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Chapter 2 - To My Brother

Even though the best man's speech was rehearsed and Blaine knew what he wanted to say, he was a nervous wreck, sitting there at the wedding party table. They had shared a lot of things together, he and Cooper, but despite the close friendship they had developed the past few years a part of their memory was still connected to a difficult childhood. They had never lost a mother, like Kurt and Katie had, but the loss of feeling unconditionally loved by their dad as they grew up, had been just as real. And for better or worse that was a part of their bond too and one of the reasons why Cooper got him on so many levels. That's why Cooper mattered so much now and that's why Blaine wanted the speech to be perfect.

Kurt sensed his mental absence and squeezed Blaine's hand under the table as the merry talk continued around them. "You'll be alright," he said with a soft smile. "Think of this as one of your concerts. The moment you get up in front of everybody you'll forget why you were so nervous."

Blaine knew he was right, but somehow this felt different. "I just want it to be perfect," he answered.

"And what is perfect?" Kurt asked curious.

Blaine thought about it. "Perfect is that I don't stumble over my words, that people laugh at my jokes and … that Cooper understands how much he means to me."

"In that case I'm sure you will succeed," Kurt said convincingly. "Your jokes are funny and you have written a beautiful speech. As for the rest, all the things you can't say out loud, I promise you that Cooper knows."

Blaine squinted and tilted his head, fully aware that he could get Kurt to do anything for him when he pulled that trick. "Do you promise you'll laugh?"

"I swear that I will laugh," Kurt said solemnly.

"And not just a silent laughter inside?"

"I'll laugh as loud as you want me to."

"Well not embarrassing loud, right?"

"I'll keep it to a medium."

"Medium is good."

"Blaine ... you're procrastinating."

He was so busted. "Yes I am … okay … I'm going to do this." Blaine took a deep breath and got up, and as he clanged on the crystal glass with his knife the "performer" stepped out. The golden stare calmed down and a relaxed smile lingered on his lips.

Forks and knifes silenced around the tables and eyes turned to Blaine in anticipation.

"Dear family and friends," he set off. "As best man it's such an honor for me to stand here today to celebrate two people that are not only my closest family, but also some of my closest friends. There is a Gaelic proverb saying: Choose your husband as you wish your children to be." Blaine waited a beat before a smirk broke through. "Katie, are you sure you want to see this through?"

People started laughing around them and Katie kissed a blushing Cooper with a chuckle.

"You see, Cooper's kids will be loud and at times obnoxious. They will point their fingers at you when business is serious and shout to be intense. They will rehearse different accents while dining at restaurants, embarrassing whoever is with them. They will give the most terrible career advice and not follow them themselves. But … on the upside they will have very blue eyes and a smile that can melt the North pole."

Cooper threw his hands to side. "I'm sorry, but he's actually right," he confessed beaming.

"Katie, consider yourself warned," Blaine added with a wink.

"I'll take him anyway," Katie stated happy.

When everything had calmed down again Blaine captivated the attention for the next part of his speech.

"Coops, 5 years ago I would never have imagined that you and I would become as close as we are today. You were this distant older brother that didn't have a clue about my problems as a teenager. Later I realized that you understood so much more than I ever gave you credit for at the time. I think you've always been looking out for me, even when I wasn't aware."

Cooper's blue eyes were locked on Blaine now and his soft smile made Blaine's throat tightened as he continued. "But it wasn't until my last two years in college that we suddenly started seeing more of each other. You would come to Chicago out of nowhere, just to hang out with me and make sure I was okay.

The year we shared in your apartment here in New York proved once and for all how much you had my back and how well you knew me after all. At a time with confusion and lost love, you pulled me through and made sure that I heard what my heart was screaming from the roof tops. I could not have asked for a more supportive brother. I love you and … I'll always be there for you," Blaine finished with a broken voice.

