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The Snow That Swirls

Chapter 4 -Cursed Ice

"Good night Elsa...the ball was wonderful. Don't be worried about the snow, everyone knows that you didn't do it! Sleep well!"

Elsa simply nodded and murmured a good night to her younger sister Anna as the younger princess took hold of Kristoff's hand and walked off to their own sleeping quarters. Well, Elsa atleast hoped that they were still sleeping in the separate rooms she had provided, she wanted Anna to take this courtship slowly and seriously, and Kristoff seemed perfectly happy to take his time. Though Elsa did worry that Anna just wanted to rush everything in fear of losing what she loved. Most likely due to their own childhood...she had essentially lost a sister and their parents for most of her young life. Now she was afraid of losing anyone else. The ball had been going so well until everyone noticed the swirling snow outside. It had taken some time to insist to her guests that Elsa was not the cause of the snow. After all, they would have seen her cast snow from her hands if it was her, and she would have had to have been outside to cause such a snow fall. Yet if it wasn't her, then what was the cause? They were still in summer after all. Even if Arendelle wasn't the warmest kingdom in the world, the air should have been warm enough to prevent snow fall, it would have just fallen like rain.

Pausing at one of the windows, Elsa tried to analyse the snow that fell more slowly now. It wasn't a raging storm like any of her emotional outbursts. It was soft, and gathered on the ground in a coating of pure white snow. If she wasn't so worried, Elsa would have called it beautiful. She had to figure out what had caused it after all, the people of the kingdom would wake in the morning and if the sun didn't melt the snow then they would no doubt have questions for their ruler. Soft whispering nearby caught Elsa's attention and when she lifted her head she spotted the King and Queen of Burgess, standing at the end of the hallway and waiting for her. Of course, the reason she had held the ball in the first place. Not wanting to make the rulers wait any longer, Elsa brushed a stray lock of blonde hair away from her face and glided along the hallway to greet the couple. "I apologise for the wait...I just had to make sure that Anna was fine" she said, clasping her hands in front of her as she bowed her head apologetically.

"Do not worry about tiny thing like that, we are understanding people, da?" chuckled North quietly, though his wife still appeared to have quite the worried look on her face. "Our little Baby Tooth is off to sleepy land now, so shall we be making with the explaining in some where more private?" the older king suggested to the young Queen. "Of course, my office will do just fine" assured Elsa as she led the pair into another wing of the palace that was meant solely for Elsa, where she could work on different subjects to do with her kingdom. With a flick of her hand the snow queen unlocked the office door, lighting up the candles that would provide the room with a gentle light. Despite her love for the cold, Elsa was very fond of candles. It was something about the tiny flickering flame that caught her interest, how it could start out so small but given the right influence it could burst up and cause such destruction. Hence why Elsa only kept enough to light the room but not enough to actually set the room alight.

"Where would you like to start then?" asked Elsa as she took a seat behind her desk, and motioned to the plush chairs she had for when she was having meetings. The husband and wife sat down, each glancing at each other as if to try and figure out where to begin with their plea. "I suppose I shall start" murmured Toothiana as she cleared her throat. "You see, before I married North, I ruled my own kingdom...though I suppose it was more of a queendom. I ruled on my own, to my people who were known as the Tooth Fae. It was our duty to protect the memories of the world, so that should anyone be in their darkest hour, we could provide them with the happy memories of their youth and allow them to see the light. I am a lot older than you may think Elsa, and I ruled my kingdom for hundreds of years until..."

The Queen of Arendelle noted that the woman's eyes were shimmering, as if ready to cry tears. Thankfully North decided to continue on behalf of his wife. "Until some time after we wed" he said in a gruff voice that was surprisingly serious. "My wife and I were given great miracle - miracle of child. Our people were overjoyed, but not all. One of my own men, he was a jealous being known as General Pitch. He was a great fighter, cunning and sly and able to always find ways out of danger. In a war we fought as comrades, he had been driven mad at loss of his little girl. When he was hearing of our joy he demanded that as compensation for losing his daughter, that we give him our child."

Elsa's face was solemn as she listened to their tale. One of their own had demanded such a horrid request? She couldn't imagine how the couple felt at the time, they must have been horrified. "Of course we say no, and I banish him from my kingdom for such disrespect to us. He swore vengeance since then, and his first cruel act was to utterly destroy my wife's land. Her people were dragged to darkness, swallowed up by his nightmares and lost forever. I barely managed to save her life, and I tried to comfort her in time of need". Toothiana placed a hand atop of North's arm and looked up at him lovingly. "You saved me from that darkness and I am still forever grateful that you did" she whispered lovingly to him. The Queen of Burgess looked back to Elsa, her expression grim. "Despite my great loss of my people and my land, I had to stay strong for the sake of my child...and months later I gave birth to our son. My darling Jackson...such perfect little teeth."

