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Four years ago Beast Boy left the Teen Titans after a massive argument with their leader at the time Robin. After leaving Beast Boy ventured to the other side of the country to make his own branch of the Teen Titans in Dodge City to prove his old leader and 'so-called friend' that he wasn't as useless as he thought.


The team had just arrived back at the tower after yet another fight with the concrete brute villain known as Cinderblock. The team was in quite a good mood after the battle all thanks to a certain green shape shifter who managed to stop the lumbering giant almost single handed.

"Damn BB!" Cyborg cheered as they entered to common room of the famous Titans Tower. "Block head never knew what hit him!" He added with a laugh.

"Agreed!" Starfire added loudly. "Most excellent work friend Beast Boy!" Starfire said all this with a huge smile plastered on her almost strange orange alien face.

Beast Boy laughed sheepishly whilst rubbing the back of his head nervously in response to their high praise which he was not really very used to. "Thanks guys, really I just sorta… decided to try something new."

The team was all referring to Beast Boys amazing battle strategy to stop the brute with minimal collateral damage. After arriving at the scene Robin had made his usual one liner before announcing the Titans famous battle cry which led the team to start the normal barrage of attacks at the usually dim witted monster. However after a few minutes of fighting the Titans noticed something was different with the concrete villain, no matter how hard they tried they could not knock the giant monster of his feet. After a quick call to regroup from their leader the team stood back and watched the lumbering colossus. Robin bean to bark new orders at his team before he was interrupted by the green shape shifter who yelled for everyone to stand back because he wanted to try something. Ignoring the heated calls from his leader Beast Boy took the form of a hawk and took to the air and flew so he was a good distance away from the concrete behemoth; flapping his wings hard beast boy began to fly hard and fast at Cinderblock who was now facing away from the green teen and never saw him coming. He also never saw the fast flying green hawk change into a giant sperm whale inches from his body and land on his hard. Whilst lying on of the villain and still in the form of the massive water born mammal Beast Boy began to flop almost like a fish out of water making the ground shake every time he collided with the ground and the villain hidden beneath his massive form. After a few flops Beast Boy returned to his original from a few feet back from the now incapacitated villain. Beast Boy looked up at the faces of his team mates and noticed the look of pleasant shock on Ravens face, a look on Starfire's face that could not hide how impressed she was and a look of astonishment and pride on Cyborgs face. Robins face was unreadable to most but with Beast Boys animal instincts he was able to read his leaders body language and for some reason he didn't look all too happy which confused the changeling quite a bit.

Back in the towers common room Cyborg had decided to order pizza to celebrate his 'little brothers' first ever real idea as he called it. Beast Boy was very happy, to say the least, at Cyborgs and Starfire's praises but the ones that gave him the most joy were the ones from the teams resident empathy and his long time secret crush Raven.

"Even I have to admit." Raven began after taking a small nibble on a slice of cheese pizza that she was sharing with Beast Boy. "It was very impressive what you did was very clever." She added, her hood was up so no one could see her blush. The green teen was completely oblivious that Raven had the same feelings for him as he did for her, however that being said she was oblivious to his mutual feelings as well even though all of the other Titans – even the Titans East and Honorary Titans – seemed to know.

"I didn't like it." Came a grumbled response from the team leader who was staring daggers at the green Titan; this response shocked the rest of the team except for Beast Boy who somehow saw this coming. "It was foolish and reckless; you could have killed Cinderblock if you had miscalculated and what if someone else got caught underneath you? They would have been crushed instantly."

"You can't be serious?" Cyborg yelled after shaking out of his initial shock.

"I'm completely serious Cyborg!" Robin retorted angrily at his half robot friend. "Beast Boy isn't exactly known for thinking things through before he does them!"

"Hang on that's uncalled for!" Beast Boy defended himself with a scowl adorning his green face. "I may be a goof but I'm smart enough to survey the battlefield before I do something! Surveillance is my main job on this team for crying out loud!"

"And you barely do a good job of it when it's all you focus on!" Robin yelled, jumping to his feet and clenching his fists.

Beast Boy jumped to his feet next to glare at his leader. "What the hell dude? What are you saying?"

"Beast Boy." Robin growled quietly. "I'm just saying that you need to leave these types of things to us." He growled again, this time dangerously.

"Explain yourself." This time it was Raven who responded, her eyes boring into those of her leader with almost murderous intent.

"I'm saying he should leave the things that require even the slightest bit of thinking to the rest of us!" Robin yelled loudly and angrily. He never saw the green fist connect with his jaw now did he hear the sickening cracking noise that followed it. Sitting up dazed from his place on the floor he watched the green teen walking towards the doors out of the common room. All he heard was:

"Fuck you Robin, I'm done."

