"

But Robin silenced him with a hand.

"Hey now, I know I was a jackass before. I'm sorry, all right? But you don't have to go self-bashing all the time, that's Superboy's job. You've earned your place on the Team when you took that poisoned dagger. Whether you like it or not, you're always welcome here."

For the first time in his life, Nico felt…touched.

"Thank you." he murmured after a while.

Maybe Wonder Woman was right…maybe this team was where he would actually be accepted…maybe—

"Robin! Ni—"

"Ghost King." corrected Nico before Aqualad could continue.

"Ghost King, I apologise. There seems to be a problem with the security system."

"I'll go check it out." said Robin, heading towards the corridor.

"Remember what I said, Nico."

"What's going on?" said Artemis, staring at the screen in concern as the Team gathered around the hologram screen.

"Batman over-rode the security codes an hour ago, but I don't know why—"

Warning: Unknown energy signature approaching. Attempting to block user…

The mono-toned voice of the cave echoed throughout the mountain, and Nico stepped in just in time to see the all the shadows flying into a corner of the room. He'd seen that before, many times.

"What the—"

Suddenly, a huge dog the size of a truck lunged out of the shadow, and the Team had their respective weapons up, Superboy posed to attack when Nico stopped them.


At the sound of his voice, Mrs. O' Leary let out a ground-vibrating bark and slammed into him, and Nico was sure she'd re-broken his three mending ribs from yesterday.

"Ugh…hey girl…" he groaned as the hellhound bathed him in drool.

"Come on girl, please get off Nico, we don't have much time."

He knew that voice…


Nico was shocked, and it wasn't because of her sudden appearance within the Team's supposedly top-secret hide-out, nonetheless. It was that fact that Annabeth no longer looked as…perfect as she used to. Her ponytail was messy, grey eyes tired and orange shirt crinkled.

Alarm bells rang inside Nico's head, and suddenly his stomach felt sick with worry.

"What happened?"

Annabeth didn't even care to acknowledge the band of young superheroes next to her.


Nico's eyes widened as he felt the world spin around him.

"What. Happened. To. Percy?"

"He's…he's gone missing. We haven't seen him since yesterday. We thought he just went to visit his mum, but we looked everywhere and couldn't find him."

"I'll help." said Nico without hesitation.

No matter how much he hated most of the other half-bloods, his family matters was always a priority.

"Wait, what's going on?" Robin cut in.

Annabeth hesitated, and Nico waved her on impatiently.

"They know."

She bit her lip, but at Nico's nod she turned and began to climb on Mrs. O'Leary's back yet again.

"Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. I'd love to say I'm pleased to meet you but right now is not a good time. Sorry Nico, can't wait, I really need to get going and I've still got to get Tyson and Grover."

Annabeth patted Mrs. O'Leary lightly, urging her to find Grover, but the hellhound whined and dropped to the ground. "Please, girl. I really need to find the satyr, come on." Wordlessly, Nico pulled out a few pomegranate seeds and fed them to the tired hellhound. Immediately, she brightened, and she and Annabeth were gone within moments.

" planning to go as well?"

"Family thing, sorry."

"Are you going to come back?" asked M'gann, as the Team watched him disappear and re-appear with his knives and robe.


"You'll always have a place on this team, GK." said Robin, and that was when Nico noticed that it wasn't a judgmental glint that shone in each of his new teammates' eyes, but rather, empathy.

It was like they knew how important this was to him.

"I'll come back, when all this is sorted out."

And when he spoke the words, he knew they were true.

"I swear on the River Styx."

Then Nico di Angelo was gone within a blink of an eye, leaving no evidence behind except for just the faint sound of thunder rumbling in the distance.

To be continued…

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Sequel to Dark Knights at Gotham City. Four years have passed since the war with the Giants, three months since Wally's disappearance. Yet the aftermath of both wars still linger, and a 17-year-old Nico di Angelo was simply helping his father with a new mission. That is, until he accidentally entered the wrong phone booth, and somehow found himself in the Watchtower. This was just a spark for a new war, however, as ancient evil stirs in deep space, and Nico is now faced with a difficult choice: to fight for his family who had unknowingly joined the "Light" army, soldiers of "good" against "evil", or to fight for his Team that he'd barely known, who operates within the shadows and likes to stay in the dark.

Sooo yeah, tbh this was actually the original story idea I had, but I thought, why not write how Nico gets into the team first? so I did. Anyways, if you feel like sticking around for the sequel, just follow my profile or check again within three-ish months (or earlier), cause I'm hoping to have it up by then. Also, I have put a poll up on my profile as to which three new characters I should add to the sequel. Please vote!



I'm not one to ask for reviews, but now that my story is finished, I just really want you guys to tell me your honest opinion/reviews like: what did you think of it overall? How can I improve it? Am I a shit author or alright? Did you hate it? Love it? What did you love/hate about it? Please be brutally honest! And also, SHOULD I ADD IN TEEN TITANS IN THE SEQUEL? CAUSE IT WOULD REALLY FIT INTO THE STORYLINE AND STUFF BUT IF YOU THINK ITS A TERRIBLE IDEA THEN SAY SO AND I WONT (fyi it's not going to be a three-way crossover though, when i mean teen titans i mean like the Team will be the teen titans, like something will happen and they will become the teen titans). Anyways, that's my rant over. Need to go back to finishing my music theory Hopefully I'll catch you guys later! And Thanks again for Reading!