A/N: In the episode 'Doodlebugs', Erskine was an embittered minister who closed his church after the death of his wife. Ada was a woman who sang in the church choir and was planning to move to Atlanta to pursue a career as a singer. After Erskine's son Andy intervened, she admitted that she was in love with Erskine and decided to stay.

"I'm so glad you decided to stay," Erskine told Ada. "Things would never have been the same without you."

"In my heart, I knew that I could never really leave," Ada replied. "Not while there are people here who need me."

"I hope you'll join us for dinner tonight," Erskine said. "We'd love to have you."

"And I'd love to be there!" Ada replied.

"Hurray!" cheered Andy and Bits. Ada looked at them and thought about what beautiful children they were, and how badly she'd wanted to start a family with her husband, Chuck. They'd talked about it often, and made so many plans. Then a car crash had put a sudden end to all their dreams.

After losing Chuck, Ada had thought she'd never love another man like she'd loved him. Then she'd began attending Erskine's church and singing in the choir, and over time, she'd developed a strong fondness for him. It had broken her heart when he'd decided to close the church. She'd feared she'd never see him again, but then his son Andy had brought them together again in a most unexpected way.

"I've been thinking of things I could do to fix up the church," Erskine continued. "I'd like to talk them over with you, if you don't mind."

"I'd be happy to," Ada replied.

Erskine grinned, and Ada smiled back.