Ok, this is the third instillation of my Sherlock fic, which used to be part of 'I won't send roses', but I broke it down and made it easier for everyone to read. It's not overly different from the original, but I have expanded it somewhat and corrected the grammar. The reason it's so short is because it follows the Christmas Special for Sherlock.

As always, I own nothing except for Tammy, Linda and Sherlock Jr.

Chapter One: Baby can't be broken

I straightened my dark, purple pinstripe suit that I'd worn for Moriarty's trial. I hadn't known why I'd picked purple when I bought it, but now, I was glad I did. While purple wasn't my favorite color, it obviously had been Sherlock's. I walked into the courtroom, feeling confident. The gallery was packed with familiar and unfamiliar faces. But they all had one thing in common. They all knew Sherlock, and he had helped every one of them.

I approached my lawyer, Mr. Cumberland; he was sorting his papers. He spun around and nodded at me. "This is a cinch Tammy. Look at this." He pointed to a laundry basket, revealing hundreds of letters. "These are all from people your husband helped. I read most of them and," he shook his head in amazement. "he was an incredible individual. There is no way on earth he could have been a fake. Most of them are in the gallery and there are more outside. I've never had so many people willing to give evidence in a man's defense in my life!"

I nodded. "I know. He was…wonderful."

"Tammy, they do have a few witnesses, but none as impressive as ours." He lowered his voice. "The ambassador's son that will pretty much win the case. Good job on keeping that hush-hush. I love watching the other side's face when you pull out a surprise witness. I shall try to keep you off the stand if possible."

I shook my head. "If I get called, I will speak."

"Are you sure?" he studied my face. "It's been only two weeks. They won't hesitate in asking you…painful questions to try to prove that they were right."

"You can't keep me off the stand. I'm the only one who can give truly a glowing report of Sherlock. Moriarty is also my brother that is something that will give our side a huge disadvantage."

Then, the trial began to get underway and the first thing on order of the day was the allegations that I was Sherlock's mistress. When my lawyer presented my wedding certificate, my wedding video and then my promise, engagement and wedding ring as evidence. I could tell by the look on all involved that we'd won that case.

Then, we got to the heart of the trail; the accusations that Sherlock was a fake. The opposite end began to state their opinions and Kitty Riley was called to the stage. I could tell that she was extremely nervous about being called on the stand. She then proclaimed that Moriarty was an extremely reliable witness. For a moment, she had the jury in the palm of her hand. Especially when she broke down and cried about what a 'nice, sweet' guy he was. She also insinuated that she wouldn't have put it past Sherlock to have forced Richard shot himself in the head.

They also got Sally and Andersen to testify in their side as well, but they had no actual concrete proof. Sally and Andersen did a great job on twisting Sherlock's image, portraying him as a sick, psychotic, psychopath. But their words couldn't truly disguise Sherlock's genius, no matter how hard they tried.

Mrs. Hudson, Angelo and even Lestrade gave glowing reports. Lestrade had everyone's attention, especially since he was the officer who made the arrest, even when he believed in Sherlock's innocence. John and Henry Knight gave the best testimony of all. Henry had the most mind-boggling case and he had everyone wondering at Sherlock's marvel. John, he honestly was my eye when I wasn't around Sherlock. Now that I thought about it, there was rarely a moment when Sherlock was truly by himself without either of us by his side.

My lawyer presented all the letters of the witness as testimony and it was accepted. I got called up to the stand and sworn in. the reporters all leaned in and listened as I gave a glowing and beautiful testimony of Sherlock from my eyes, through the eyes of a wife, lover and his partner. Then, I gave the honest truth about Moriarty, the brother I'd grown up with. I painted him for what he was. A dark, conniving, dangerous man. Sherlock's evil twin. I told them about the threats, the blackmail and how he'd even gotten into the jury's hotel rooms and blackmailed them, threatening their family and loved ones.