Flashback Scene Change

Two months after he left Beast Boy was sitting in his new Tower alone poring over files of heroes that he could invite to join his branch of the Titans.

"Ugh man! This is ridiculous!" He grumbled to himself.

"What is?" A voice asked from behind him. Beast Boy span around in his chair immediately lowering his body into a defensive position and readying himself to strike but the when he saw the figure before him his heart skipped a beat and his body tensed but not in a 'I'm about to strike' kind of way. Standing before him with a suitcase on either side of her and a mischievous smirk on her pale face was Raven.

"R-Raven?" His voice held both shock and happiness which the empathy could feel flowing from him. "What are you doing here? I mean I'm happy to see you but… err… you know what I mean." He trailed off at the end of his question to attempt stuffing his foot in his oversized mouth.

"The tower didn't feel like home without you." She whispered barely audibly with a small blush on her face.

"Oh Rae." Beast Boy said softly as he walked up and embraced the pale sorceress in a comforting hug. Raven recovered from her shock and wrapped her own arms around him returning the comforting embrace. Both of them were blushing like mad when they pulled away.

Flashback End

Shortly after that both Jericho and Kole had been added to the Dodge Titans roster as they seemed to be the only Titans who didn't side with Robin after the fight became public knowledge, Robin had twisted the details so that they barely resembled what actually happened but very few people believed the green shape shifter.

The last two additions to the Dodge Titans were two people who no one had ever expected; their additions to the team raised even more questions about Beast Boy but the record of the Dodge Titans began to speak for itself and soon no one could question why Beast Boy had brought in these two very unlikely additions.


"Welcome to Burger Burger's, can I take your orders please?" A thick southern accent drawled over the counter at the local burger joint in Dodge City. Beast Boy and Raven were at the restaurant after stopping a bank robbery a few blocks away, they had offered to grab the food so that Kole could take the slightly injured Jericho back to the tower.

Beast Boy cocked his eyebrow at the very disinterested cashier in front of him who hadn't noticed who he was. A thousand thoughts raced through his brain as he tried to figure out why this guy seemed so familiar, he gasped as realisation hit him.

"Billy Numerous?" The shape shifter gawked.

The cashier jumped at the name and stared at the customer before him, he began to sweat profusely when he noticed both Beast Boy and Raven in front of him. The tall, blonde and well-muscled teen standing before them cleared his throat before answering.

"Sorry fella never heard that name before in my life." He replied nervously.

"You're lying." Raven intoned as a response. The cashier exhaled hard before leaning over the counter and whispering to the two heroes.

"Look we aint done nothing wrong ya hear? We gone straight and just wanna be left alone! We did our time and were let out honestly." He whispered loudly. "We've done nothing wrong!"

"We?" Raven asked in her monotone.

Billy huffed at his blunder and made a face the read 'damn you Billy'. "Alright alright! Just please leave us alone. I'm here with Wesl-" Billy cut himself off before he messed up yet again. "I mean Kyd Wykyd. Is this gonna be a problem?" He asked concerned.

"Nah its cool man." Beast Boy chirped happily. "Everyone deserves a second chance, if you've done your time then its good man."

Billy's body immediately un-tensed at those words as he sighed in relief. "Thanks partner. Glad to hear it."

"William!" Came the voice of the store manager. "Stop talking to the customers and do your damn job!" He yelled.

Billy sighed defeated. "So what can I get ya'll?" He asked unhappily.

Beast Boy looked on unimpressed at this. Here was a guy with great talent and he was being treated like a piece of dirt on the floor. "Why are you here?" Beast Boy asked with a frown.

"Coz the only thing I can do other than hurt people is cook. Not that they let me in the kitchen as apparently without prior experience in a real kitchen you gotta be on the damn tills. Let me tell you if cooking for Mammoth isn't good enough experience then nothing is." Billy grumbled.

"There has to be something else you could do?" Beast Boy had already decided what he wanted and was now formulating a plan to achieve his goal. Raven smirked next to him as she could see what he was doing.

"Man all I can do is cook and hurt people… And I don't wanna hurt people no more." Billy replied sadly with a downcast look on his face.

"What about helping people?" Beast Boy asked, he was trying hard to keep a straight face.

"How could I help people?" Billy asked confused.

"Join my team." Beast Boy stated confidently with a smirk on his face.