Cooper spontaneously got up and the brothers met in a tight hug. "I love you too, baby brother," he whispered into Blaine's ear. Blaine swiped a tear away when they let go of each other again, embarrassed about being so emotional. "I have things to say to Katie too, so I'm not sitting down," he said to all the wedding guests and dried one more tear away with an exaggerated motion. "Give the guy a mic and he'll never know when to quit, right?"

Blaine heard Kurt's soft chuckle next to him. He was there; just as he had promised. Reassured like that Blaine was ready to go on and he turned to his sister in law.

"Katie, welcome to our family. I know it's official today but it feels like you've been a part of our family for a long time. You are smart, and you are wise, and together with Kurt you have turned out to be everything the Anderson family needed to be complete."

Katie gave Blaine an adoring smile in return.

"We've had many hearts-to-hearts by the kitchen counter, insomniac and philosophical, wondering about life and death, love and insecurity. And I have appreciated every minute of it. But there is one thing I value about you more than anything; you make my brother happy. More happy than I have ever seen him before. And for that I will always love you."

Katie's expression softened by his words and with tears in her eyes she blew him a kiss.

"I remember the first time I saw you. Cooper had persuaded you and another co-worker to come to a concert with me and my band. And I kept wondering if it was you or your girlfriend Cooper was falling for. Kurt later told me that it was definitely the dark haired girl. It took him quite some time to ask you out on a proper date, which was so unlike Cooper. When it came to girls he never wasted time - let me put it like that. But he was terrified that you might turn him down and that's when I realized that you were something special."

Blaine reached down for his glass and prompted everybody to do the same.

"Cooper and Katie - I believe in love and I believe in you. Let's make a toast for the happy couple."

After the best man's speech it was easy for Blaine to enjoy the rest of the evening. Most of their New York friends were there. Cooper had connected with a lot of them during the crazy days of "A Song For Cordelia" and as a group they kept growing into each others lives. It was Ally and Fred, Megan and Matt; Josh, who had brought a date none of them had ever seen, and Santana. Rachel and Mark had been invited too, but Rachel had declined with an excuse none of them could remember or make sense of right now. Kurt suspected something was up with her but they hadn't talked for awhile, so maybe she was just stressed out. He made a mental note to call her one of these days.

Everybody was light hearted and enjoyed the party, dancing, talking and teasing each other. Especially Josh's date was a subject for discussion when she wasn't around. So far they had learned that her name was Michelle and that she worked as a model. Besides that she hadn't said a word to anyone, except Josh, and even that was kept to a minimum. Her attitude told the rest of the story though. She was a sulking, starving girl, clearly indicating she was too cool to be there. But Josh was on cloud nine and treated her like a princess. He clearly felt he had hit jackpot and it wasn't their job to tell him otherwise. But Megan had a hard time keeping quiet. Josh was like a little brother to all of them and she had always kept an eye out for him.

"What do you guys talk about?" she asked Josh with a worried frown in her forehead when Michelle had excused herself to got to the ladies room.

Josh just put his arm around Megan's shoulder and hugged her. And given the fact that the kid was at the end of a growth spurt and was at least 5 inches taller than her, he looked more like an older brother instead of the eager teenager that had joined the band a year and a half ago.

"We don't talk, Meg," he said with a smug face, "we kiss."

The entire group roared with laughed and Santana gave Josh a high five, clearly impressed. With an eye roll Megan let it go and as Matt so cleverly pointed out, to big amusement for them all, Michelle was a model and Josh was a musician. What could possibly go wrong?

Later the band entered the stage and performed for half an hour. Kurt joined them after a couple of songs and together with Blaine he delivered a catchy rendition of "Help" by The Beatles. Skillfully they twisted it into a mockingly impression of Cooper's helplessness when Katie wasn't around. Then they sang Mrs. Robinson for Katie, but changed the words to Dear Mrs. Anderson. That one brought the house down and was a huge success.

It was magical to perform together again, something they didn't do that often, except for karaoke nights, which didn't really count.

