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Pairing: Elsanna (Non incestuous)

Warnings: None so far. Just a bit of angst.

Click. Nothing. Click. Nothing. Click. Still nothing.

"Elsa?" the muffled voice questioned, attempting to break through both the static noises of the unreceptive radio and my intense fixation on getting it to work. Dammit! Not a single station would work.
"Elsa!" the voice was much louder, pulling me from my activity. "Are you even listening to me?"
It was the voice of my brother, Kristoff. I'd almost forgotten he was driving me, consumed in my own thoughts.
"Sorry," I breathed. "I was distracted I guess..."
"No use playing with the radio you know my truck is crap."
"If it was crap don't you think we would have broken down days ago?"

He smiled at me for a moment before letting the low static buzzing of the radio fill the space between us again. I pressed my cheek against the window and began examining the scene ahead of us. We were currently on a long winding road somewhere in what appeared to be the countryside of Canada. Everything was perfectly decorated in layers of white snow. It was beautiful and I tried to think happy thoughts as I gazed at the spectacle. You'd think I would be ecstatic to finally be where I belonged.

I could never hide anything from Kristoff, he always knew exactly how I was feeling before I could even look remotely troubled. I could feel his eyes on me as I tried to cover my hands by pushing them in the pockets of my hoodie.

"Don't you think it's a little under negative degrees already without you freezing my car too?" He joked.


He interrupted me before I could even get a word out "Don't worry so much," he put one hand on my clasped ones, "this weather should make everything a lot less obvious anyway."

His words stung and I flinched at them. Oh yes, less obvious so our dear parents won't have to worry about their freak daughter causing a blizzard or freezing the house, and even if she does, that stuff happens in Canada all the time right?

"Wait... No, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that," he stammered, a light bulb clearly going off in his head. "Goddammit, I sound just like them now!" he looked genuinely frustrated with himself. I knew how strongly he felt about our parents and how much he questioned their motives, no matter the case.

"No, it's ok I know what you meant," I didn't have the heart to be upset at him, when he was quite possibly the only the person in the world I was certain I loved.

I've had ice powers my entire life and I've never learned to control them. My childhood consisted of my parents trying to contain me and now that it's time for me to go off to college I just know they're relieved to be rid of me for a while. It was no shock to me when my parents pushed every single school located in frigid temperatures on to me to apply to, and you could just imagine they're excitement when I got accepted to them all. I was very grateful when Kristoff volunteered to drive me when I picked the University of Toronto. I could always count on him.

"I really am sorry though, I don't want you to look at me like how you look at them." Kristoff insisted.

"It's ok, trust me. I would never." I clasped my hands closer together trying my best to ignore the little ice shards I was producing.
There was an awkward silence after that, but I was hoping Kristoff would just leave it that way.

"How are you holding up?" he asked after a minute or two.
There goes my silence…
"I'm hanging on." I reply.
"You're nervous," it was a statement, not a question.
"A little…" I admitted.
"Try a lot. You're fingers are making shards like crazy," He glanced at my hands.
Suddenly feeling very self-conscious I pushed them further into my hoodie pockets. Another sucky feature to my powers, my emotions reflect in them. You can always tell how I'm feeling by the temperature or what I produce outside of my control. When I'm angry I can make blizzards or when I'm sad the temperature drops among other things. Fear is probably the most dangerous of all my moods.
"Well I've never been away from home like this before, you know."
"I guess so..." He looked at me like he wanted to say more but I suppose something about my expression begged him to just let the silence be.

Kristoff and I arrived at the neighborhood I'd be staying at 2 hours later and I was pleasantly surprised at the look of the place. Houses were spread fairly nicely apart and separated by little brown picket fences. There weren't any swings or playgrounds around which led me to believe the neighborhood was of fairly older demographic and I took comfort in it. Children can be loud and I feel more apprehensive around them. I was grateful my parents rented a house for me rather than having me live on campus, I didn't need to ask them, it was already arranged before I could even worry about it. I'm sure you could guess why they were so hasty with their decisions.

I could feel Kristoff stiffen in the driver's seat as we pulled into the driveway of my new home and I tried my best to ignore the lump in my throat. The house was nothing much to look at on the outside, the whole block looked the same or maybe it only appeared that way since all the roofs and yards were covered in a frosty blanket. Kristoff didn't bother to open the garage and we stepped out of the car for the first time in hours, it felt good to stretch my legs again and the frigid air hitting my face felt natural and soothing. My brother on the other hand looked uncomfortable and pulled his parka over his head before quickly taking my lone suitcase from the car and waving his hand at me urgently, motioning for me to get inside. I followed him to the door and he opened it with the key my parents gave him, whilst they were instructing him days prior to our little adventure.