As she listened to their story, Elsa's mind whirred to try and connect the dots. Was this son the brother that the little princess had mentioned? Had Pitch taken the boy away from his loving parents? Who could be so cruel? "We feared another attack from Pitch but we didn't hear of him for years. When we found out that I was to be blessed with another child, he struck again but not at us, but at a close ally of ours. You remember Aster don't you?". Elsa nodded her head as she recalled the Pooka warrior. "He wasn't always Sandy's guard. He was once a prince himself, of a race of people known as the Pooka. He represented such hope, he over saw the birth of life and the hope in others...however Pitch destroyed that hope. He lashed out at Aster due to hearing how we were to receive another child, and he obliterated Aster's land and people. We nearly lost poor Aster...the man was broken, he had lost his own wife and children in the fight and he was the last of his kind. Thankfully Sandy brought him out of his depression and gave him new purpose..."

That explained the Pooka's obvious reluctance to socialise with the other guests at the party. How could one man cause so much despair to so many kingdoms? Elsa wondered if her parents had ever heard of such a dangerous man, did they know what danger lurked beyond their borders? They must have had some idea, yet they still braved the ocean on that one trip. "Darling Baby Tooth was born and our Jack was besotted with her" noted North as he folded his arms. "We had happy little family, and were trying to pick up pieces broken by Pitch. We were preparing to crown our son as prince on his seventeenth birthday...".

"Jack wanted to take his little sister ice skating...he loved the snow and ice, just as much as North" said Toothiana, wiping away a tear that threatened to fall from her eyes. "Pitch saw his chance and he got it. He cracked the ice beneath our daughter's feet and she was about to fall in...when Jack pushed her out of danger and fell himself into the frozen water. There wasn't anything my daughter could do but watch as her big brother drowned right before her eyes". Elsa placed a hand over her mouth in shock, this lovely couple had lost their first son, who was simply trying to protect his younger sibling? Elsa wasn't sure what she would do if anyone tried to take Anna away from her now. Anna was the one willing to lose her own life to save the Queen, and Elsa had managed to rescue her sister in return. How must that little girl feel? "We thought we had lost him for good but...but our love for our son managed to salvage him somewhat. He did not die...we do not fully understand how it happened but the cold preserved him, kept him alive and gave him strength."

"But Pitch would not let him go so easily" growled North as he glared at the floor. "That man, he cursed my son. Fed on the fears of my daughter and kingdom and convinced them all that our son was dead. Due to this a curse was cast on my son...no one could see him if they didn't believe in him. He was invisible to everyone but us, and it tortured him so. We feared he would run away anguish but we managed to convince him to remain with us...allow us to find a way to save him from solitude for the rest of his life."

"That is when we had heard of your story Elsa" interrupted Toothiana, renewed hope in her eyes. "We had heard of how you controlled your power, how the people rallied behind you once they saw you for who you really are. We hoped, that you would aid us in lifting the curse from our son. We love him dearly, and we fear that if this curse is not lifted...Pitch will find a way to take Jack from us, convince him that no one else can help our son but him...we need your help Elsa, please."

With both eyes on her, Elsa felt her heart thudding her chest. It was such a task that was on her shoulders. These people were desperate to aid their son, she could see the love evident in their eyes. How could she deny them? "Why me though? Why me specifically?" she wondered softly, not wanting to appear heartless to him. "The strange power that allowed him to keep his life left him with a gift similar to yours" explained the Burgess King. "You mean...ice? Snow? He controls them like...me?" Elsa asked, eyes wide at the prospect of there being another being who held power such as herself. That itself could be dangerous if this Jack also held emotional anguish. Was he the reason that the snow suddenly fell this night? Had he heard his sister express her sadness over his loss and reacted through his power? It made a lot of sense.

Both rulers nodded, their faces solemn as they waited a moment. "Will you help us? Help our son?" pleaded Toothiana, hands clutched to her chest. Elsa was quiet before she rose from her chair. She stared at them before the smallest smile flickered over her face. "I will do everything in my power lift your son's curse. I know what it is like to be alone...and I wouldn't wish such a fate on anyone". Outside, unknown to the three inside, the snow fall stopped at once at hearing those words.

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