When the bouquet was tossed and caught by a very reluctant Ally, who had tried to avoid catching it with all means, the newlyweds said goodbye and took off. They had booked a hotel in New York for the night and were catching a plane to Tahiti the next morning.

As the party continued Blaine sat down with his parents for awhile.

"You have done an amazing job today," his dad said as the three of them found some privacy at one of the smaller tables. "You have given Cooper a perfect wedding.

"Thank you, but I didn't do that by myself," Blaine added quickly. "Kurt and Ally have worked just as hard.

"We know," his mother said with sparkles in her eyes. "And we will make sure to thank them as well, but right now it's your part we're talking about."

The compliment found it's way to Blaine's heart, but sometimes his relationship with his parents still felt like walking on a newly frozen lake. You're told the ice will hold, but every step is still taken with care. His mother seemed to pick up the small insecurities and when his dad got caught up in a conversation with one of Katie's uncles, Rebecca moved closer to her son.

"You know, everytime I see you and Kurt together I can't help feeling happy and proud. I see how perfect you are for each other," she said and put her hand on his arm. "And I want you to know that we will give you the same beautiful wedding if you ever decide to marry Kurt."

Blaine looked at her in amazement. "I didn't know you guys had ever considered that," he said, truly moved by her words.

"Of course we have. We've talked about it quite some time. Your dad has a savings account for big events in his sons lives," she said and chuckled. "And if you don't want to get married you and Kurt are free to spend the money otherwise. They are yours no matter what."

Blaine's voice grew thick. "Thanks mom," he said. Then he bit his lip and looked down at his hands. "But I do want to marry him. There's nothing I want more, actually."

"I understand that Blaine. He is an amazing guy."

Blaine singled Kurt out on the dance floor. Of all people, he was dancing with Santana. They were clearly having a good time, inventing stupid moves and going into full disco mode.

Blaine dropped his head and laughed.

His mother looked puzzled at first but then she turned around to see the cause of his amusement. She immediately caught a glimpse of Kurt, doing a hilarious imitation of John Travolta with rolling sensual hips.

Rebecca giggled and side eyed her son. "As I said, he is a keeper."

"I know," Blaine said with a huge smile. "He is a keeper and … he's a bit tipsy by now."

Rebecca nodded in agreement. Then she put her hand on her son's cheek before she pulled him in for a hug. "I love you, Blaine," she said and rubbed his back.

"I love you too, mom," he said. And he meant it with all of his heart.

When she let go of him again her eyes were teary. "You better go dance with that amazing boyfriend of yours," she said and winked.

"I will," Blaine said.

And as on cue the DJ put on a much slower song. Blaine saw the shift in Kurt's body language immediately. He straightened up and the bluish eyes scouted the room. Blaine pocketed his hands and strolled casually nearer Kurt and when he was finally spotted a sweet and secretive smile appeared on Kurt's face.

"Hey gorgeous, can I have this dance?" Blaine asked when they were standing face to face, eyes locked.

Kurt melted into Blaine's arms. "I will always dance with you," he answered with an adoring expression on his face. Then his mouth found Blaine's ear and through a huff of warm breath he whispered: "I think I'm a little drunk."

Blaine chuckled. "I think you're right but you're also ridiculously cute."

"You think?" Kurt asked with a triumphant smile.


"I think you are really, really cute too. And you smell good. You always smell good."

"Thank you, Kurt."

Their bodies found their way into each other, moving seductively and reacting to the familiarity. Kurt ran his fingers through Blaine's hair with a happy sigh. "You have been so amazing today," he said, "and I have been crazily proud of you. Best looking boyfriend, best man, best speech ever and the sweetest brother for Cooper. I just … you are reeeally good at weddings."

Blaine's heart skipped a beat as his mother's words still echoed inside of him. "Kurt?"


"Do you ever think about … you know, us getting married?"

Kurt's hands continued their way on Blaine's body, subtle, but still suggestive. "Are you proposing to me, Blaine?" he asked with tilted head and sparkling eyes.

