One Year Later

"Push, sweetheart!" Erskine encouraged from his post between Ada's legs. "You're doin' real good!"

"I can't..." Ada panted. Beads of sweat sprang from her flushed face.

"Yes, you can! Come on!" Erskine urged. "You're almost there!"

Ada gave one more mighty push, and and the newborn slid into her father's waiting hands. Erskine cut the umbilical cord, and his new daughter let out a lusty wail.

"It's a girl!" Tears of joy were in Erskine's eyes as he handed the baby to her mother. "She's a real pretty one, too!"

"She looks just like Bits!" Ada exclaimed.

"So she does," Erskine agreed.

They both watched in adoration as the infant's dark blue eyes opened and gazed into her mother's as she sucked her tiny fist.

"I can't wait for the kids to meet her," said Erskine.

"Me either!" Ada added enthusiastically. After some initial adjustment issues, Andy and Bits had both come to truly love their stepmother and look forward to the birth of their new sibling.

A couple of days later, Erskine drove his wife and daughter home. His two older children stood on the front porch watching in anticipation. Erskine parked the car, and Ada took the baby out of her car seat to meet her older brother and sister.

"Can I hold her?" asked Bits.

Ada showed her stepdaughter how to support the baby's head. Bits held her for a few minutes, and then Andy did.

Later, Erskine and Ada stood by the crib gazing at their sleeping daughter.

"She's everything I ever hoped for," said Ada.

"I feel like my life is complete at last," Erskine added as his arm slipped around his wife's waist.

Ada rested her head on her husband's shoulder. She knew that she now had everything in the world she'd ever wanted.

In heaven, the angels rejoiced.