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Pairings: ShawnXJuliet, Gerald(OC)XKacey(OC)

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Chapter Four

Gus was gagging before they got to the bottom of the staircase. "This one's bad Shawn, the super sniffer is picking up the body from here." Shawn looked between his friend and the house.

Lassiter stepped up beside them. "There's two Victims this time. The son is in the basement, and the mother is in the upstairs bathroom. Kevin and his mother, Melanie Dale."

Shawn shook his head, before looking up the steps to where Juliet was coming down to meet them. He couldn't hear Lassie talking anymore as he watched her golden hair fluttering in the wind. "You should probably stay here Gus. You don't want to throw up all over the crime scene." He ran up the stairs, moving carefully around Jules, so that he could avoid talking to her. He knew it was a close call at the Psych office yesterday, and made a mental note to give Buzz a pineapple for saving his ass.

Juliet watched up the stairs, before turning to Gus. "What's his problem?"

Gus's lips twitched. "Do you want my personal opinion or just an obtuse observation?"

"Either, both. I just want to know why he's acting so afraid of me."

Gus tsked. "He's not afraid of you Jules. He's in love with you. He's afraid that you two will get together and that some psychopath will come along and hurt you to get to him."

"But I can pr-."

"You're never going to get Shawn to realize that. He will always be worried about you Jules. That's the thing about Shawn, I know he get's a lot of crap for acting so childish most of the time. But he's got the biggest heart of anybody that I've ever met." Gus pointed at the door that his friend had just disappeared through. "He's pushing you away, because he doesn't want to lose you."

Dear Diary, whatever,

Today, I will put the first stage of ruin Shawn Spencer into action! The people that I've murdered so far haven't mattered towards the overall goal of my plan. I WILL kill Shawn Spencer, and I won't let anybody stop me from that. Wether it be that dastardly duo of his old parter and his ex girlfriend, or O'Hara and Lassiter, or even his best friend Gus, or Father Henry. Shawn Spencer will die! And soon!


Shawn ran towards the bar, vaguely noticing his father and Lassie following behind him. He burst through the door, and ran towards the counter. He picked up the card and read it. His dad and Detective Lassiter entered in time to see him hop over the counter. Reaching the bottom of the low tunnel, he turned on his flashlight. He saw Gus standing at the end, looking between the left side or the right. "Gus, where's Jules?"

"I don't know which way they went Shawn."

Shawn shined the light down one way, and then the other. Noticing a small torn cloth, he turned down the left side. "JULES!" He hollered, running down the passageway. Turn after turn, he followed a trail of pieces of torn fabric, before stopping suddenly. "JULIET!" He screamed, anguished when he realized what was happening.

"SHAWN-HAWN-AWN-WN." Gus, Lassie, and Henry yelled, voices echoing off the walls.

Shawn leaned against the wall, and let himself slide to the floor. Arms wrapping around his knees, he pressed his face into his knees. Gus was the first one who reached him, crouching down in front of him, and pushing his head away from his knees. "Shawn, what happened."

"The trail of torn cloth was leading away from the direction they were going. He's now, who knows how far ahead of us, and he's got Jules." Shawn met Gus's eyes. "He's got her Gus."

*Ring**Ring*Shawn rolled over in bed and grabbed his phone off the side table. "Shawn Spencer Head Psychic Detective of the SBPD."

"I've got your girl." A raspy voice said, before he heard an ominous click.

Shawn lay dumbfounded for a moment before he was pulling on clothes, and running out the door without realizing he was only wearing one shoe.

"He's got Juliet!" He yelled, running into the police station, tears of disbelief running down his face.

He stumbled, running around the corner of the desk and towards the chief's office. "I got a call, he's got Ju-."

A movement from her desk caught his eye, "Shawn? What are you talking about?" Juliet walked around her desk until she was standing four feet away. People were watching them, and had been, since Shawn ran in yelling.

"I got a call saying that he had my.."

She shuffled a step closer. "He's got your what?"

Realizing that this was the time to tell Juliet how he felt, he stepped closer. "You." He said, reaching out to push a lock of hair behind her ear. "I got a call saying that he had you. I was scared because, if it was true then I wouldn't ever be able to tell you that I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. That since you stole my seat in the diner you have had me entranced. When I realized that Yin had you, my heart stopped beating, and I hated that I had to go after Abigail instead of you." He paused to take a breath, raising a hand to point at his heart, his other wiping the fallen tears from his face. "And when he called me, I was hit with the thought that I would never be able to tell you that I've been in love with you for six years, my heart just broke all over again."

Gus, just walking in, carrying a drink carrier with four pineapple smoothies paused. "Shawn, where is your other shoe?"

Shawn and Juliet stepped towards each other at the same time, wrapping their arms around each other, and heads moving so their lips could meet. Lassiter groaned at his desk at the realization that he would have to put up with Spencer a lot more often now. Applause was breaking out across the station. Gus tsked because the smoothies were melting. Karen smiled because the tension between the two had been growing unbearable. The Green Lightning grinned, because Shawn Spencer was playing right into his hands.