"Noooo," Blaine answered with a shy smile and lingered. "When I propose, you will notice. I promise."

Kurt put their foreheads together, desperately trying to hide a huge smile. "Good to know. And to answer your question, yes I do think about it from time to time. How about you?"

"I … um, I think about it a lot. I just wasn't sure if you wanted to, after … everything with Benjamin. That maybe you'd feel it was awkward or something, because you've already been there, you know. I mean not getting married, but being engaged and being proposed to."

"Oh, you silly, sweet boy," Kurt mumbled with a rough voice. "Don't you see that I have never really been there when it comes down to it. Yes, I have been engaged, but I've never experienced any of that with someone I was dying to spent the rest of my life with; someone I love so much that I could shout "I do" from the rooftops."

They kept swaying together in perfect unison, following the lazy beat of the music. "I would have waited for you forever, you know," Kurt continued. "If you had left New York a year ago and never looked back, I would have fought for you and chased you down just to tell you how much I love you. So how can this not be a first for me too, when I've never felt for anyone the way I feel about you?"

Blaine swallowed hard. "You're amazing, Kurt."

Kurt found his lips before he could say anything more and they started kissing on the dance floor.

"Don't you think people will be bothered by this," Blaine asked out of breath, but still not wanting to let go of Kurt's mouth.

"It's a wedding, Blaine, and I need to kiss you. They will just have to close their eyes."

"What about cousin Miles?"

Kurt giggled. "Coops asked Aunt Agatha to watch over Miles and I dare say she took the task very seriously. I don't think he will be bothering anybody tonight."

"Smart move," Blaine said impressed. He grabbed a glass of champagne from one of the waiters serving on the dance floor. He took a sip, still holding Kurt close and put the glass to his mouth as well. Then they kissed in champagne, danced, flirted and laughed at their own silly jokes that somehow became so much funnier as the golden liquor disappeared between the two of them.

"I want you so bad," Kurt suddenly whispered and pressed up against Blaine's body.

Blaine felt the arousal stir. "You do? Well maybe we should just leave now and sneak up to our room."

Kurt exhaled through a shaky breath. "There is just one problem."

"What's that?"

"I can't leave now because I have a boner of the size of the Eiffel tower and it makes my pants look really weird," Kurt confessed proudly.

Blaine giggled. "Oh God, you're drunk baby." Then he removed his body enough to look at the bulge in Kurt's pants. "You look gorgeous. But um, yes, that does reveal a bit too much."

"You see my problem?" Kurt asked.

"I could get your jacket, then you can hide behind that."

"And what am I supposed to do while you get my jacket. Stand here and dance against the wall, that would be even more suspicious."

"Okay, okay, maybe you can walk really close behind me and then nobody will notice," Blaine suggested.

"Nope, not gonna work."

"Why not?"

"Just close your eyes and imagine the scenario for a second."

Blaine laughed for real this time as images popped up in his head and he had to lean against Kurt's shoulder. "You are priceless tonight, baby."

Kurt raised his brows. "You can laugh all you want, but I'm still calling Houston cause we have a problem!"

Blaine withdrew enough for their lower bodies not to touch anymore and Kurt hissed in disappointment. "Easy now," Blaine said and bit his lip. "I have an idea. You may not like it, but I think it's bullet proof."

"Okay, okay, just hurry up."

"You have to think about a mood killer."

"And what might that be?" Kurt asked dry.

Blaine smirked. "What about Aunt Agatha. I believe that would do the trick."

"You have GOT to be kidding, Blaine!"

"No, but serious. Think about her fashion disaster of a hat, her big …. boobs and her very wet aunty kiss."

Kurt dropped his head backwards. "Oh my god, yep, we can leave now."

Blaine sent him a triumphant expression. "You see. I knew it would work!"

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Shut up, Blaine and take me upstairs. I need to bleach my brain from the image you just put in there!"

