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Chapter 1 - To Never Fall Asleep

Every time he looked into the blue eyes he was always met with a promise of love. At times unspoken, but always conveyed; kept just for him, given freely and gladly along the steps they walked together. A trust so deeply rooted that it stayed unchangeable through all changes. Every word in every song that his mind created was connected to him somehow, because that was how he felt about Kurt, that's how he had always felt about Kurt.


Blaine's golden eyes tracked every detail in the majestic church in Old Greenwich as if he was trying to snap a mental picture for later memories. The arched raw limestone-ceiling, ornamented with sculptured angels was soaring high above them. The crystal chandeliers unfolded a glittery reflection to it's surroundings. And the soft light from the candles flickered; one on each row; connected by ivory satin drapings that led all the way from the door in the back, up to the altar where he now stood.

Kurt had outdone himself with the decorations and it left Blaine proud and emotional as he took it all in.

With a deep breath he tried to release the tension, spreading from his neck down to his shoulders. Cooper was standing right next to him, stoic and calm with his familiar radiant smile. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were sitting in the front row. James, in a perfectly tailored black suit with a lavender bow tie and Rebecca, wearing a gorgeous dress in a matching color. They were a beautiful couple and their pride for Cooper and Blaine showed in every smile. So much had changed for them as a family ever since Blaine reconciled with his father. The relationship had developed from a stumbling start to a new trust Blaine had never dared dream about just a couple of years ago. But it was not just them as a family, it was his parents marriage, too. Something had sparked between them that hadn't been there for as long as Blaine could remember.

He caught his father's eyes and found nothing but assurance and his mother winked with a warm expression on her face.

"Don't be nervous, baby brother," Cooper whispered amused, knowing that everybody was watching their every move.

"I'm not nervous," Blaine objected quietly without looking at his brother. "Why should I be nervous? I have nothing to be nervous about?"

Cooper made a funny noise, subtle, but mockingly. "Sweet, Blaine, really sweet. I know you better than that."

Blaine switched the weight between his feet. YouTube was loaded with video's of people fainting at the altar, because they were standing in the same position for too long. And he refused to draw that kind of attention to himself right now. He closed his eyes to focus for a minute, but was interrupted a moment later by commotion from the door. Everything was ready.

The two brothers straightened up as the anticipation in the crowd grew and soon the first chords from the beautiful ornamented organ announced the celebration of a love story.

The tall doors at the end of the church opened and with the sunlight streaming from behind, Katie stood tall with her father by her side. She looked almost royal in the way she gracefully held herself. Whatever nervousness or hesitance she must have experienced, distinctly faded away the moment she found Cooper's eyes. And a beautiful smile lit up her face.

Blaine lost his breath for a moment. Not only because of her beauty but because she was the key to his brothers happiness in every aspect.

Katie was all Cooper had ever needed. The last year had proved that in abundance. She was kind and mild, loved Cooper to death, but didn't let him get away with everything. Cooper was happy and bright whenever they were together and she could turn a bad day around for him in a heartbeat if things had been difficult at work.

She had connected with Blaine instantly and soon she had proved to understand the complicity between the Anderson brothers and their parents in a way he hadn't anticipated of an outsider.

Katie's mom had committed suicide when Katie was 15. And with the difficult teenage years ahead she'd been forced to struggle her way through life, mourning the loss of a mother and picking up a devastated father.

But today, as they walked down the aisle, Katie's hand tucked safely under the crook of her father's elbow, they looked happy and at peace.

Katie's wedding gown was a dream of ivory silk. Draped and tailored to cling to the beautiful curves of her body. The sweetheart neckline was decorated with a row of laced roses that continued down the back. Katie and Ally had worked out the design together and Ally had used hours and hours, sewing and fitting until it was perfect. The jewelries were elegant and expensive and her dark brown hair was half way up and loosely braided around fresh, creamy roses, continuing down her veil.

Blaine forced his eyes away from the bride for a moment and turned to his brother. Cooper looked melted and unglued as he blinked the tears away. Everything was just the way it was supposed to be, he thought, and soaked it all in.

Then Blaine caught a sight of the love of his life, seated in the second row behind his parents. Kurt met his stare with calm blue eyes and a subtle smile, and Blaine lingered on the beautiful features and the perfectly formed mouth. Absentmindedly he licked his lips. The response came right away as Kurt bit his bottom lip and held his breath. Blaine tried to control his smile but an arched eyebrow and a daring look from Kurt made it impossible. How do you resist a flirting boyfriend at a wedding?