"Aint you a Titan?" Billy replied shocked. Beast Boy nodded happily. Billy looked around the restaurant he worked in and grimaced at the sight, he then turned to look at the confident green face in front of him and the stoic face of the grey teen next to him. Something inside Billy began to bubble as he felt a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time; joy. "Well Yeehaw!" Billy exclaimed loudly at the idea. "Count me in partner! I can't wait to tell…" Billy froze and looked down sad. "Aww man I can't leave Kyd… he's my best bud." Billy looked up at Beast Boy and Raven with a sad looking apology plastered on his face. Beast Boy just smiled wider.

"Plenty of room in the tower for him to if he can play ball with the Titans rules." Beast Boy said with a large amount of mischief in his voice and eyes which made Raven smirk at her best friend.

"You really are one in a million Beast Boy." She intoned playfully, even though only Beast Boys animal hearing could pick up the playfulness.

"Thanks Rae." Beast Boy smiled back at her.

"Partner!" Billy interjected thrusting his hand forward. Beast Boy was shocked when he looked up and saw both Billy and Kyd Wykyd standing behind the counter in full costume. Beast Boy and Raven both gawked at the two ex-villains.

"How did you…" Beast Boy began before he was silently interrupted by Kyd Wykyd.

'Impressed?' He asked in sign language.

Flashback End

Beast Boy was now 21 years old with a very accomplished record to his name as the leader of the Dodge City Titans; a record that left Titans East in its shadow and almost rivalled that of the original Titans in Jump City. Beast Boy had dropped the name Beast Boy and now went by Changeling; his uniform was still the black and purple Doom Patrol uniform but was now sleeveless and he wore fingerless gloves so that he could make use of his claws during combat. He now stood and a whopping 6 feet tall and had finally filled out with muscle when he dropped out of his tofu stage, truthfully he had been diagnosed with severe malnourishment and it was Raven who helped him into his new life as an omnivore. But at that very moment he wasn't wearing his uniform nor was he standing up to show off his now very impressive height, he was curled up in bed in only his boxers with his beautiful pale violet eyed girlfriend sleeping soundly next to him.

Changeling and Raven had started dating a few months after arriving in Dodge City and had now been dating each other for just over 3 ½ years. She had changed a lot as well over the past few years, her now much more womanly body turned heads wherever she went which she honestly wasn't too fond of but it did make her emerald eyed boyfriend stutter and shake whenever he saw it. She was taller now too, standing at about 5 foot 10 she was now one of the tallest girls in the whole Titans organization. Changeling and Raven hardly ever fought anymore but when they did it was always because of the same thing; they were both extremely protective of each other. Neither of them minded most of the time, in fact they both really liked the fact that the person they loved would do anything to protect them but when they did fight it was because they were both trying to be protective at the same time. These fights usually didn't last long with both of them admitting defeat and just getting on with whatever had started to initial argument. It also didn't help that because of Changelings animal instincts he was quite possessive of her, or that because of Ravens demon heritage she was extremely possessive of him as well. But they managed to make it work and loved each other immensely.

Changeling was lying in the bed that he shared with her staring up at the ceiling contemplating a very serious question that he had on his mind.

'She's the one. But I've always known she's the one so why is this so damn hard.' He thought to himself. He frowned at the roof as it was the thing that was causing him so much thought. 'Ok so it's not the fact that I doubt that so maybe it's just that I don't know how to ask her properly?' Something in his mind clicked and his frown turned into a small smile. 'Of course! That's it! Ok so then how do I ask her… It needs to be romantic but serious at the same time… HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?'

He was dragged from his thoughts when he heard a soft knocking on his door and a feminine voice float through the room. It was Kole.

"Hey Changeling there is a message for you on the main console; it says urgent." She called. Raven grumbled in his arms as she began to wake.

"Thanks Kole; I'll be out in a sec!" He replied. Next to him Raven stirred and sat up clutching the sheets to her chest as to hide her currently naked breasts. She gave a small yawn and looked at her boyfriend groggily. Over the years quite a few of Ravens traits had rubbed off on him but there was one that had also rubbed off on her; she now really liked her sleep and would often not wake up until late morning when Changeling also got up. She looked at the clock on the bedside table next to her, grumbled some profanities under her breath – another trait of Changelings that had rubbed off on her – and then turned back to her boyfriend.

"It's only 8 o'clock." She grumbled. "This had better be good." She said with a light hearted frown.

Changeling chuckled. "Come on babe we better go see what it is." He gave Raven a quick but passionate kiss and then stood up out of his bed and began searching for his uniform. Raven also got out of bed and began walking to their on suite bathroom that they shared. Changeling looked up from the floor and watched as she walked into the bathroom, even though he only saw her from behind the site of her in nothing but a small black and purple thong made him gulp. Collecting himself he pulled on his uniform and once Raven had emerged in hers they made their way down to the common room hand in hand.


