My first Star Fox story, so I thought I use an underrated character. Ever since I got this ending in Command, it has become my favorite ending. Therefore I had to make Marcus the main character in my first Star Fox story. Even if I drew him way differently in my cover. Also one big thing I put in concerning the Cornerian Academy. I made it seem like a regular college despite training their students in war. Classes are in Combat, as in hand-to-hand. Mechanics, maintenance for the Arwings, as well as weapons and other technological stuff. And finally, flight, the most popular and difficult in the academy. Now on to the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I only own my OC, I do not own Star Fox... But they won't let me sign the paper for the rights, they think I'm crazy.

It was the beginning of the his last year at the Cornerian academy for Marcus. At the age of 17, he would be the youngest in his class, as well as the youngest to graduate in the whole academy's history. After that, he would be officially allowed to join his father in the dog fights. The blue fox sighed in complete bliss at the thought. He was so wrapped up in his imagination, he didn't realize he made it to his new dorm room. He slid in his card key, and walked inside, only to see a human man half naked doing push ups.

"What the hell?!" He cried, stopping the man in his exercises.

"Oh, yew must be mah roommate." The man replied with a thick southern drawl. He ran a hand through his messy auburn red hair and stood up, clearly taller than the blue fox. "Name's Keith Smith, and yew?"

"Marcus McCloud, can I ask why you're in your boxers?" The fox dropped his duffle bag and crossed his arms.

"Oh, sorry 'bout that. I like to stay in shape, and I don't like gettin' my clothes all sweaty. They already get enough stink with all the oil and junk." Keith walked over to his bed to pick up a pair of jeans. "So tell me, what're yew here for?" He asked as he put on his jeans.

"I'm taking combat and Flight training, I'm going to be a mercenary along with my parents and their group." Marcus explained as he picked up his duffle bag and placed it on the empty bed.

"That's awesome, I'm gonna be a mechanic." The blue fox did a double take to see if he heard him correctly.

"So is that why you're covered in so many scars?" The human blinked and started to laugh with a goofy smile.

"Nah man, those are from a ton of other things, I need to tell yew some stories later. Hey why are yew so short?" Keith showed that his mind couldn't focus on one thing for too long.

"Well, I'm 17."

"Damn, I'm 25. How the hell did yew get accepted in here?" Keith wondered as he waited for the answer. The required age to enter the academy is 21 and over.

"My parents pulled some strings. I thought by my last name you would've put two and two together." Marcus sighed expecting the human to start freaking out and begging for autographs and facts about his family.

"Oh, I already figured that out, I was just wondering how ya got enrolled." He bluntly stated.

"That's weird, by now people would be asking so many damn questions." To say Marcus was relieved would be one thing, but he felt a little disappointed for some reason.

"I don't like people that mooch off the fame of their family when they specifically haven't done anything, it ain't right." The human showed a deeper side to his goofy outlook. The fox began unpacking his things and placing his clothes neatly in the dresser next to his bed, he began to daydream about joining his parents in the skies during combat. His fantasy was short lived after realizing he was hungry from a loud grumble in his stomach. 'Now that I think about it, I haven't eaten anything at all.' His thoughts were once again interrupted when his roommate called.

"I heard yur stomach barkin' at me, whadya say we go get you a bite to eat."

"Oh no, I don't want to have you spend your money on me." The fox tried to get out of the predicament.

"Then we'll split the bill, come to think of it, we kinda need ta get some groceries and other stuff. This place looks way too plain right now."

"Fine..." Marcus gave in, and grabbed his wallet from his duffle bag and followed Keith out their dorm room and to what he guessed was his car. A black Dodge Charger. The fox stared in awe.

"Hehe, knew yew'd like mah car, anyways, I'm drivin'." The two got in the car, and Marcus couldn't help but notice a guitar in the back seat.

"You play guitar?" He asked as Keith put the key in the ignition.

"Yeah, I've been playin' fer years, but I bought that guitar yesterday, still haven't figured a name fer it yet." After hearing the statement, Marcus took a closer look at the guitar, it was dark blue Gibson Jr.

"It's look great by the way."

"Thanks." He pulled out of the campus of the academy and drove off.

After filling up on pizza, and splitting the bill as promised, the two spent the rest of the day buying basic home appliances they needed and some food. Though by the time they got back, they still had a couple hours to burn through before bedtime.

"So tell me 'bout yerself." Keith asked as he strummed random chords on his guitar. He set the amp settings low so no one would be bothered by his playing.

"Well, I'm the son of Fox and Krystal McCloud, heir to the Starfox team, and am the youngest ever enter Cornerian Academy." The human scoffed and scratched the small beard on his chin.

"That's not what I wanted to hear, I asked 'bout yew, not yer family and stuff." The fox was stunned by the response he got.

"Well, I don't really know what there is to say about me." Keith gave a warm smile.

"It's ok, I can help ya find out things about yerself, yew really like pizza, that's one thing." Marcus felt embarrassed by the earlier memory. He had devoured more slices than his roommate, though Marcus blamed his hunger for that.

"Thanks, but I think we should do that another time, I'm actually really tired." The fox yawned and changed out of his day clothes to a t-shirt and shorts. He laid on his bed and pulled the covers over himself.

"Eatin' five slices of pizza does make a kid tuckered out. Good night." Keith flip the light switch and threw off his shirt and pants. The older man felt that sleeping in boxers were more comfortable.

"Good night." The fox replied as he drifted to sleep.

I'll end it right here. Someday, my Spell Check will explode because of Keith. Anyways, hope I did well.