With Katie and her dad safely arriving at the altar Cooper greeted his bride with a kiss on her cheek and then whispered something in her ear. She smiled and mouthed a "thank you" before he led her to her chair. And with everyone seated the ceremony began.

Blaine followed everything closely from the songs to the ministers speech for the happy couple. But ever so often he was distracted by Kurt.

He was more in love than ever.

He and Kurt had been together for a year now and their anniversary celebration still stirred right underneath Blaine's skin; warm and vibrant. So much had happened in their life recently. After clutching most of their stuff together at Kurt's apartment in Bushwick for too long they had taken over Cooper's old apartment when he had moved in with Katie. And despite the distance they had kept the loft as the center of their company's production. And with the spare bedroom, they could still spend the night in Bushwick if necessary.

"A Song For Cordelia" had been picked up, with Kurt as leading man, by a pretty prestigious off-Broadway theater only a couple of months after the final show with the Pantheon Theater Group. And Blaine's band "Sound Of Seduction" was constantly booking new gigs, which meant that their overall financial situation had improved substantially.

Blaine still breathed the air around Kurt and couldn't believe he had been lucky enough to be with this amazing man every day. To live together had proved to be much more challenging, intense and rewarding than they had ever foreseen.

Blaine finally trusted Kurt to stay with him - even through his momentarily insufferabilities. He had learned to believe enough in them to share everything with Kurt and not back down if his opinion led to a fight. Kurt, on his hand, worked hard on his impatience and tried to slow down when Blaine felt decisions were made too fast. They had one rule in the everyday life of their relationship. They were not allowed to fall asleep in the middle of an argument. It had to be worked out before they closed their eyes.

Kurt lingered on Blaine's face too, obviously just as distracted. Blaine mouthed a "I love you", which made his boyfriend blush before he mouthed a "I love you too," back.

He could still make Kurt Hummel blush and it felt empowering. Blaine cleared his throat and joined the rest of the congregation in singing a psalm Cooper and Katie had chosen together.

One day he would ask Kurt to marry him and he couldn't wait for that day. But the timing had to be right and he still needed to figure out how to do it. It should be grand and unforgettable, completely over the top.

Cooper leaned closer. "Isn't she just beautiful?"

Blaine smiled and looked in Katie's direction. "She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," he whispered back.

"You have the rings, right?"

"Of course; you've already asked; before the ceremony. Don't you remember?"

Cooper shifted in the chair. "Did I?"

"Now look who's nervous," Blaine teased.

Cooper never got the chance to answer back before the minister asked the bride and groom to join him at the altar. A shaky breath left the older brother as he got up. Blaine padded him on his back. "She's about to be yours," he said with a smile.

Katie reached out for her husband-to-be and intertwined their fingers before she whispered something calming to him, and together they walked the few steps up to the minister.

"Dearly beloved." The minister began and addressed all the smiling faces waiting in anticipation. "We are gathered here today, in the sight of God and this company, to witness and celebrate one of life's greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes and blessings to the union of Katherine and Cooper. Before we proceed with the traditional vows the bride and groom have a few words they would like to say to each other. Katherine will go first."

Everybody in the church got quiet and only a muffled sound of handkerchiefs being pulled out of secret places escaped the silence.

Katie turned to Cooper and grabbed both of his hands, lingering in the connection between them for a moment before she started.

"I once read a word of wisdom that goes like this: When people build up walls, it's not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down," she said. Then her voice broke a bit. "Cooper, you cared enough to break down my walls and I will be forever grateful for that. You have shown me that love should be embraced to the fullest instead of questioned all the time. You have taught me that true strength is hidden in vulnerability. And you have proved to me that even in my darkest hours your arms will always cover me. You are the bravest and most caring man I know. And there is nothing that I'd rather do than spend the rest of my life with you."

Blaine could only see the back of his brother, but the reaction from people around them told all he needed to know. He caught a sight of his mother's teary eyes and Katie's dad couldn't have looked any prouder. Kurt was blinking fast until Santana, who was seated next to him, handed him a tissue and with an eyeroll had to take one for her self as well.

Cooper cleared his voice and everybody got silent again. The strong, tall man, who was never at loss of words all of a sudden had to take a moment.

