This AU idea has been bubbling away in my mind ever since I watched Frozen in the cinema! Thanks to Tumblr I quickly grew to love the idea of the Jelsa pairing (Jack Frost and Elsa) and I have finally decided to return to fan fiction writing!

I have never written for this universe before so I apologize if I haven't written them to your liking!

I had difference influences and inspirations when coming up with this universe, so at the bottom of this chapter I'll address the different things that helped me come to some of the creative decisions I made.

Now, technically this takes place in the Frozen universe, however in blends in the RotBTG fan universe as well - so you'll see characters from How To Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Brave and Rise of the Guardians. I know most of these films take place in different time periods and settings but I'll try my best to make them fit with Frozen's mythology.

Without further ado, I give you the first chapter of The Snow That Swirls.

The Snow That Swirls

Chapter 1 - Let Them In

"Elsa! Elsa where are you?"

The halls of Castle Arendelle echoed with the voice of their younger royal, Princess Anna, as she searched through out for her elder sister. She couldn't help herself, after spending years of solitude inside the solemn castle, it was bustling with many servants. They smiled at the excited girl as she sped past, asking as to the whereabouts of her sibling. Anna loved how her life was now. Elsa had returned home and fought back the winter she had caused, the people had accepted her as their Queen. Her sister even approved of Kristoff courting her, as long as the two young love birds had separate rooms for now until he showed he was ready to commit. After all, Elsa approved of Kristoff more than Hands, but that was another story...

Anna came to a stop as she leaned against an open doorway, trying to catch her breath. Running non stop wouldn't do much to help her search. A smile crossed her face as her eyes landed on the open windows, no longer shrouded by thick dark curtains. Arendelle just seemed to blossom now, people came and went to visit the newly opened kingdom. She was sure that their parents would have been proud of what the sisters had accomplished together. People were no longer afraid of the isolated kingdom, many had written letters to the Queen for their approval of visiting. It seemed like every day, royalty wanted to grace the presence of the royal sisters for their words and advice.

"Do you know where Elsa is?" panted Anna as a young maid passed through the doorway. The maid laughed softly to herself before she nodded to the princess.

"Yes Princess Anna. Queen Elsa is in her royal office, attending to some letters she received this morning."

"More letters? She needs to put those down so we can actually go outside again!" Anna huffed as she trailed back the way she came to find her sister's office. Honestly, did their castle have to be so big? Well it had changed slightly, having to have some repairs after the...fiasco that Elsa's powers had caused before. But the past was in the past and they had moved on from it. Her sister had greater control over her powers now that people no longer feared her. She didn't have to worry about hiding herself anymore!

Within the confines of her office, Queen Elsa thumbed through the various parchments that had arrived for her. While it didn't take her long to decipher who was genuine and who had bad intent (usually it was the handwriting that gave it away) the Snow Queen wanted to take her time. She was Queen of Arendelle now, she had to present a good image to foreign lands. Thus she had to give each case her utmost consideration. Then once she was finished she could perhaps go outside and visit the people of the kingdom. It made her smile when the children ran towards her, begging for a snowball fight or to freeze the lake so they could ice skate.

The blue eyed beauty paused as she came across a letter with a familiar seal, of a gorgeous sun. She recalled this symbol from her youth, from when she would watch her mother and father look through their own letters. It was the symbol of the Kingdom of Corona, an ally of theirs through the blood bond between them. Elsa's mother and the Queen of Corona were cousins, meaning that their royal homes were tied together. Elsa hummed as she delicately handled the letter, skimming through it. It was simply a message from the Queen, who was checking on her darling daughter Princess Rapunzel and her husband Eugene. Though Elsa hadn't known it at the time, her cousin Rapunzel and her husband were actually visiting Arendelle during the whole ice ordeal caused by Elsa's powers. Though Eugene didn't seem too impressed at the thought of being trapped in eternal winter, Rapunzel was much more considerate and didn't blame her Arendelle family for the incident.

After they had found time together to speak on current affairs, Elsa had suggested different beauty spots for the happy couple to visit. Anna was awfully keen for the pair to stay in their castle but Rapunzel said she didn't mind lodging in one of the local inns. She was a very outgoing young girl, just like Anna. Elsa carefully folded up the letter and placed it in her desk drawer, making a mental note to reply to the Queen and explain that she was sorry for the worry she had caused. Though she had never met the King and Queen of Corona, she could only imagine they cared deeply for their only daughter, especially after having lost her for many years. Elsa couldn't imagine what would have happened to her if she hadn't had her parents comfort during those tragic years where she had to hide from Anna. It was a shame that Rapunzel didn't have any siblings, but perhaps Eugene was enough for her.

Elsa rested her head in her hand as her eyes scanned over the remaining letters. One more should do, then she should really take a break and get some fresh air. She was surprised that she hadn't been interrupted by Anna yet, her adoring younger sister was always wanting to make up for the lost time of their youth. As much as she loved Anna, she did have to gently tell the girl that she was a Queen now - Elsa carried more responsibility than Anna did after all. Not sure which one to pick next, she closed her eyes and selected one at random. The rest could wait till later, she would cover this one first. She opened her eyes and glanced over the envelope. It held an almost silvery gleam, and the crest branded into it was rather strange. From one angle, the crest was a tooth yet when she tilted the letter another way, the symbol was instead what appeared to be a pair of swords making an X shape. What a strange branding for a letter to have.

With her curiosity rising, Elsa opened the envelope and pulled it out. As she did, a feather fell out, covered in beautiful shades of green and blue. The snow queen picked up the feather, admiring it before her eyes fell on the neat handwriting. It obviously belonged to that of a woman, a man could never have such eye for detail...

'Dearest Queen Elsa.

The story of your struggle has reached the ears of myself and my husband. To know that you rose above your fears to reunite with your sister and bring peace to your kingdom has warmed our hearts. We wish to ask your assistance on a matter of the utmost importance.

My husband and I rule the Kingdom of Burgess, and we have always been at the hands of war. If not by the darkness that threatens to snuff out the light then it is by our own allies turning against us. Recently we have been met by a terrible curse that threatens to destroy us for good, and we seek your aid to help us.

If you would allow it, I wish to visit your kingdom with my husband and children. Once there I would explain our ordeal and pray that you agree to aid us.


Queen Toothiana of Burgess'

Elsa was broken out of her reading as loud knocking sounded against her door. She hid the letter in her drawer, not wanting to bother Anna with it, as her sister burst into her room. "There you are Elsa! Come on out of this stuffy office, Kristoff wants to hold an ice sculpting contest with the towns people and we kind of need your help for that" said Anna, smiling eagerly at her elder sibling. Of course Elsa couldn't deny her sister what she wanted. Kristoff hadn't been around normal people for long, and Anna was doing her best to making the man comfortable in the town.

"I'll be with you in just a moment Anna...I have a very important letter to respond to..."

The first chapter isn't that long purely because its just an initial set up, to establish the beginning. Hopefully future chapters will be longer, since I have them planned out.

And some notes to make!

The idea of Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel being related came from a post I saw on Tumblr comparing the former Queen of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona. I saw the similarities and suddenly had the idea of them being distant relatives, which sort of relates to the similar animation styles both Tangled and Frozen have!

The story will focus more on Elsa now, I just felt you couldn't start this off without Anna as she is an important character in the film. I'm debating whether to include Olaff to the story - I adore him as a character but I am unsure about how to write him. He has a very unique sense of humor.

Next chapter will be quite long, as it will be another ball to welcome some much anticipated guests!

I hope it won't be a long wait for it.

Lots of Love