"Oh Wow, that was cold!" he exclaimed once we were inside.
"Actually I found it rather welcoming," I teased. It was better to keep the mood light for his sake. He gave me a sarcastic little laugh before switching his expression back to that of an uncomfortable one.
"Ok, ok!" he said rather boisterously bouncing in place "Now I need to figure out where the bathroom is! I've gotta take a leak like you wouldn't believe! Ah geez!"
I couldn't help but laughed at his stance, A rather hefty 19 year old hovering a whole 8 inches taller than myself, hopping around and voicing his bathroom needs like he was 5 years old.
"Well don't ask me," I giggled "I just got here too!"

He didn't stick around for me to continue teasing him and rushed upstairs. I could hear 2 doors open and close rather abruptly accompanied with his heavy steps before there was silence. It was then I noticed for the first time that the house was fully furnished. There was a rather large icy blue colored couch in the living room facing a fancy looking flat screen, though I hardly saw the necessity of it. I wouldn't be keeping guests nor did I find any use in television. The kitchen and living room were connected separated only by a marble countertop which boxed in the kitchen utilities and next to it lay a small square dining table with four chairs tucked neatly under it. I observed the kitchen and saw somehow my parents had already arranged for it to be stocked with all sorts of foods so I was all sorted there. I walked slowly around the downstairs discovering new little things that my parents must have picked out with every step, a large Chinese vase with fake flowers – probably my mother's idea- stood in a corner while a medium sized fire place stood a few feet away from the dining table. There was a powder room close to the staircase and the backdoor was a sliding glass door, you could see the backyard in its entirety through it and it had large dark blue curtains that I could pull over it. In fact all the windows had dark curtains too, this comforted me. No one could see in or out with those things.

I heard Kristoff's clunky feet coming down the stairs so I made my way over to him as he descended.
"This house is nice at least," he said, rolling his eyes.
"Yes, it's cozy," I nodded forcing a smile.
It was no use, Kristoff saw right through it looking down at me with concerned eyes. I tried to fight looking him straight in the eyes but he took my frosting hand and gave it a squeeze. How was I going to manage when he left me tomorrow?

"Look Elsa, I'm not gonna come with this 'everything is gonna be ok' crap, because I know you'll be fine. But I do want to tell you that I think that this- what's happening here right now… is bullshit."

I really didn't have the strength to have this conversation with him, but when else could we have it?

"It's for the best Kris, you know that" I tried to sound convincing.

"No, you know better than anyone that this is just because our parents don't want to deal with this anymore. And you know what? It's wrong!" his voice became louder with every word. "You're their daughter and they are basically dumping you off somewhere because they've decided they don't want to help you control your powers anymore. It's selfish is what it is."

"I'm going to college Kristoff. It's not like I've been kicked to the curve" I tried my best to sound convincing though I wasn't sure I even believed my own words.

"It's just perfect timing is what it is." he muttered bitterly. "Don't even pretend this wouldn't have happened sooner if that stupid-"

"Enough!" I said, it wasn't loud but it was firm enough to let him know I meant it. It wasn't worth it to allow myself to get angry.

His expression immediately softened and he put his hand on my shoulder. "Ok," he breathed.

"I don't want to fight," I tell him "I just want to enjoy your company before you have to leave me."

"Whatever you want." He said sadly before removing his arm and sitting on the couch.

I didn't bother to start unpacking yet and just left my suitcase in the stairs closet. Kristoff and I spent the rest of the day watching sports on the TV. It didn't interest me much but I knew my brother enjoyed it so I left it up to him. We were still on the couch when it started to get dark, I didn't know what time it was but I didn't care to look, or maybe I just didn't want to know how many hours I had left with him and this quite possibly could be the last time I'd have any human contact again in a very long time. I knew it was better that way and I was used to it, but I felt the upcoming solitude would be like non other I'd ever experienced. My brother and I never got to spend that much time together up until a few years ago and now I was losing him again. I didn't want to think about it… so instead I just shut my eyes. Behind my closed lids it appeared nothing could hurt me.

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