"Katie, loving you is the easiest thing I have ever had to do," he then said. "Asking you out for the first time however, was the hardest." People laughed muffled around him and Katie nodded with a smirk. "You came into my life when I had expected it the least, you swept me off of my feet and grounded me at the same time. You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, inside and out, and try as I may I can't help feeling lost when you're not around. To stand here today with you, my darling, is my biggest accomplishment and my greatest joy. Katie ... you are the love of my life."

With those beautiful statements the minister took his bible and turned to Cooper. "Cooper Edgar Anderson do you take Katherine Annalee Stone for your lawful wedded wife, to live in the holy state of matrimony?"

"I do," Cooper answered.

"Will you love, honor, comfort and cherish her from this day forward, for as long as you both shall live?

"I certainly do."

The last response put smile on everybody's lips once more.

Then the minister turned to Katie. "Katherine Annalee Stone, do you take Cooper Edgar Anderson for your lawful wedded husband, to live in the holy state of matrimony?"

"I do," Katie said.

"Will you love, honor, comfort and cherish him from this day forward, for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

As the words settled in the beautiful church it was as all nervousness left the happy couple. They repeated their vows, loud and clear, after the minister and Cooper managed to put the ring on Katie's finger without problems. And sealed with a kiss that no one would forget for a

while the minister presented Mr. and Mrs. Stone-Anderson.

Rose petals were raining down over the newlyweds when they walked down the aisle, smiling and waving as if royalty was running in their veins. Behind them came James and Rebecca Anderson next to Katie's dad; smiles as broad as could be.

Blaine walked the few steps to Kurt's row and reached out to him with a subtle smile. Kurt proudly connected their hands and positioned himself next to his boyfriend. "Hello there," Kurt said under his breath before they slowly followed the procession out, right behind Rebecca and James.

"Hi handsome," Blaine responded softly. "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

"You have," Kurt responded, making sure to smile to the guests they passed by. "But today I'm wearing clothes, so I might be hard to recognize," he whispered through barely moving lips.

Blaine didn't have time to catch the snort that escaped him. "Kuuurt," he gasped and bit the inside of his cheek as various pictures of a very hot and very naked Kurt passed before his inner eye.

"What?" Kurt asked innocently.

Blaine wet his lips and waved to one of his cousins and her family, focused on composing himself in front of hundreds of more or less familiar faces. "I'm at my brothers wedding and we're supposed to behave, remember?"

Kurt sighed happy. "That sounds like a challenge to me," he said and winked at Fred and Ally.

"I don't stand a chance, do I?" Blaine moaned and welcomed the familiar coil of feelings gathering low in his stomach.

"Well, you seem to have a very hard time saying no to me."

"I'm tempted to say "try me" but you're right. I find it very difficult to say no to you." They looked at each other right before reaching the door and started giggling.

Blaine's mother turned at the commotion. "Well the two of you seem to be having fun," she said with a knowing smile.

Kurt froze on the spot. "Um … we are, Rebecca" he managed to say more high pitched than usual and blushing like a tomato overdue to the point of near explosion. He frantically pulled Blaine away once they stepped outside. "Oh my god, you don't think she overheard our conversation, do you?" he asked worried.

Blaine put on a smug smile. "And what if she did?" he asked with a shrug. The sun was shining as if it was paid it to do so and people were making a beeline to the bride and groom to congratulate them.

"You have got to be kidding!" Kurt objected. "Then I'll never be able to look her in the eyes again. She must think I'm some kind of sex monster, seducing her youngest son at any given moment."

Blaine put a hand on Kurt's soft cheek. "Well, it's not that far from the truth, is it?"

Kurt opened his mouth to say something but closed it again and allowed himself to get lost in the amber eyes instead.

"Come," Blaine said and kept their fingers intertwined. "Let's go tease Mr. and Mrs. Stone-Anderson, shall we?"

The afternoon wedding reception was held at a venue next to the church and was a great opportunity to mingle and make sure that everybody felt welcome and seen. As best man Blaine had certain obligations and Kurt was happy to join him and make himself look the best way possible as he met the entire Anderson family, from aunts and uncles, to cousins and spouses. Things got particularly tricky if people had been divorced and had remarried, bringing stepchildren into the family. Then even Blaine had to fake it for a while.