They started kissing outside the hotel room again as Kurt searched frantically for the key card in the inner pocket of his jacket that he was holding behind Blaine's back. But it was hard to concentrate with Blaine's warm mouth on his, and Blaine's hands constantly seeking out the sensitive spots on his body.

It felt incredible.

"Hurry up with the key," Blaine whispered with a rough voice, and inhaled the scent of Kurt from his neck, pressing him lightly against the door.

"It's not that easy when you're all over me," Kurt answered and dug in for another kiss, finally feeling the hard edge of the card in his hand. "Here, I've got it, I've got it. We'll be fine," he panted triumphantly. Then he turned in Blaine's arms and slid the card into the lock.

They tumbled into the room with a muffled giggle not bothered to turn on the light. And as the door closed behind them they were left in pitch dark. It was a turn on to listen and feel without being able to see at first. Kurt unbuttoned Blaine's dress shirt with shaking impatient hands. He wanted to touch and taste this amazing man like nothing else in the world existed.

But the moment Blaine went in for Kurt's exposed neck and sucked eagerly on every spot he could reach, Kurt couldn't remember what he was doing. He dropped his head backwards and swayed for a while before he let himself be picked up by Blaine's strong arms and carried over to the bed. The darkness around them wasn't dark anymore as their eyes had gotten used to it and sitting on the edge of the bed Kurt locked eyes with his lover who was slowly undressing him. The coolness of the air felt refreshing on Kurt's naked chest when Blaine had removed everything from his upper body. He leaned back with his arms supporting his weight behind him, feeling Blaine's burning eyes all over him.

"You're so beautiful," Blaine whispered and straddled Kurt, painfully slow, until their erections grinded, "and you feels so good to me, always."

Kurt thrust his hip forward and felt how his arms began to shake in order to keep himself in position. Blaine reached down to cup him and offer him the friction he needed. Kurt moaned into Blaine's mouth when the warm hand worked through the layers, slipped into his pants and pressed against the length of his cock. He desperately thrust up one more time.

"We have to get out of these clothes," Blaine said with a hiss. "I really, really need to feel you."

Kurt just nodded with lips prickling after being kissed red and warm and let himself fall down into the mattress. With a swift movement Blaine removed his own dress shirt and undershirt before he continued on Kurt's pants until Kurt was laying there naked and exposed. He knew Blaine adored him and loved to see him like this and it was hard to hide that Kurt enjoyed being looked at just as much. This moment of anticipation before you climb the heights together, unsure of what will happen, but feeling beyond safe, was the biggest turn on for Kurt.

His stomach coiled in anticipation as Blaine stepped out of his pants and stood equally naked in the soft darkness. Kurt was still amazed by the beauty in every outline of muscles and the strong maleness Blaine had always radiated.

Kurt pulled himself further up in the bed. "Come here," he whispered and reached out for Blaine, desperate to touch everything he saw. "Let me feel you."

Blaine climbed on top of him, hovering over Kurt before he let their bodies touch in full length. A sigh of contentment along with a muffled whimper escaped them both. Kurt wrapped his legs around the strong body and let his tongue follow the stubbled jaw line. Shoulders, strong and flexed, vibrated under the tips of his fingers and made him dig his nails lightly into the warm skin. Blaine pushed forward and grinded their erections against each other and with his elbows on each side of Kurt's head he kissed him, passionately and deep. He wanted to feel Kurt inside of him, but most of all he wanted to take his time.

Kurt registered the muffled buzz from his cell phone well hidden somewhere as his foggy brain tried to connect the dots. He felt slightly hung over but also warm and well taken care of at the same time. Images from the previous night fluttered at the corner of his mind. The sensation of sliding into Blaine and being consumed completely physically and emotionally was still making his body tingle. He opened his eyelids enough to take a look at Blaine lying next to him. His hair was ruffled and he had one arm over his head and the other arm resting at the side of his body. Kurt sneaked his hand out from underneath the duvet. He found Blaine's fingers and intertwined them into his. Blaine squeezed lightly, still heavily asleep and Kurt closed his eyes, content with the connection between them.