The whole time, I maintained a composed stance, but I couldn't keep the passion out of my voice. John gave me a subtle thumb up when I finished giving my testimony. But the opposition had one question for me, a question that caused my heart to stop.

"If Mr. Holmes, as you claim, wasn't a fake, why, did he kill himself?" I stood there momentarily frozen in place. Everyone was stunned at the cruel, insensitive way that the lawyer had spoken to me. "He was intelligent enough; he had a beautiful wife who loved him. You 'claim' he was innocent, but yet he jumped and threw all of that away. Can you tell us, why would an innocent man commit suicide?"

My lawyer jumped up. "Objection! My client has lost her husband. This is hard enough for her."


"I want to answer that question." I inhaled and found the strength inside me. "I can answer because I know the answer." I leaned forward slightly. "I asked myself why he'd jump from the second he hit the ground. After…wracking my brain for hours, screaming to the heavens for hours, cursing his name, did I realize that the answer was obvious, right in front of me." Tears filled my eyes and I wiped them away. "I know Sherlock Holmes and according to those who knew him, I knew him the best of all. I'll never forget the first time I met Sherlock Holmes. We weren't formally introduced, our meeting, it was…an accident. I don't know who, surprised whom more when we met. It shouldn't have happened. It shouldn't have happened. It truly would have been better if it hadn't happened. For I….killed Sherlock Holmes." Everyone murmured. "Sherlock jumped to protect me. Moriarty had warned me if Sherlock and I married, that Sherlock would be in danger. As you noticed, Sherlock talked me into marrying him anyway." I shook my head. "Moriarty made good on his promise, he killed Sherlock. Sherlock didn't kill himself, I don't know why, but I do know, that Sherlock never thought of anything other than helping people. He was especially protective of me. You can question anyone who happened to see us together; they'll tell you that it was a beautiful thing to see. Sherlock cared about his work and he didn't consider himself a hero. He said once, "Heroes don't exist and if they didn't I wouldn't be one." He didn't even know the earth went around the sun!" Everyone laughed at that. "Now, you're all thinking, how could a man so intelligent not know something basic like that? When he explained why, to makes sense to me! Why? Because it doesn't matter! Can anyone come up with a solid reason why we need to know that the earth goes around the sun? No! Because it doesn't matter! Does it affect the way we live? Would we die without knowing that? No! People survived for years not knowing the earth goes around the sun! I'd find a human head in refrigerator because he was measuring the coagulation of saliva after death! That mattered! I didn't understand why, but in his line of work, he needed to know. His brain was his hardrive, and he wouldn't put anything inside that wasn't necessary. It wasn't really showing off. He just knew more than anyone else because he studied the things that no one thought about and held onto that information! He didn't care what people thought about him. If you thought ill things about him, you were an idiot and he hated idiots."

"So," the lawyer said. "if he was intelligent as you claim, why didn't he find a way out?"

"There isn't always a way out. If there were, we wouldn't have unsolved mysteries. I don't know why he couldn't get out of it, but considering Moriarty was against him, he must have thought up dozens of ways, but he probably realized that he was backed into a corner with no way out. He wouldn't jump, because someone thought something horrid about him. But if people's lives were at stake and he had to die so they'd live, he'd do it in a heartbeat. For all I know, maybe Moriarty had gunmen, ready to shoot everyone who he cared about down if Sherlock didn't jump."

"Interesting suggestion, but not logical."