When they walked back to the buffet for a refill of appetizers and champagne Blaine elbowed Kurt and nodded subtle in the direction of a chubby man, filling his plate up to the top as he repeatedly wiped his greasy fingers off in his suit.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Someone should offer that man a napkin."

"It's Katie's second cousin, Miles," Blaine explained. "We're supposed to look after him a bit today. He might want to cause some trouble later on and I promised Katie to keep him on a short leash."

"What kind of problems?" Kurt asked, not pleased with the assignment at all.

Blaine grabbed two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter and handed Kurt one of them "When he gets drunk he becomes a bit nasty, and apparently he gets drunk a lot."

Kurt shrugged. "It's hardly a real wedding without an embarrassing uncle … or cousin." He took a swig of the glass and prompted Blaine to follow him a bit further away.

"He's also known to be somewhat of a homophobe," Blaine continued, "So I'm not sure what's in store for us. Just remember to be polite and brush it off your shoulders, Kurt. Can you promise me that?"

Kurt frowned. "I'm not going to keep my mouth shut if he insults us, Blaine; you know that."

"I know," Blaine sighed and let his hand run soothingly down Kurt's back. "Let's just hope he doesn't say anything then."

Kurt suddenly grabbed Blaine's arm as he followed one particular guest with his eyes. "Who's the lady with the obnoxiously big hat?" he asked.

Blaine chuckled. He didn't even have to look. "That's Katie's Aunt Agatha. I've met her once before and apparently she has a hat fetish."

Kurt turned away from the lady again. "I am telling you, a peacock suffered a horrible, horrible death in order to provide feathers enough for a disaster like that."

"Kurt, you're such a drama queen," Blaine added amused as he found the feathered hat in the crowd.

"But look at it, seriously. I feel bad on behalf of all peacocks in the entire world. Nobody should suffer from bad fashion," Kurt said in a matter-of-factly voice. "But … on the upside with an artistic name as Aunt Agatha, I'm sure I could write an entire musical about her."

Blaine bit his bottom lip hard now. Kurt seemed to be determined to send him into a giggle attack and oh my god he was right. Aunt Agatha was a character of her own. "Oh shit," he suddenly mumbled.

"What?" Kurt asked.

"I accidentally made eye contact with her and then she waved. I think she is heading our way," Blaine explained.

"Blaaine, you're not supposed to look them in the eyes. That's when they know you're vulnerable," Kurt gasped frantically. "Are we supposed to hug her?"

Blaine chuckled. He didn't know for how much longer he could stand this. "Of course we have to hug her, honey."

"Can't we just shake hands?"

"All aunts are huggers, you know that, Kurt."

The big feathered lady was closing in on them, waving on her way as she tackled most obstacles on her way.

"Yes, all aunts are huggers but they are also wet cheek kissers. It comes with the title - it's part of their job description," Kurt pointed out.

Blaine was never given the time to answer before the aunt stood in front of him with a beaming smile.

"Ooooh, you must be Blaine," she said and clasped her hands together in eily excitement. Her large flowered big dress revealed a little too much cleavage as her breasts wobbled between her arms.

"That I am, that I am," Blaine said, hardly daring to breath from suppressed laughter. This was too much to bear all at once.

"Awww, you look so pretty," she squealed and patted him on his cheek. "You Anderson brothers are so handsome, and I'm beyond thrilled that Katie is marrying into such a fine looking family," she confided over the rim of her pointy green glasses. "That marriage will produce some very beautiful children, mark my words, young man. And you know what they say; the world is wide open for the young and the beautiful."

"Well, I'm happy that Cooper can provide a set of beautiful genes," Blaine heard himself say, completely aware that Kurt was choking next to him. "I'm so … happy to meet you," he continued with his triangular eyebrow pressed all the way up to his hairline.

Aunt Agatha tilted her head. "Oh, me too, Blaine, me too. I'm sure we'll see so much more of each other in the future, and I can't wait to get to know you a lot better. Now let me give you a kiss."

To Blaine's horror the big woman leaned in and all he could feel was breasts, that still hadn't stopped wobbling, being pressed against him. He quickly managed to turn his cheek to Aunt Agatha's ruby red smeared lips, preventing a complete catastrophe. For a second the big hat shadowed his entire world and then a wet kiss was delivered. Kurt was fighting the feathers next to him with a snort. But he could laugh all his wanted, Blaine though, because he was next.

