Cyborg was angry.

Some would go so far as to say he was fucking pissed off!

So far his new job in the League had meant staying locked in the watchtower running maintenance and it also meant that he was supposed to just sit back and watch as the League tried to tear down everything his little brother had worked so hard to build.

Cyborg was pacing around the Watchtower furiously stamping his feet as he seethed in anger. He was stuck. He wanted so badly to be a member of the Justice League but he didn't know if he could just idly sit there and watch as they aimed some sort of undeserved hatred at the tall green man that was his little brother.

He didn't know what he could do. But Starfire had told him earlier of someone who would try and help him figure something out.

So he went in search of the Watchtowers original warrior princess.


The common room was eerily quiet despite having six Titans mulling about it. The mood in the room was not exactly a cheery one after everyone had just shared their unfortunate and what most people would consider soul destroying back stories. To add to this was the fact that any minute now the self-proclaimed 'Authorities of Justice' would be arriving, most likely to stir up more trouble for the green man and his super hero team.

It was early evening now and to say that this was how the newly married couple wanted to spend the day after their wedding would be a complete load of horse shit.

The League would be there in less than two minutes now. Melvin had returned to the common room and was now sitting on the couch with an edgy Kole. Jericho was staring out the large windows deep in thought and an uncharacteristic frown on his usually perky face. Mr Wykyd was waiting in one of the far corners of the room, hiding in the shadows to prepare himself for whatever may be coming. Billy was stretching, obviously ready for a fight even though no one could be certain that a fight would be the outcome. Changeling and Raven were sitting together on the couch in silence, Changeling was readying himself for whatever was coming and Raven was trying to get herself under control so that she wouldn't try to tear these bastards apart as soon as they entered their home.

The time passed quickly, the bright light of the Leagues transportation system filled the common room with its intrusive golden glow. As the light receded the Titans were now faced with Superman, Batman and The Green Lantern.

The Titans stood firm and their faces gave nothing away. The same could not be said for the Leaguers who looked almost pissed off as they surveyed the room. Superman was the first to speak.

"We know all about you now Changeling." The blue suited Kryptonian stated firmly.

Changelings face remained stoic and he spoke in a voice that would send shivers down the spines of any enemy. "And what is it that you know?"

"We know about your ties to the IRA and what you were a part of during your time in Moscow." Batman replied.


To say Changeling was confused would be an understatement.

"Err do you wanna run that by me again?" Changeling asked with a cocked eye brow.

"There is no point denying it, Alexander Volic." Superman spat angrily.


The Titans erupted into heavy laughter. Billy was on the floor gripping his sides. Kole was attempting to push her laughter aside so that she could breathe again. Raven had a devious smirk played across her face as she stared at the fuming faces of the three Leaguers that stood across from them.

"What is so damn funny?" Green Lantern yelled above the noise.

Changeling steadied himself before replying. "Who the fuck is Alexander Volic?" He asked, he couldn't hide the amusement from his voice. On the other hand Superman couldn't keep his rage from his.

"Don't deny it!" He bellowed angrily. "We know about your terrorist ties!"

Changeling looked at the three offending 'heroes' and eyed them carefully. "Before you accuse someone of being a terrorist you might wanna make sure you've got the right dude." Changeling stated mockingly. His demeanour changed rapidly and now he stood there completely composed and serious. "Coz my name isn't Alexander Volic… It's Garfield Logan."

The three Leaguers stood there silently; they were surrounded by the Titans but weren't too concerned about them. Silently Batman pulled a small device from his utility belt and input the name: 'Garfield Logan'. After a few seconds Batman held all the information he needed. Batman turned his head to the Kryptonian. "He's telling the truth."

Superman, never one to admit defeat, merely glared at the angry shape shifter. "We will be going." He stated forcefully.

"Not so fast." Changeling growled. He took a few steps forward so now he was basically nose to nose with the alien hero. "I don't want you barging into my home again." He stated firmly. "And I don't know what I did to offend you guys but I haven't done anything wrong so please leave me alone." He didn't speak threateningly but pleadingly. Changeling may have been in a bad mood but he wanted this feud to be over and done with quickly so he relied on the manners his adoptive parents had spent so long drilling into his green head.

However Superman was not impressed. Never had he been spoken to by someone like this. He wasn't going to let it go so easily. Superman brought his right fist back and slammed it hard into the chest of the green man. Only he didn't hit a green man, it felt like he hit a wall lined with soft fur… a wall that didn't move an inch as he hit it and was now growling angrily at him.