"I was married to the man, I knew him. Anyone can be a Sherlock Holmes; we're just too stupid and ignorant to actually program our minds like him." I leaned forward and studied the man carefully, remembering little things that Sherlock pointed out. "He was my husband, so I daresay that some of his knowledge rubbed off on me. This is just a job for you. You ordinarily wouldn't be asking me such insensitive questions except judging by your state of apparel, I can tell you had an argument with your wife today." Everyone hooted and laughed at him. I followed Sherlock's advice. "You haven't had a chance to have breakfast yet; I can hear your stomach growling all the way from over here. Yet, there's flour on your shoulder, it's been brushed off so I wager that your wife threw something at you. Hmm, probably got tired of being the stay at home wife?" His jaw dropped in surprise and I knew I was right. "Your phone is on vibrate, but you haven't looked at it once. It's vibrated over twenty times. True, you're in the middle of a trial, but someone could be texting you evidence, yet you've ignored it. But no, you don't look at it because you know who it's from, but you're avoiding the person. Your wedding ring, you took off your hand and you left it on the table by your papers. A happily married man would either put the ring their pocket to keep it safe or they'd be glancing at the ring, twisting it on their finger. But no, you left it on the table, for all you care it could get stolen or swept to the ground. I'd even go a step further to wager that she'd been cheating on you as well. Am I wrong?"

The man glowered at me for a long time before admitting. "No." I exhaled and sat back in my chair as the whole room erupted into cheers and applause at my deduction. "No more questions!" he shouted above the noise.

The judge ordered that silence prevail once again and I shakily made my way down from the stand. I almost collapsed in relief, but I stayed up on my feet. John then made me take my vitamins and drink a whole glass of water and some orange juice. I hate orange juice. Then Max was called to the stand, no one dared to breathe as Max told the whole story. He was a very special boy; he paid attention to even the smallest details. As he spoke, he drew everyone in, including myself. His words clearly proved what the world needed to know, Sherlock hadn't been involved and Moriarty was the one behind the whole thing. This was an open and shut case. Everyone impatiently waited for the judge to make his decision. It didn't even take long. 'The Sun' lost their case and everyone shouted and screamed.

I leaned forward and cried into my hands. "We won Sherlock." I breathed quietly. "We won."

John wrapped an arm around my shoulder. "He'd be so proud of you Tammy. I can't believe you actually noticed all that!"

"He was my husband John, I learned from the best."

"Mrs. Holmes?" I looked up to see Max and his father standing beside me.

"Mr. Brule," I stood and shook his hand. "it's an honor to meet you." I wiped my eyes with my spare hand. "I'm sorry."

"I understand."

I looked down at Max, he was a curious boy. I extended my hand. "Thank you so much. You really helped clear up things."

"I was glad to help." He proclaimed. "He saved my life."

I nodded. "It's what he did best." I turned and reached into my bag, pulling out Sherlock's hat. "This…is the hat that Sherlock first wore." I smiled sadly. "He grabbed it to avoid the press and I know for a fact that he wished he hadn't grabbed it. He called it all sorts of names. Death Frisbee. Ear hat. That hat." I laughed inspite of myself. "He always called it 'That Hat,' as if it deserved a title."

Mr. Brule said. "I thought he looked good in it."

I nodded. "Me too. He was a very, handsome and striking man. The photographs don't do him justice, but, his eyes were amazing. The photographs messed the lights up. His eyes were a blend of three different colors. Blue, green and gold." I placed the hat on Max's head. "Now, I know he'd want you to have it. Pay attention to things, I wager you're a real curious boy, aren't you?"

The father groaned. "Don't ask. Hiding Christmas presents have become an art with us."

I laughed. "Sherlock was the same. Picking and hiding them was hard enough, I swear he could see straight through the wrapping paper! I had the most difficult time getting him to shut up!"

Suddenly, I heard someone shout and scream. I looked up just in time to see a gunman breaking into the courtroom. I pushed Max to the ground as the gun went off! A sharp pain exploded alongside my head and I flew backwards as another pain struck me in the shoulder.

I hit my head on the ground and stars spun before my eyes. I tried to sit up, but John forced me back on the ground. He tore off my coat and called for an ambulance. I smiled. "Nice to have a doctor on the scene."

"Don't talk. They hit an artery." I turned and looked at all the blood gushing out of my shoulder. I looked aside and groaned. "You've got to get out of here for a while Tammy. It's not safe for you to be in London anymore."