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So without any further ado, here is chapter 1: Ready or Not

Finnick Odair:

"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" I groan and sigh in annoyance as I reach over to turn off my ringing alarm clock. I am not used to waking up this early and I can't help thinking I would give anything to be able to sleep in for a few more minutes, but I know that is not possible.

It is reaping day for the 70th Annual Hunger Games and since I am a mentor it is necessary for me to be there bright and early. I don't want to mentor; I never have. It kills me to send two innocent children off to face their definite death each year. Unfortunately, I do not have a choice.

There are plenty of victors here in District 4, and in fact, there are supposed to be two different mentors each year. However, President Snow makes in exception for me and I am in no place to refuse. As far as anyone else knows (that is except for Mags) I love to mentor. According to the population of Panem, Finnick Odair loves the capitol, including all the "sexy" ladies that call it home.

Everyone thinks they know me. I am just a cocky seductive 19 year old guy who has sex with anyone and everyone I can; I am the vicious handsome tribute that killed 10 children without blinking an eye, right?


They don't know me! They don't know that I lay awake every night terrified of going to sleep, for when I do I know I will be haunted by the faces of those I killed 5 years ago. They don't know that I don't feel handsome at all. They don't know that I constantly feel dirty and ugly and that it tears me up inside to sell my body to them. They don't know that I am the reason my father, mother, and little sister are dead. They don't know…

Annie Cresta:

I stare at my reflection in the small mirror of my tiny bathroom. My dark auburn hair is still wet from my shower and it leaves puddles of water on my bare pale shoulders. My light green eyes stare back at me and I shiver despite the steam that still lingers in the air from the hot water.

Today is the day that everyone in District 4 dreads all year long; today is reaping day.

"Annie, are you almost ready to go?" My older brother, Macaulay, asks quietly tapping on the bathroom door. He is 20 years of age, and although he cannot be reaped, I know he is worried for me.

After my parent's death last year, Macaulay and I were desperate for food. In order to survive I was forced to sign for a treaty. My name was put in 50 extra times in exchange for fish and District 4's salty seaweed bread. The thought of how high my chances were of being reaped made my throat close up. I saw myself slowly get even paler in the mirror and black spots danced in my vision.

"Annie!?" My brother asks again, this time his voice higher and louder. As a child I had always had anxiety issues. After my parents death my anxiety escalated and I now could barely make it through a day without a panic attack. "Annie, I'm coming in!"

I hear the doorknob click as Macaulay starts to turn it and the panic that my brother is about to see me naked is the only thing that makes me snap out of my panic attack.

"No!" I yell desperately, my voice shaking. "I-I'm fine! I just have to get dressed and I'll be out in a second!"

Quickly, I braid my knotted hair back out of my face and slip on my dark green dress. A light beige rope wraps around the waist of my dress like a belt and the skirt poofs out a bit reaching my knees. I love the dress and I feel great wearing it even if it is slightly frayed at the bottom.

With one final glance in the mirror, I run out of the bathroom.

"I'm ready," I whisper to my waiting brother.

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