"Howdy ya'll" Billy Numerous called from the kitchen that was situated in the back corner of the common room. "Who wants breakfast?"

Sitting on the couch was the other happy couple of the tower, Jericho and Kole; who had gotten together after a year of being a part of the team. Neither of them had seemingly changed at all over the past four years, they were the same height as they were, same size and everything; the only difference was that they both had a bit more muscle on them after being trained by the team Leader Changeling and the self-proclaimed team chef Billy Numerous who were both very good at training and working out and kept their bodies in great condition. When the young couple heard Billy's question about breakfast they both looked up and peered at Billy's breakfast concoction and instantly began drooling. It was Billy's most famous breakfast creation; Bacon Waffles, Waffles with diced bacon in them. Both Jericho and Kole shot up like rockets and landed promptly at the kitchen table waiting for Billy.

Next to them Kyd Wykyd, now known to all as Mr Wykyd apart from Billy who still refers to him as just Kyd or Wesley when he's not in his costume, floated down and took his seat next to the other mute on the team Jericho. They had both become very good friends very quickly as they both could only talk in sign language. Wykyd had changed a bit over the past few years but not much, he was the same height as Raven at 5 foot 10 but was still has scrawny as ever, but he now had more control over his powers thanks to Raven's teaching but she was the only one who knew where he got his powers as he was deeply ashamed by his family heritage just like Raven was.

"Sounds good Billy!" Changeling called happily. Changeling and Raven sat on the other side of the table and gave similar good morning to the rest of the team. Moments later Billy immerged from the kitchen with a large plate of his famous bacon waffles. The change in Billy was just as intense as the change in Changeling. He stood about 6 foot 3 and had a lot of muscle on his upper body but his lower body still seemed quite scrawny in comparison but that was because his upper body was conditioned for strength whilst his lower body had been conditioned for speed. He lowered the plate onto the table and took his seat next to Changeling, over the past four years Changeling and Billy had become best friends as well, apart from Raven in Changelings case, after spending a lot of the time playing video games and training in the gym together. Billy had also become Changelings 2nd in command, Changeling has spoken to Raven about it but they both agreed that Billy was the best choice because he was similar to Changeling in many ways the main one being that Billy's friends came before anything!

"Don't forget the message you got this morning." Kole reminded as she stuffed her face with the amazing waffles before them. Changeling had his first bite halfway to his mouth when Kole reminded him but sighed and placed the forkful down as he stood up and walked over to the console which made everyone at the table smirk or laugh apart from Kole. "I don't know what you lot are laughing at." Kole said as she stood up. "The message is for all of us." She added as she walked over to the console and a smirking green shape shifter. The rest of the team grumbled and headed over to the console as Changeling began to play the message.

The screen was filled with the face of Nightwing, previously Robin. "Hello Dodge City Titans." He began. "We have an emergency team meeting at 6 o'clock tonight and it is very important that everyone is here at the Jump City tower for it." The video of Nightwing was paused by Jericho as he began to sign to the rest of the team.

'We'll be late if we don't leave right now!' He signed with a look of panic on his face.

Changeling smiled and looked at him. "Don't worry dude Wykyd can have us there in a few seconds flat with his portals; so we can chill until just before we need to go." He said calmly. Wykyd was standing behind him and just smiled and nodded his head. Jericho sighed in relief and pressed play on the video again.

"The meeting will be held in the lobby on the bottom floor of the tower because it's the only room on the tower big enough to hold all of the Titans in it. Also I'm going to take a guess and say that you'll be arriving here through one of Wykyd's portals but could you please disembark from the portal outside the front door as that is where everyone will be arriving. Anyway thanks and we look forward to seeing you later tonight." The video recording of Nightwing looked down and an almost sorrowful look crossed his face before he looked up at the camera again. "And Changeling I was wondering if you could come at about 5:30pm instead of 6 o'clock because I'd like to speak to you privately before we begin with the meeting." Nightwing nodded at the screen with a small smile before the video ended at the screen returned to black.

"Well I'll be a gofers uncle…" Billy drawled quietly in his thick southern accent. "Is it me or did that sound almost hopeful?" He added with a smile.

"Who knows Billy?" Changeling said with a smirk. "I hope it is but we won't know until this afternoon. All I know is I want my waffles."

"Yeehaw!" Billy exclaimed. "Let's get our grub on!"


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