A few seconds later Blaine's phone started to ring, loud and annoying. Kurt always mocked him for needing it to be on full volume. He had claimed that Blaine's hearing was going down hill. But Blaine had defended himself, explaining that he needed it to be loud for band morning it felt louder than usual though and Kurt seeked shelter underneath his pillow. Blaine barely moved. What was up with people anyway? It was Sunday morning for gods sake!

The second time Blaine's phone went off, Kurt shook him. "Blaine, it's your phone. You either have to answer it or strangle it."

"It'll stop again," Blaine mumbled and turned around on his stomach.

But it didn't, really.

The fourth time Kurt rolled on top of Blaine and reached out for the obnoxious phone on the bed stand. "Woah," Blaine said underneath his pillow. "This feels good."

"Yeah, I know how to get a reaction from you if I really want to," Kurt said dry.

Blaine pushed lightly up against Kurt's crotch.

"One thing at a time, tiger," Kurt mumbled, but not objective to the idea at all. "This phone has to be killed first and it sounds like somebody wants to talk to you really bad."

"Then you can return the call and tell whatever moron calling on a Sunday morning that I'm busy here underneath my boyfriend."

"Nice, Blaine. I'm not your secretary … I mean unless you want me to be … you know," Kurt said.

Blaine hummed. "So many opportunities."

Kurt planted a wet kiss on Blaine's warm neck, trying not to smile too widely. Then with a swipe of his thumb he unlocked the display on Blaine's phone. The sight caused immediate furrows over his eyes. Four missed calls from Mercedes.

He rolled down from Blaine, who complained instantly. Something wasn't right. It was not that Mercedes and Blaine didn't have contact once in awhile, but it mainly happened through Kurt, so it was a bit weird that she had called Blaine that many times.

"Hey where are you going?" Blaine asked without moving yet.

"I'll have to track down my own phone," Kurt mumbled as he started to search through his clothes, hanging over an armchair next to the mirror.

"Who was on the phone?" Blaine asked and rubbed his puffed eyes with the heel of his hands. "Is everything allright?"

"I don't know," Kurt said, finally reaching what he was looking for. "Mercedes has tried to get a hold on you and I know my phone was buzzing before."

Blaine ruffled his hair. "Well that IS weird." He sat up in the bed.

Kurt frowned as he reviewed all the missed calls on his phone. Mercedes had practically called non-stop for the last half an hour. It had to be urgent. He climbed back into bed and settled down next to Blaine before he called back.

Mercedes picked up immediately "Kurt, I'm so glad to hear from you," she burst out. She sounded broken and her voice was thick as if she had been crying.

Kurt's breath got stuck in his chest. Something was terribly wrong. "Are you okay, honey?" he asked worried. "What has happened?"

"No, I'm not okay." She started to cry through shaky breaths. "But this is not about me, it's about Sam." ...

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It has been important for me in this story to give a little glimpse of Blaine's relationship with his parents. Even though Blaine and his dad "found" each other a while ago, broken relationships takes time to mend and it requires a lot to leave former habits behind. But they move forward all the time. Blaine's mother hasn't been given a face or a name before, but I felt it was about time. Her "crime" in the broken relationship between her husband and her sons have been her silence. Now she speaks up and can do so because her relationship with her husband has changed too.

Kurt and Blaine are very grounded in their relationship by now. They rest in each other and trust each other. This story will not be about breaking up or fighting all the time. But it will not be fluff all the way through either. I want them to be a normal couple who keep learning from each other and growing along the way. I also want them to have close friendships outside their own little bubble and that's why Sam and Mercedes will play an important part in the development of the story.

I've known for a very long time that this story would have a plot about Sam. I know not everybody is crazy about the Blam-friendship, but I try to describe it the way I think it should have been and I hope those of you who are hesitant will give this particular friendship one more chance.

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