And as expected Kurt received the same treatment from the thrilled aunty, who went out of her way to tell him how very fine she was with homosexuality and if they ever needed a surrogate mother, one of her closest friends daughter, Jane, would be absolutely happy to help them out. Jane had a wonderful personality and a solid bone structure so they could even use her as an egg donor.

Blaine couldn't keep it together for much longer if his life had depended on it and the minute Aunt Agatha's stream of words stopped in order for her to take a breath, Blaine made an excuse for both of them and dragged Kurt into a small room next to the wardrobe.

Safe away from feathers and wet kisses they broke down in laughter, unable to stop again.

"Oh please, please, baby, we have to write a role based on her," Kurt begged with tears in his eyes, followed by another giggle attack.

"That was the most surreal family encounter I have ever had to endure," Blaine breathed out, when he finally got some control over himself again. "She is without filter."

"... and without a bra in the right size, that's for sure," Kurt added. And with that Blaine broke down once more.

Santana startled them from behind and watched them cross armed and with a firm stare. "If I had a nickle for everytime the two of you should get a room I'd be a permanent resident in a luxurious "Sea Resort and Spa" by Railay Beach in Thailand, sipping pure liquid happiness from colored drinks with little pink umbrellas in them."

The boys smiled at her through muffled laughs. "If you had endured what we were just put through, you would have needed a moment too," Blaine confessed. "And by the way, you would miss us way too much to immigrate to Thailand."

Santana rolled her eyes. "Why does everybody have to turn into sentimental babblers just because we're at a wedding."

"If you can't handle the romance then maybe you should have brought a date," Kurt said with a smirk "I'm sure Charleen would have come if you had asked her nicely. Besides, it's about time we meet her, don't you think?"

Ally dropped in. "Oh, there you are guys. Do you all want a ride to the hotel? We have a big cab coming in five."

Blaine checked his watch. "I need to go there early anyway. I have to run through my best man speech before dinner, so I'll come."

"Sure," Kurt agreed. "Let's go before Aunt Agatha hunts us down again."

"Oh, didn't I say?" Blaine asked with a puzzled expression and began to fix Kurt's bowtie that had been rumpled a bit in the commotion.

"Say what?"

"You're sitting next to Aunt Agatha at dinner, so you'll have plenty of time to talk to her," Blaine answered and winked before he turned around and followed Santana and Ally.

Kurt dropped his head and started laughing again. "Now wouldn't that be a treat," he joked and joined the rest of them. Then doubt showed in his eyes and he hurried in front of Blaine again. "You're kidding, right?"

"No I'm not," Blaine answered sincerely, "you're sitting next to her. I swear. I wish I could have saved you somehow, but I'm kind of stuck together with my parents and the bride and groom at the wedding party table."

Kurt narrowed in on Blaine's golden honest stare. "I don't believe you," he then stated. "You don't know the first thing about the table plan."

"I saw Cooper and Katie make it, so I know enough," Blaine said. "Not everybody can handle Aunt Agatha but they both agreed that you would be man enough for it." Blaine patted his boyfriend on the arm and sent him an encouraging smile. "I'm sure you'll do fine."

Then he stepped out together with the rest of their friends.

"Blaaine … you can't … this better not be true, Anderson!" Kurt yelled as he hurried after them.

Kurt kept complaining all the way in the cab. And when they arrived to the hotel where the wedding party was held he still begged Blaine to tell the truth. The moment they stepped into their hotel room, he blocked the way for Blaine so he couldn't reach his suitcase with the speech in it. "I'm not going to let you rehearse until you promise me it isn't so. I'm seriously not going to survive!"

Blaine laughed and pulled his boyfriend in for a kiss. Kurt did his best not to give in, but when Blaine's hands skimmed up and down his back underneath the jacket he gave up and kissed back with a happy sigh.

"Of course you're not sitting next to aunty. You belong next to me, you silly boy," Blaine whispered against Kurt's lips.

Kurt's shoulders relaxed. "I knew that. I knew that all along. Just don't ever scare me like that again."

"I promise."

"You're crossing your fingers behind my back, right?"

"Yes, I am," Blaine chuckled.

Kurt tangled his fingers in Blaine's black hair. "What to do with you. What to do with you."

"First you kiss me and then you help me with my speech."

"Just kiss you?"

"We'll see about that."

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