The Kryptonian stared wide eyed at the towering form of The Beast that stood mere inches away from his face, the green behemoth looked completely unfazed by the superheroes ridiculously powerful punch.

The Green Lantern was the next to step up and shot a concentrated blast of green energy at The Beast but it never reached its target, instead it was met by a shiny pink girl who had jumped into the line of fire. Kole absorbed the attack with her crystalline body. The Green Lantern readied himself for another attack but was bitch slapped hard by a giant rock fist, the hand of Jericho in his Shale body.

Batman readied himself but was dispatched quickly by a team of angry Billy's and a plethora of dark magic attacks from the pissed off Mr Wykyd.

Batman and The Green Lantern were lying on the ground behind Superman. They were only just barely hanging on to consciousness. Superman readied himself to strike again but a massive head butt by The Beast stopped him dead in his tracks.

Dazed and confused the Leaguers stared at the Titans in disbelief as the form of The Beast quickly shrunk down to reveal a serious looking Changeling.

Another bright golden flash illuminated the common room as two more leaguers appeared in the centre of the common room between the Titans and their home invaders.

Wonder Woman and Cyborg stood firmly in the centre of the room.

"Enough!" Wonder Woman yelled angrily as she glared menacingly at Superman, Batman and The Green Lantern. "What in the name of Hera are you doing?"

"Diana?" Superman asked cautiously, he had never seen her looking so angry.

"What gives you the right to pull something like this?" She asked viciously.

She never got a response though as everyone's attention was ripped away from the conflict by the flashing red lights of the intruder alert alarm.

Quicker than a hiccup Mr Wykyd appeared at the towers main console and began typing away furiously as he searched for the source of the alert. But he needn't have bothered as the heavily injured and exhausted forms of Red Star, Bushido, Herald and Hotspot limped and dragged themselves into the common room.

"Sorry for not knocking." Hotspot wheezed tiredly.

"Holy crap!" Changeling yelled as he and the other Titans ran their aid. "What happened?"

"We were ambushed." Red Star answered gravely. "Brother Blood and his cultists snuck into our base and tried to kill us."

"If it weren't for Bushido we'd be dead by now." Herald admitted sorrowfully.

"Shit…" Changeling breathed before turning to his teammates. "Wykyd get down to the infirmary at set it up." He commanded, Wykyd nodded and flew down the med bay. "Billy help me carry them."

"You got it boss man!" Billy replied loudly. Billy cloned himself and set his duplicates to work gently carrying their injured friends towards the med bay leaving the Leaguers alone in the common room.

"We're leaving. Now." Wonder Woman commanded.

"Hold on a second Diana." Superman began to argue before being shut up by a glare that even Raven would have been proud of from the disgruntled Amazon.

Raven was the last Titan left in the common room with the Leaguers, before the intruders left she gave Cyborg a very grateful expression and also gave one to Wonder Woman who answered with a soft and caring smile before turning back to face her three injured 'comrades' with a face of pure rage.

Another blinding flash of light and they were gone.


Red Star's team had been patched up and were scoffing down one of Billy's famous meals as they regaled their leader and his team with the details of their week in hell.

"Blood's henchmen were never that skilled." Raven intoned quietly.

"I'm more concerned about how they knew about the base." Changeling added softly.

"Damn partners…" Billy huffed in exasperation. "What is going on around here?"

"Dunno." Hotspot answered between mouthfuls. "But they sure didn't want anyone to know about what they were doing in Russia."

"The worst part is that they've most likely moved their base since then, if they went through this much trouble to try and keep it a secret then they sure as hell won't want to risk us coming back for them with the full Titan force." Changeling added, deep in thought.

Hotspot shrugged as he and Herald continued to shovel their food down their throats, Red Star and Bushido were had a lot better manners but were still eating with earnest.

"So what was the League doing here?" Herald asked curiously.

Changeling heaved a heavy sigh in response, Raven placed a comforting hand on his forearm for which he was internally grateful for.

"They don't like the boss man." Billy answered, speaking in a tone that was quite uncharacteristic of the usually obnoxiously loud southerner. "They keep trying to get him to step down."

"WHAT?" The four other Titans yelled in unison.

"I hope you told them where to shove it?" Hotspot yelled angrily.

"How dare they?" Red Star added more quietly.

"It would seem that for the moment at least… we may be at war with the League." Changeling stated grimly. "Fucking perfect. We're stuck between the League and Gemini…"


I'm Back!

I'm back with a plan of attack for close combat!

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